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GParted: An Open-source and Free Partition Editor For Linux

Whether you are a Windows user or Linux, a partition manager or editor is one of your basic needs. Among the Linux users, it is hard to find someone who is not familiar with the name GParted, an ongoing complete partition editor. Here, GParted...

Geany: A Simple Yet Powerful IDE and Text Editor for Linux

Geany has brought a new solution for those who are in search of a good IDE - an integrated development environment. So, let's say hello to Geany, one of the best Linux code editors and a great IDE. It is a very flexible, powerful...
StackEdit – An Open-source and Modern In-Browser Markdown Editor

StackEdit – An Open-source and Modern In-Browser Markdown Editor

Are you a user of any Markdown editor? Want to use such a Markdown editor that is more flexible? Well, StackEdit gives you that option. StackEdit is a Markdown Editor with more flexibility and uniqueness. Are you familiar with Stack Overflow? Stack Overflow is...

3Buttons: Short Yet Addictive Free Linux Game

3Buttons is a free runner style platformer Linux game. Though the game is short, the fun is much more than that. If you hate to play a game using both of your hands, then this game is for you. The reason is you can...

Fallstreak: A Fantastic Free Storytelling Linux Game

Fallstreak is an adventurous game. It is a visual novel storytelling game. There is a dreamy and a closed world. The game claims it to be a linear visual novel which combines traditional storytelling elements with the modern components. Modern components like dark fantasy...
Justmd – A Free and Open-Source Markdown Editor for Linux

Justmd – A Free and Open-Source Markdown Editor for Linux

If you’re a regular user of markdown editor, you should know different markdown editors. Here, we’re going to share with you about a new markdown editor named "Justmd." Have you ever heard of it? Justmd is quite a new open source markdown editor with...
LyX – An Advanced but Simple Document Processor for Linux

LyX – An Advanced but Simple Document Processor for Linux

Here comes the advanced cross-platform for document processing application called LyX. It's designed to process documents with a lot of mathematics. Don’t get confused because it will handle your regular documents too. LyX is based on LaTeX typesetting which is a powerful typesetting markup...
SoftMaker Office plan maker

SoftMaker Office – Your New Office Suite for Linux, Windows and Mac

Whoever has been moved from windows to Linux and missing Microsoft office, the good news is here for you. Days of struggle with your presentation and documents have come to an end as I am going to introduce you to SoftMaker Office as the...
Project Brainstorm - A Note Taking App

Project Brainstorm – A Note Taking App for Free Writing, Prototyping, and Cheat Sheets

Are you searching an application for taking notes? Here it is. Brainstorm can be the application you have been looking for so long. It is a note-taking application for Linux or macOS based on the open source system. It comes with modern clutter free...
MindForger Thinking Notebook

MindForger – A Privacy-focused Thinking notebook and Markdown IDE for Linux

MindForger is a thinking notebook and markdown IDE for creating, editing and managing all type of notes. It works by mimicking the human mind to make your searching, reading and writing more productive. It also ensures the privacy of your knowledge. Where other editors and...