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Autobeat Player – SoundCloud, YouTube and Your Music United in One App

Autobeat Player is a multi-services music player that bundles all your music into one single app. The simplest way to listen, explore and share with different music channels like SoundCloud, YouTube, and your local music library.

Autobeat Player helps to get rid of searching music across multiple-services because it stores the most popular tracks in a single app. Like all other music applications, in Autobeat you can also search by song titles, artists and albums.

Autobeat Player

Autobeat Player - SoundCloud, YouTube and Your Music United in One App

The exciting part about this application is, it features a general search bar where you can enter titles and search through your local library, YouTube and SoundCloud at the same time.

Features in Autobeat Player

  • Powerful Meta Search: Through metasearch technology in Autobeat, finding songs from different sites is just a matter of milliseconds. Listening to cloud music like SoundCloud or YouTube and expand your existing library.
  • Cross-Channel Playlist: Gather songs from various sources into one playlist.
  • Chromecast & Chromecast Audio: By streaming your music to any speaker, you can turn your place or any place into an audio entertainment studio.
  • Easy Synchronization: By Wi-Fi synchronization in the Autobeat app, you can sync your music library on a Mac or PC. After that, you will be able you play songs remotely and manage all your music.
  • Intuitive Car Integration: Autobeat conforms into car mode for operating the music entertainment smoothly on the road. It also has a Voice Control option that helps to keep the eyes on the road and hand on the steering wheel.
  • Audio Improvement: The powerful equalizer with so many built-in presents will give your music an individual touch.
  • Cover Art Downloader: With Autobeat’s metadata enrichment technology, you will be able to explore beautiful cover art.

Download Autobeat Player

The Last Words

Autobeat Player is a music player that will give you a new level of dynamic music experiences. Which you couldn’t get by using other music players. It has been functioned and programmed the way you always wanted to feel the music.

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