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MP3hub: An Online Tool for Downloading Any Video and Audio Files

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When you lived in the videotapes era of and their players, it’s difficult to imagine what would happen with the technological advances of today. If you had known that time, you probably remember the frustration of having to go out and buy the blank tapes, having to calibrate the recorder to be sure of having the right sound at the right time, and if you’re lucky, without cuts.

Fortunately, since computers have taken over and the internet has exploded all over the world, today, when we want music, we have many platforms available that allow us to listen to what you want, when you want, from anywhere. But here it is: despite the reliability of the Internet, it still happens that we want to keep files on offline support and there, we must find the right tool to obtain files of optimal quality.

We present you today to discover the perfect tool that will help you to turn your favorite online audio and video libraries into MP3 Youtube files on your device quickly and efficiently, for free: MP3hub.com  

What is MP3hub?

It’s a Youtube mp3 converter tool in the form of a website with a clean interface. How does it work, and with what is it compatible? To use this site, you will need Internet access and support that can store data. It can be a computer, a tablet or even a mobile phone.

When you enter on the site, a search bar allows you to specify the type of file you want to download. You can directly search for the Youtube video then press enter and confirm the download. You download an audio or video file of optimal quality in a few seconds.


If the video or audio is not available on youtube, you would simply need to copy and paste the URL of the video in from the website in the search bar, it is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and many more. So if you want to post a video on your social media without having to share someone else’s post, this is the perfect tool for you!

How to Register? How Much Does It Cost?

This Youtube video converter will not cost you anything! Of course, it will use the disk space needed to store the files you save on your device .you don’t need to register on the site, everything is accessible directly without any other step than the choice of your contents. Better yet: no personal data is saved. This means that your privacy is safe and that no one but you will have access to your information.

Why Use an Mp4 or Mp3 Converter?

MP3 & MP4 converters allow you to quickly build an audio library without having to worry about any Internet access. If you are a fan of long trips or, for example, walks in the forest, this can be an effective, simple and quick way to prepare your trips by ensuring continuous entertainment.

If you want to listen to your favorite music without having the adds in your compilation.

Is It Only for Music?

No, it’s not just for music! There are much audio content available on the internet today that can entertain you, of course, but can also help you on a daily basis, whether cooking tutorials, or language lessons for example or reposting a video without sharing the sources. If you continue your studies, there are even chances to support your courses with resources posted by fans in all areas.

Is It Only YouTube?

This is where this converter distinguishes itself: so far, most of the known converters mostly managed Youtube, but MP3hub is also available for Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and most of the websites containing video and audio. This is especially noticeable in the options available for this site specifically. We will find the following features:

* a free and secure browser extension, which will add a “Download” button under each visited Youtube video, allowing you to avoid having to return to the site each time

* specificity [MP3Hub]: addition of “lol” in the URL of possible videos, between www. and Youtube, which automatically launches the download

Where this youtube to mp3 converter stands out is that now, file conversion is no longer reserved for Youtube. Indeed, you can now retrieve content from social networks or media sharing sites. A list of compatible sites is even available: if you do not find your targetted website in this list, you can notify the team, which will do the necessary to study its addition to the platform. If your friends or family are followers of Facebook or Twitter, you can save their creations or family videos from the same tool.

Examples of Use

* For a family profile: recovery of files recorded during family celebrations, children’s recitals …

* For a student profile: registration of resources on subjects related to studies, whether in science, art or literature

* For a professional: business management tips, language deepening

This list is obviously not exhaustive: the site will not try to find out who you are and what usage you want to make from those files, it is a 100% anonymous download and data is not kept.

The video downloader is a simple, effective and complete solution for anyone wishing to download or recover multimedia content, anywhere on the Internet or almost. Of course, since Youtube is one of the most well-known sites, the developed solutions first pass through this site, but now it is no longer mandatory to go through Youtube to mp3 converters and find interesting content.

The quality of the files obtained being the highest possible, it is simply advisable to take care of the available disk space, and this is the only limit you will actually encounter on this tool. Apart from this, beyond the free and non-storage of data, the site will also not check the volume of files that you recover: it is completely at will.

This is where we see the power of the Internet: even if it is necessary to benefit from certain circumstances to have access to certain resources, it is no longer reserved for an elite, which makes the service provided by video downloader even more important. Indeed, we are talking about the backup of sound files and thus the conversion of mp3 or mp4 in terms of music, that can be saved or shared quickly and for free, without complications, ads and registrations.

MP3hub - An Online Tool for Downloading Any Video and Audio Files

Try MP3hub by yourself, with your mobile or your computer: you will thank us later for it. Whether for a next long flight, or a walk in the forest, or just not to hear all the noise around you, you will inevitably find somewhere the files that match and resemble you.

One small clarification, however: the tool is not intended to replace the existing pay platforms, especially in terms of musical content. So be sure to choose royalty-free files in this area, and consider supporting your favorite creators by getting their content on the appropriate platforms.

You now have all the necessary information to use MP3Hub in the best conditions: if your imagination thinks of it, you will inevitably find the corresponding file. All content you could think of is now at your fingertips.

Do not hesitate anymore: let your desires and your imagination guide your next playlist or video downloads, and join the users already convinced by this site which will surely reserve new surprises during the evolution of the associated technologies. And if you do not have a particular project, for now, you may know a student who needs this kind of service.

The small end detail: to be open to the widest public possible, the website is translated into several languages. So it’s really for everyone, wherever you can use a storage device and data and Internet access.

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