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Calibre 7.0 Stable Released: Notes, Audio EPUB Support, and More

Calibre, the popular e-book library management software, has just released version 7.0, packed with many new features and improvements. It has been a year since the release of version 6.0, and the latest version offers a range of new tools to enhance the user experience.

One of the most significant features in the latest release is the ability to add notes to authors, series, publishers, tags, and other categories. Notes can include links, images, and rich text formatting. They are searchable, browseable, and linkable and can be exported as standalone HTML files.

Another exciting addition to Calibre is the support for Audio EPUB books. These books have a pre-recorded voice reading the text, and this feature enables users to listen to them in the E-book viewer by clicking the Read Aloud button. This feature is currently available on Windows and macOS but may not work on Linux due to issues with patented codecs.

Calibre 7.0 also includes storing “data” files associated with a book. Users highly requested this feature, and it enables the automatic management of extra data files, such as alternate covers or supplementary material associated with the book.

Furthermore, Calibre now has its own private Recycle Bin, which means it is now possible to undo the deletion of a book with a single click, restoring all its files and metadata automatically. When a book is deleted, Calibre shows an unobtrusive popup offering to undo the deletion for a few seconds. Users can also browse recently deleted books by right-clicking the Remove books button and choosing Restore recently deleted.

The Calibre community has contributed selflessly to the development of this latest version, and without their energy and enthusiasm, many of the features would never have been possible. The latest version of Calibre builds on the success of the previous version and is sure to enhance the reading and library management experience for users everywhere.

Find the full changelog in the news section and download Calibre 7.0 for your Linux system from the official link.

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Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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