About us

Meet the founders and the wonderful group of dedicated Writers and Contributors.

Mehedi Hasan


He is a dedicated Ubuntu user for the last 14 years. He has tested and used various Linux based distros, including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Arch Linux, Debian, etc. He wants to share his age-old Ubuntu experiences with online audiences.

Rubaiat Hossain

Senior Writer

A Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Graduate from a well-reputed University. He has a wide range of skills in Java, Linux system administration, MySQL, PHP, Software development, Web developer, etc.

Parijat Datta


He is also a CSE graduate. He writes on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science, cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, Small Board Computer - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Sultana Sabiha

Senior Writer

She is a graduate of English Language and Literature from a reputed University. She writes reviews on various games and apps for the Android ecosystem. In her free time, she does painting and reads a lot of books.

Rownok Ara Nasrin


She is a graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.Sc) from a well-known University. She has a wide range of skills on various programming platforms, including Java, JavaScript, NodeJs, Docker, Python, etc.

Faisal Faruque Rafat


He is an undergraduate Civil Engineering student of a reputed University. But this Tech Geek and wannabe polymath is obsessed with Linux and open-source software. He loves tinkering around different distros in his free time.

Asmita Ashrin Khan


She is a Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) undergraduate from a well-reputed University. She has an extensive range of skills in Java, Git, PHP, MySQL, Python, Software and Web development, etc. Besides her hectic lifestyle, she loves to give time to books, which helps to develop her as a more useful being.

Jahid Onik


He has completed the graduation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a well-reputed University. He has been working as a data analyst for the past few years. He has also done training on BIG DATA. He has been using Ubuntu since 2014.