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Open Source CMS: 25 Best Content Management System Tools

Open Source CMS: 25 Best Content Management System Tools

Open source CMS - "Content Management System" is a web or content creation tool for managing information or content on a webpage for a large number of audiences around the world. This whole process of content creation, management, and publication of web content can...
Microsoft PowerShell is Here for Linux

Microsoft PowerShell is Here for Linux. How to Install PowerShell in Ubuntu

Microsoft PowerShell is a task automation and configuration administration structure, consisting of a command-line shell and correlated scripting language. This tool is useful and comes handy when the administrator needs to control the hybrid cloud assets. Microsoft was not always open-minded regarding Linux and open...
Best GitHub Alternatives

10 GitHub Alternatives for Hosting your Open Source Projects

There is no doubt that GitHub is one of the best Git repository hosting service for any open source project. But as you know that Microsoft has already acquired GitHub, so there might be some changes coming in near future focusing on only profit,...