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Top 25 Best Free Medical Imaging Software for Linux System

Top 25 Best Free Medical Imaging Software for Linux System

Computers have been playing a significant role in modern healthcare systems since their inception. Have you ever wondered how medical imaging like MRI or X-ray scan copies is implemented? Your computer utilizes a special kind of file schema for this purpose. The DICOM(Digital Imaging...
Rofi application launchers for linux

Top 20 Best Linux Application Launchers To Improve Your Productivity

No matter whether you're a tech professional like me or a mere hobbyist, you should have already realized the redundancy associated with heavy use of mouse clicks in everyday computing. Simply said, most tech geeks find it demoralizing to browse the app menu each...
featured img for 20 best data scientist skills

Best 20 Data Scientist Skills That You Need To Get Data Science Jobs

Since data took over the corporate world, data scientists are always on demand. And what makes this job much more lucrative is the shortage of highly skilled data scientists. Companies are willing to part with a lot of their revenue behind the right data...
Most Comprehensive List of Best Linux Monitoring Tools For SysAdmin

Most Comprehensive List of Linux Monitoring Tools For SysAdmin

There are many Linux Monitoring Tools available in the market including open source software, third-party solutions, and homemade scripts run via cron. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It's difficult to find the best Linux monitoring Tools because the purpose and usages are entirely...
Econometric Software and Statistical Software for Linux

Top 15 Econometric Software and Statistical Software for Linux

Today's article is specifically designed for those who work or studies in the statistics field. This field is quite tough and in order to preserve the data and calculation, some software may come to great help to you. To ease your burden and to...
linux camera software

20+ Linux Camera Software: IP, Webcam, CCTV & Security Camera Software

Linux is a strong open source platform where every type of necessary software tools are available for both the beginners and professionals. If you are in confusion about which camera software or IP camera software to use in your Linux system, then I can...
Vim Commands

100 Useful Vim Commands That You’ll Need Every day

No matter whether you're a sysadmin by profession or just an old school tech enthusiast like me, if you ever find yourself in love with the awe-inspiring Unix OS, chances are you're gonna feel the need of a versatile terminal-based Linux text editor at...
Linux Blogs for Beginners and Professionals

An Ultimate List of Linux Blogs for Beginners and Professionals

Linux is an open source versatile operating system. If you are a tech guy and want to make your dream career in the technology world, leaning Linux can be a great deal. You can make yourself qualified and efficient as per today’s tech trends....
Best Linux Commands To Run in the Terminal

The 50 Best Linux Commands To Run in the Terminal

No matter whether you're a seasoned Linux user like me or a newbie who's just starting to get his feet wet in this fantastic world of Unix systems, mastering the various terminal commands is a must for everybody. Although you can still use the...
linux painting tools

Best 15 Linux Painting Tools for Professionals and Digital Artists

Painting tools have been a must and an essential part of our daily life. From personal to professional purposes, it has an immense area to employ. Whether you wish to retouch your family photos or finalize the product photos for your business, painting software...