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The 20 Best Torrent Apps for Android Device in 2020

Most often, we don’t find video files of our favorite movies, TV shows, music, and other content on YouTube and other video playing sites. Going for a torrent is the only way in that situation. A torrent website contains a huge database where we find any video files very easily. It is true that a torrent website refers to a hub of pirated video files though most of the torrent sites have a legal issue. And using our PC, we can use lots of legal websites for torrents. But smartphone users cannot use those websites always. That’s why torrent apps have become popular overnight. PlayStore contains tons of torrent apps, and we have found out 20 best torrent apps for Android. And that’s what we are discussing today.

Best Torrent Apps for Android You Shouldn’t Miss

While making a list of best torrent downloaders for Android, we found tons of apps that ain’t compatible at all. The poor search engine, slow downloading speed, and critical user interface of those apps disappointed us. But we also found some apps that work even better than our expectations. So, we listed 20 torrent apps for Android from them and added details of all those apps. If you are in search of a compatible torrent app, I hope this content is for you. 

1. µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader

µTorrent®, torrent app for AndroidAsk anyone what’s the most popular torrent app for Android. Without any doubt, most of the answers prefer µTorrent. It is one of the official BitTorrent downloaders for Android. This app uses BitTorrent hyper distribution communications protocol to ensure high-speed download and peer-to-peer file-sharing options.

It divides a downloadable file into multiple parts and makes it easy and quick to download a large file. So, this app will help you to ensure an amazing downloading experience that knows no size and speed limit. Let’s see what’s more it will offer.

Important Features

  • You can easily download files and share them with your friends using social media.
  • This will let you download an unlimited number of music, movie, and TV show video files for free.
  • It’s a multiple languages supported app that lets you download the HTTP and magnet links of a file.
  • To save your mobile data, you can use the wifi only mode.
  • You can choose the download location and whether to delete a torrent or some files of a torrent.


2. BitTorrent®- Torrent Downloads

BitTorrent®BitTorrent has another official torrent app for Android users, and it is named BitTorrent®. The best part of this app is its simple function and cross-platform working ability. This app is again designed with a beautiful and light UI that lets you find and download torrent very easily. Besides, this app supports multiple languages, and it lets you download magnet links too. You can either try its free to use version or pro version that comes with tons of unique and premium features.

Important Features

  • You can save mobile data by using wifi only mode.
  • When to add a torrent, you are free to choose your download location.
  • You can minimize the footprint in your SD cards by selecting specific files in a torrent.
  • You can download both of the torrent HTTP and magnet links.
  • It works as a better music and video player app.
  • This app contains no speed and size limit, and you can enjoy easy access to your media Storage.


3. Flud – Torrent Downloader

Flud, torrent app for AndroidYou can now control the protocol of BitTorrent using your Android device. For that, you can try Flud. You can now search and download your favorite video files instantly. A very active search box is there to find torrent by name and genre. Based on your previous search, this app will suggest new torrents and movies.

Besides, this app is designed with a very beautiful and simple UI. You can get the magnet and HTTP links of a torrent from this app too. If you are interested to learn more about this, you should look over the following features.

Important Features

  • This app supports NAT-PMP, RSS feed, DHT, UPnP, and PeX.
  • You can specify the priority of particular files.
  • Encryption, IP filtering, and proxy support will make it easier to download torrent with this app.
  • Material design and tablet-optimized user interface will let you use this app on any device with an Android system.
  • You can download big size torrent, and this app works the best with a 4G network.
  • There is no speed limit, and it works on a device with an updated version of Android over 4.4.


4. tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client

tTorrent LiteThis app comes with a very simple interface yet powerful functions. A toolbar is there to help you understand the functions and control the panel. If you don’t have any previous experience of using a torrent app, it’s okay. Using this app is so easy that anyone can use it. Besides, this app is free for any Android users and also contains a pro version that comes with bunches of premium features. If you find this app helpful and want it with its complete support, then you can pay a little and enjoy those premium facilities.

Important Features

  • This app works the best with the WiFi connection and with a 4G network.
  • You can create new torrent files and share them with your friends using different social media.
  • You can also use sequential downloading mode.
  • This app supports trackerless torrent and RSS options.
  • This app also comes with a proxy and IP filtering support.
  • You can download multiple files at a time using this app.


5. Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader

Advanced Download Manager, torrent app for AndroidLet me introduce you to the Advanced Download Manager & Torrent Downloader. It’s another popular torrent app you can use to search and find torrent instantly. With this app, you can download up to three video files simultaneously at a time. Besides, it is easy to use, and no commercial will appear to disturb you.

The download speed is quite faster, and the size of a torrent file is not a problem at all. Because this app can break the files and make parts of it. For that part distribution, this app uses a multithreading system that makes 9 parts of a video file. Let’s see what more this app will appear.

Important Features

  • You can download the files and store them in the SD cards.
  • You can use only a wifi connection to use this app though it works for a network of both 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  • This app supports any large-sized file even if it is larger than 2 gigabytes.
  • The speed of download is quite good because an advanced algorithm is used to design this app.
  • You can pause and resume downloading files, and all the upload and download information will be there in the notification panel.


6. MediaGet – torrent client

MediaGetYou can also try MediaGet, a powerful torrent app for Android by MediaGet LLC. This simple and convenient torrent app is full of surprises. There are so many unique features to boost your torrent downloading experience. Besides, you will find your favorite music and movies very easy and download them to store them on your smartphone or tablet. A very flexible configuration is used to design this app, and the UI is also very simple. Also, you can download the magnet link of a torrent from this app.

Important Features

  • A built-in Google search box will help you find a torrent within a few seconds.
  • You can select particular files to download while not selecting the other and not download them.
  • You can download the magnet and HTTP links of the files.
  • This app supports downloading large files to system and external storage.
  • Commercials may appear, but you can reduce it with some options.
  • An extensive toolbar is there that you can use to control the functions.


7. IDM: Free Video, Movie, Music & Torrent downloader

IDMIf you wish to try a torrent app that will work even 500% faster than normal download, then I must suggest you use IDM. It’s one among the best free torrent downloaders for Android and here, you will find video, movie, music, and torrent of unlimited numbers. Finding a video file is not a big deal for this app.

Because the search engine is very powerful, it will find files like the Google search engine. However, you can download both of the magnet and HTTP links of a file. The download speed is quite satisfying, and you can download video files of any size.

Important Features

  • This app supports up to 16 parts to increase the speed of download.
  • Pause and resume options for download are there, and the details will be on the notification panel.
  • This app is formed with a very advanced downloading option that will automatically copy the downloadable link on the clipboard.
  • There are tons of custom themes, and you can use any of the hundreds of beautiful Android themes.
  • There is an ‘A’ grade error handling option with a lower Ram usage.


8. aTorrent – torrent downloader

aTorrent, torrent app for AndroidaTorrent – torrent downloader is free to use a torrent app for Android. It is known for its easy and hassle-free downloading operations. It works smoothly on both Android phones and tablets. aTorrent supports download from magnet links. It is a very powerful P2P BitTorrent app for Android, which works fast. You will like it’s modern and materialistic UI and advanced torrent searching facilities. This version of the app integrates occasional in-app advertisements.

Important Features

  • It allows opening torrent files automatically from the browsers.
  • You will be able to choose download folders whenever you start a new download.
  • It allows you to download partial files from the torrents and also supports multiple downloads simultaneously.
  • Includes downloading bandwidth controlling functions and advanced pausing options for user’s convenience.
  • Offers advanced torrent utilities such as port management, forwarding, DHT, P2P BitTorrent, trackers, and so on.


9. FrostWire: Torrent Downloader & Music Player

FrostWireMeet one of the most competitive torrent apps for Android called FrostWire. It is packed with lots of useful facilities. You will not need any other apps or browsers to look for torrent files and open them. Includes dedicated music player, file explorer, and media library for your convenience. It is completely free to use and does not restrict data, download, and speed limit. You will be able to download any kind of files and manage them with its compact file manager.

Important Features

  • Offers ultrafast file sharing through torrent clients using P2P technology.
  • Includes data saving functions that allow you to select wifi as the default downloading medium.
  • Supports magnet link integration and torrent file-sharing to other devices.
  • You can completely manage any files from its media manager.
  • Provides a very fast file sharing and downloading environment no matter the file sizes.
  • You can also play media files while downloading phases.


10. WeTorrent – Torrent Downloader

WeTorrent, torrent app for AndroidTap-Mobile offers its advanced torrent app for Android called WeTorrent. It is very easy to use and supports almost all the devices that run on Android 4.1 or later. It is 100% free to use and based on reliable BitTorrent protocol. You will be able to download torrents with a single tap on your mobile phone or tablet. The app interface is beautiful with clean and material design. It does not hurt the device’s performance.

Important Features

  • Offers complete personalization and control over any download and file-sharing operations.
  • Provides unlimited download speed and does not restrict any file size limits.
  • It natively supports magnet links and .torrent files.
  • Comes with a media and download manager for opening, checking, and deleting any files within the app.
  • Includes an advanced notification system and complete control over downloads.


11. zetaTorrent – Torrent App

zetaTorrentTeeon came up with zeta torrent, one of the most popular and advanced torrent downloaders for Android. It works on most of the devices and does not occupy much system resources. You will be able to get any torrent file from the web with it. It also includes power management profiles for better power saving and optimal performance while downloading. It offers a familiar and easy to use app interface. This app also utilizes port mapping and peer exchanging technologies.

Important Features

  • Includes its own built-in web browser.
  • You can use WiFi file transfer to easily upload or download files from a web browser to other devices.
  • Supports external storage and comes with advanced file saving capabilities.
  • It allows you to control and allocate internet speed for uploading and downloading.
  • Integrates advanced file managing facility, which fully complies with FTP clients and Samba.
  • The app also respects user privacy and includes password protection facilities.


12. TorrDroid – Torrent

TorrDroid, torrent app for AndroidLet’s meet another torrent client and search portal from IntelliGems. It is called TorrDroid. This app comes in a familiar interface with a simple design. You can stay worry-free for your device’s security, as it automatically prevents fake files and common viruses. It is free to use without any irritating conditions and packages. You will love it’s built-in file browser as it allows you to move, cut, share, copy, etc. from one place.

Important Features

  • Shows download and upload details in the notification panel.
  • You can search your desired torrent file from this app, no need to search on other browsers.
  • It supports downloading multiple torrent files at the same time.
  • Uses a smart bandwidth management engine, and you can allocate downloading speed manually.
  • You can download selected files individually within a torrent.
  • It allows you to share magnet links with others.


13. Torrent Downloader

Torrent DownloaderTorrent Downloader is another free to use a torrent app for Android with all the necessary features. It is very powerful and comes with a secure environment. It works great with the BitTorrent client and includes an advanced downloading manager. You can get any magnet link and start downloading immediately. Get the convenience of pausing and starting any torrent just with a few taps. Anyone can access this app without any hassles for its wide accessibility.

Important Features

  • There are no speed limits in this torrent app.
  • Shows advanced torrent file details.
  • You can set the download location manually, whether in a new folder in the device storage or any external SD card.
  • It allows you to schedule your downloads and add or remove trackers.
  • Supports LSD, DHT, UPNP, and port mapping for smooth services.
  • This app also consumes limited system resources to operate.


14. LibreTorrent

LibreTorrentIf you are looking for a torrent app that works on old service without any issues, then check out LibreTorrent. The app comes in a simple and materialistic design. It works smoothly on devices that run on Android 4.0 or later. You will be able to download any torrent files through it and share them with others from your devices. It also supports a dark theme for saving battery power. You will be able to access Android TV through the app.

Important Features

  • You can add as many torrents as you like and download them simultaneously.
  • Supports web and magnet links and starts downloading automatically.
  • It allows proxy for peers and tracks.
  • Comes with power-saving profiles and data management systems.
  • It allows prioritizing individual files and folders that you want to download or share.


15. Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze Torrent DownloaderVuze Torrent Downloader is one of the most powerful torrent apps for Android, and it comes in both free and premium editions. You can use this BitTorrent based torrent client on most of the Android devices. The free version includes occasional in-app ads while the Pro version is free of ads and includes powerful battery saving technology. It is simple and materialistic in design. You will enjoy using it for its quick responsiveness and compact package.

Important Features

  • It starts automatically at phone reboots.
  • Offers advanced management facilities for torrent files.
  • It allows you to control and prioritize download and upload speed manually.
  • Provides a user-friendly torrent managing environment.
  • Occupies very limited system space and provides useful notifications in time.


16. aDownloader – torrent download

aDownloaderYou can also try aDownloader, one among the most powerful torrent downloaders for Android, launched by Ansha Team. The best part of this app is its video preview support. This app is designed based on the P2P protocol, and a very user-friendly UI is also used to form it.

Besides, the app developer used OpenSSL, and the protocol works based on libtorrent. With this app, you can also download the HTTP links of any video. When downloading a large size video, this app breaks it into parts and makes it easier.

Important Features

  • The play now option allows you to play a video even from the middle where you left.
  • You can quickly check the preview of each video.
  • Large sizes can be downloaded using the break-and-resume feature.
  • User-friendly interface with a good quality sound system in this app.
  • You can check every piece of the progress of the download act with this app.
  • This app is designed with a high-defined search engine management that lets you find a file instantly.


17. Movie Downloader | Torrent Magnet Downloader

Movie DownloaderIf you want to enjoy the best movies flawlessly, you have to download it. And you can now use Movie Downloader, a very popular torrent app for Android. As the name day, this app works as the best movie downloader, and it is really easier to find and download movies and series from any country with this app.

Besides, you can download series and movies, and the size of the format of those video files will never matter for this app. Still not convinced? There are more features this app contains to impress you. Have a look over the below features list.

Important Features

  • You can smoothly stream movies straight in your android.
  • A very powerful search engine will help you to find a movie that you want instantly.
  • Movies can be played right from the torrent URL or magnet link.
  • The download process can be paused and started again at any time.
  • This app supports all types of movie formats.
  • This app will suggest new movies and series based on your previous search.


18. Torrent Downloader

Torrent Downloader 19, torrent app for AndroidCash App comes with a Torrent Download, and it can be a great option for you. If you wish to use a torrent app to download movies and other large size video files, this app will work even better. Again, it is very easy to search and download torrent directly from this app. The developers designed this app with a very beautiful, light, and user-friendly theme.

The interface is also very simple. And so, anyone can use this app if there is a good internet connection. Besides, your search experience in this app will boost up with concurrent mode. If you are interested in this app, it’s better to learn other details too.

Important Features

  • This app lets you download movies without any limited speed, and the size of the files doesn’t matter here.
  • All the torrents are filtered here by different categories.
  • Torrents and files are easy to share using this app.
  • If you want to search over all the sources, you can simply use concurrent mode.
  • Download progress status is shown in the notifications.
  • Multiple downloads can be done at a time, and it supports magnet links too.


19. Torrentvilla Lite: A Torrent Downloader

Torrentvilla LiteTorrentvilla Lite comes as a great torrent downloading solution for you. It’s another simply designed torrent app for Android users. This cross-platform supported multifunctional torrent app is a great source of finding and downloading an unlimited torrent. You don’t have to give more effort to search for a movie as the search engine is quite powerful here.

Besides, this app will provide you with suggestions for new torrents based on your previous search. And download speed with this app is comparatively faster here. That’s why people who use this app cannot help loving it very soon.

Important Features

  • The download location can be changed whenever you need it.
  • You will get to see the best torrents at the top of the home page as suggestions.
  • This app shows download and uploads information in the notification panel.
  • When a search provider is unavailable, you will be switched to an alternative search provider automatically.
  • An advanced toolbar is there to help you to control different functions.
  • Commercials may appear, but you can reduce it for free.


20. Free All Movie Downloader-Torrent Movie Downloader

Free All Movie Downloader, torrent app for AndroidTo get all your favorite movies for free, you can use Free All Movie Downloader, and it is the last option for today. Whether it’s a movie or your favorite TV show, you can just download it with a few taps using this powerful torrent downloader for Android. The simple UI will let you use it very easily, even if you have no previous experience of using a torrent app.

Besides, there is a powerful search engine that lets you find movies or other stuff with torrent, and the download speed is satisfying. So, you can check the features, and I am pretty sure that this app won’t disappoint you.

Important Features

  • Any movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, or the south are accessible here.
  • A bunch of categories is offered, such as trending, top-rated, upcoming, popular, etc.
  • You can delete or recheck torrents, and the download and upload details will be in the notification panel.
  • This app supports magnet and torrent links.
  • No limits for download speed and you can get a file of any size.
  • Built-in search function so that you don’t have to use other websites or third-party apps.


Final Thought

Before bidding goodbye for today, I am here to clear all your confusion. 20 options are not a few in number, and all these torrent downloaders for Android are quite compatible with one another. So, getting confused about which one to download is not a rare thing. However, like every other day, I also narrow down the recommendation list. In general, µTorrent® and BitTorrent® are the most popular and powerful torrent apps. So, you can use any of these apps. If you love to use a simple and free torrent app for Android, then Torrentvilla Lite and Free All Movie Downloader can be good for you. And the options are also quite good, but all of them are not completely free.

Hopefully, you have no confusion left regarding this issue. Still, if you have any, don’t forget to inform me. Let us know if you want to learn any particular type of apps that we didn’t discuss before. Very soon, we’ll come back with something new. Till then, stay safe and healthy. Thank you.


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