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Hub of all best and latest Linux software and how to install all those on various distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux etc.

Best Google Drive Linux Client Software

Top 12 Best Google Drive Linux Client Software

Google Drive is one of the best Cloud Storage options in the market. It offers sufficient storage for free to fulfill our primary requirements including storing photos, Gmail or various documents. The popularity of Google drive increasing day by day, and we can assume...
Best Linux Software Our Editorial List of Essential Linux Apps

Best Linux Software: Our Editorial List of Essential Linux Apps

Being a new Linux user, sometimes you may feel your Linux system is scary and confusing if you recently have come from Windows or Mac OS. But unquestionably the Linux Environment is not like that. Here you can enjoy the freedom of using lots...
Install Gnome Twitch on Linux-2

How To Install Gnome Twitch in Ubuntu Linux

If you are a modern gameplay lover, may hear the name of Twitch.tv which is immensely popular gameplay streaming service around here just like YouTube. You can very well enjoy all the classic and modern gaming experiences of others on Twitch.tv via using your system...
Linux Password Manager

Linux Password Manager: 22 Reviewed and Compared for Linux Nerds

What I did in the past regarding keeping safe of my passwords? I wrote all the passwords in a plain document and saved on my local computer. OMG! That was insanely insecure. But for memorizing and remembering lots of passwords for lots of websites...
Install Mixxx on Ubuntu

How to Install Mixxx on Ubuntu and other Linux Distros

Mixxx is a free and cross-platform DJ software for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. This finely crafted and well-designed music software let you be a DJ without much hassle. It provides everything that you need to mix various songs for getting a better output....
Brackets Code Editor

How to Install Brackets Code Editor in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Brackets is a free, powerful but lightweight, and one of the best open source code editor available in the market. The giant software company - Adobe is behind and developed this nifty piece of software which has given focused on front-end developers and web designers. Brackets Code...
KeePassXC - an Open Source Password Manager for Linux

KeePassXC – an Open Source Password Manager for Linux

Remembering password is always tricky if you have multiple passwords for various site and apparently, it is. So to mitigate this sort of problem, password manager comes into focus. KeePassXC Password Manager is there for the Linux user for quite a long time, and it...
Krita - An Open Source Digital Painting Software

Krita – An Open Source Digital Painting Software for Ubuntu Linux

Krita is an open source digital painting application for all the major OS platform including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Basically, this tool has become a blessing for an online artist. The main aim of this painting app is to provide affordable art tools for...
Cantata - a Qt5 Graphical MPD Client-1

Cantata – a Qt5 Graphical MPD Client for Linux

There are lots of music player for Linux that gives us a wider view to choose the best one. Cantata is another one which is beautifully crafted for Linux users. It has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Cantata...
How to install darktable on Ubuntu

Darktable – an Open Source Photography Application for Ubuntu

Darktable is a completely free and open source photography software for all the major OS including various Linux distros, Windows, MacOS, and FreeBSD. It let you store all the precious digital negatives in a database which you can, later on, develop raw images. It's...