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AI Embeded Computer Axiomtek eBOX560-900-FL

Compact AI Embeded Computer Axiomtek eBOX560-900-FL runs on Ubuntu

Linux lovers always love to work with an embedded system and projects, you can see the embedded open source projects library, then you will understand what I am talking about. Now AI projects are trend and fun for geeks and researchers. We have devices...
System76's Oryx Pro Linux laptop

System76’s Oryx Pro Linux Laptop: Powerful and Perfect Performance at the Ready

It is the time of AI and big data, you can see it everywhere. From projects around the world to device retailer shop you can find these words. Why not, now we are floating in the new ideas, VR, artificial intelligence and big data’s...
Dell precision 7530

Ubuntu-Powered Mobile Workstation – The Dell Precision 7530 and 7730

Web developer, engineers, geeks love speed and power. Speed and performance is heaven for us. For performance and speed, we have to get bound in PC and paid OS unless if you didn’t hear of project Sputnik. Project Sputnik was started to bring mobile...
Linux Games Console - Atari VCS

Linux Games Console – Atari VCS for Gaming and Entertainment Streaming

Remember arcade gaming? Super Mario, Pacman, Donkey kong, Space invader? How 80 to 90’s generation can forget these! These are our childhood, our love-our life, time went by but we still have these game in our memory cells. You may have Xbox, PlayStation or...
Summit Supercomputer - 1

Linux Supported Fastest Supercomputer in the World is Here- “The Summit”!

We, humans, are obsessed with “super”. From supercar, Superman, supersonic jet to superpower. We love every super thing. That is why love to build super things, as a result of our deposit we have more than 500 supercomputers around the world. We are not...
MintBox Mini 2 PC with Linux Mint 19

MintBox Mini 2 PC: Where Elegance Meets Power and Performance

Looking for a small Compact PC for your compact study room? Love to work in silence with speed and reliability? Mintbox Mini 2 -based on Linux Mint 19 should be your first and foremost choice. If you are a geek then it is heaven...
Dell Precision Series New Ubuntu Based Workstations

Dell Precision Series: New Ubuntu Based Workstations in the Market

Wow! That's a great news for the Ubuntu Linux lovers. Dell has announced to bring a wide range of high performed workstations which are Linux based Ubuntu OS. All the ultra sleek Dell Precision workstations are certified from the canonical developer house. There are...