Themes How to Install Ubuntu Touch Suru Icon Theme in Ubuntu Derivatives

How to Install Ubuntu Touch Suru Icon Theme in Ubuntu Derivatives

You might have noticed and probably loved unity 8 desktop icon set, used in canonical powered ubuntu mobile and tablet system. So here I can assure you are going to adore this Suru icon theme set because it’s being revived as icon set which was used in ubuntu touch mobile and tablet previously. Though Ubuntu has already closed the development of Ubuntu mobile system the dev team behind the Suru icon set has not stopped yet.

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As it’s being revived for the Ubuntu desktop and under heavy active development, so you might find there are plenty of icons missing and incomplete. When the ubuntu designer team has left it, the designer of Moka icon team took the opportunity to make it polish, tweak and fixed what was missing. Now every ubuntu users can enjoy this beautifully crafted Suru icon set on their system for free.

Suru icon Pack
Image Credit –

Here you must remember that the dev team, at this moment, is not considering to make an icon for third-party apps like Google Chrome, Firefox, VLC, GIMP etc.

Suru Icon Set

Suru icon set
Image Credit –

Suru icon on Gnome Desktop

Suru icon on Gnome Desktop
Suru icon on Gnome Desktop. Image Credit –

How to Install Suru Icon Theme

  • Download the theme folder from the Github below.

Suru icon Theme

  • Extract the Zip file and open it through Terminal by right-clicking on the folder and select context menu.

Suru Icon on Terminal with context menu
Suru Icon on Terminal with a context menu. Image Credit –

  • Type make install on the Terminal and this will install the Suru icon Theme on your Ubuntu system.

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Alternative Process for Installing Suru icon on Ubuntu

There is another way to install Suru icon set easily. Just run the following command in the Terminal.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install suru-icon-theme

This will install all the necessary dependent packages that are required to use the icon set.

How to Apply Icon set

Run the following command in the Terminal to apply the setting

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme Suru

How to Uninstall

To remove the Suru icon theme, open the theme zip folder through Terminal and run the following command.

make uninstall

I hope you have liked this icon set on your system. If you want to get more Ubuntu themes please follow the below post.

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Thank you for passing your time with us and share this icon theme with your friends and family through social channels.

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