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Do you think you are a creative person? Maybe you wanted to make your personal design project, maybe an occasional card, poster, magazines cover photo but don’t know how to use the software. Moreover, Designing tools or software are always very expensive. Then Crello should have been bookmarked in your browser. If you have not done yet, do it today!

Crello is a cloud-based web application for designing various social media ads, page covers, magazines, flyers, and greeting cards. This particular application is another alternative of Facebook’s “Canva”. You can edit – alter – upload – change – effect -filter, basically everything that you can imagine.

Crello is an always free and as a designing software it is developed for both beginners and professionals. It is a really better option for designers, it has more than 5000 themes to customize.

With the help of Crello, making a cover photo for social media post becomes easy. You can use all these preinstalled themes with different customizable features like color effect, cut crop, background change etc. You can use this online service as like as many other designing application.


There are millions of free images available for additional customization which you can use without paying any penny. Crello has built-in photo effects and filter service which is way better than facebook’s canva.


  • Free tool.
  • Proper photo editor.
  • It has free photo effects and filter options.
  • Crello has more than 60 million photos, more than 6000+ templates.
  • Comes with 29 design format and vector imaging facility.
  • Crello has community base where you can share, upload and get new ideas.
  • Supports different image formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF and so on.

Use It Free – Official Site

It already has lots of free decorated templates that can be customized for your new project or maybe for the presentation. You can upload your preferred photo and customize it as like as professional photo designer. So it is the most useful customizable image editor.

Most important thing about this app is that it has personalization feature. You can make an account on Crello via social sites or Gmail. So if you have started a project, going outside, no problem, save it and later on, you can continue on your project.

Do you like this piece of beautiful software? Let us know your user experience in the comment section.

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