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"Notes-Up" – A Free and Open-source Markdown Note Editor

“Notes-Up” – A Free and Open-source Markdown Note Editor

Aiming at the Elementary OS, the "Notes-Up" is today's notes editing and management app. This app includes a User Interface which is moderate and minimalist. We have already said that the Notes-Up aims at the Elementary OS, however, this software is also available for the...
Papyrus – An Open-source and Multi-platform Note Manager

Papyrus – An Open-source and Multi-platform Note Manager

Papyrus is a different note manager which is developed with the security concern in mind. Before we go further, let's talk about why do we need a note manager with better security? We all know how important a note manager is to maintain our...
Tidal CLI Client

Tidal CLI Client – Command Line-based Tidal Music Streaming App For Linux

TIDAL is an entertainment platform that tries to create a bond between artists and fans through music. People who use Tidal can listen to music on Android, Apple, and Windows devices. The problem is that Tidal does not have a client app for Linux...

Notelab – A Simple But Powerful Note Taking App for Linux

Notelab is free software for the Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Solaris user that can change the working speed from high to highest, seriously! Using a hard paper to note all your information which you get all day long seems backdated in this modern era. It’s...

Matrix Writer – A Modern Cross-Platform Rich Text and Blog Editor

Matrix Writer, a cross-platform application, is available in two subscription models. This app can be taken as a text drive for the users before the user wants to invest in the software. Test drives will let you know the specifics of the app that...
Musikcube – A Cross-platform and Terminal-based Music Player

Musikcube – A Cross-platform and Terminal-based Music Player

If you’re looking for a terminal based music player or an audio streaming software? Musikcube is just the solution you’re looking for. It’s a free, cross-platform terminal-based audio engine. It’s fast, stable and uses a little amount of resource. It also allows you to...

FBReader – An Open Source and Multi-Platform Ebook Reader for Linux

Technology is a blessing for us, and it’s being used in every sector in our daily life, even while we are sleeping. Now peoples are often using their Android, Laptop and Desktop for reading books from online instead of collecting any hard book from...

AV-17: A Free 2D Action Platformer Linux Game

If you are fond of platformer game, AV-17 should be your stuff. It is a free 2D action game. "Information technology" and "BUBBLE BOBBLE" has inspired this game. The game is designed on the basis of digital hardware boards and circuits. Here, you have...
Signal – Fast, Secure and Encrypted Messaging App For Linux

Signal – Fast, Secure and Encrypted Messaging App For Linux

Do you love to chat with your close one? Bored with the typical old messaging apps? It's always fun to try something new. So, why don't you try Signal? It's such an app for communication. It's an entire end to end well-encrypted Android and...

ReText: A Python Based Linux Text Editor for Markdown and ReStructuredText

Are you looking for a markup system that supports reStructuredText and Markdown? If so, ReText is for you. It is actually a markup language editor that will help you to create formatted, standard and plain texts that contain readability. Also, it will let you...