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GoReleaser v1.22: Create Nightly Builds, Docker Images, and More

The latest release of GoReleaser, version 1.22, promises to make the release of Go projects faster and easier than ever before.

GoReleaser is a tool for building and releasing Go binaries, and with this new release, users can cross-compile their projects, release to GitHub, GitLab, and Gitea, and create nightly builds, Docker images, and Linux packages, among other things.

Version 1.22 comes packed with several new features, including the ability to skip certain pipes and an option to add a version field in the configuration file.

The release also includes some bug fixes, dependency updates, housekeeping, and documentation updates.

If you’re using gomod.proxy, GoReleaser will now check your go.mod file for replace directives and warn you about them during snapshots, and fail on a production build.

Additionally, if you have a go.work file with multiple modules, GoReleaser will now handle it properly, using the first module as a proxy target.

The checksum file has also been updated to be sorted by filename, ensuring that everything is in order.

Users can install or upgrade to version 1.22 using their preferred package manager or download the pre-compiled binaries from the official website. Overall, this release is a significant step forward for GoReleaser, offering a more stable and reliable experience for all users.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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