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Data Science vs. Machine Learning 15 Best Things You Need Know

Data Science vs. Machine Learning: 15 Best Things You Need To Know

We observe the contribution of artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning in modern technology like the self-driving car, ride sharing app, smart personal assistant, and so forth. So, these terms are now buzzwords for us that we talk about these all the time,...
Data Mining vs Machine Learning

Data Mining vs Machine Learning: Top 20 Things You Must Know

We all aware of the beauty of Artificial Intelligence, which reigns the current technology-driven world. This board area relates to the two essential disciplines that are Data Mining and Machine Learning. Both data mining and machine learning originate from the same root that is...
Best Data Mining Software for Linux

Top 20 Best Data Mining Software for Linux in 2019

Data mining is the process of analyzing large amounts of data for obtaining useful information. It has incredibly diverse applications in fields of academic research and business. Researchers use data mining for inferring new solutions to computational research problems while corporations depend on it...
Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Top 10 Potential Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare

With the rapid growth of the population, it seems challenging to record and analyze the massive amount of information about patients. Machine learning provides us such a way to find out and process this data automatically which makes the healthcare system more dynamic and...
Best ML Algorithms For Both Newbies and Professionals

Top 20 Best ML Algorithms For Both Newbies and Professionals

When I started to work with machine learning problems, then I feel panicked which algorithm should I use? Or which one is easy to apply? If you are as like me, then this article might help you to know an overview of machine learning...
Best Machine Learning Projects

Top 20 Best Machine Learning Projects For Beginner To Professional

In this current technology-driven world, machine learning is a prominent area which makes our machine or electronic device intelligent. The purpose of this field is to transform a simple machine into a machine with the mind. In this article, we explore machine learning projects...
best data science courses

Best 20 Data Science Courses Available For Increasing Your Data Scientist Skills

It's been some time since data science took the world by storm and continues to top among best paying Computer Science jobs. Moreover, the low number of genuinely skilled data scientists is making the demand go even higher. This, however, has opened newer possibilities...
featured img for 20 best data scientist skills

Best 20 Data Scientist Skills That You Need To Get Data Science Jobs

Since data took over the corporate world, data scientists are always on demand. And what makes this job much more lucrative is the shortage of highly skilled data scientists. Companies are willing to part with a lot of their revenue behind the right data...
Econometric Software and Statistical Software for Linux

Top 15 Econometric Software and Statistical Software for Linux

Today's article is specifically designed for those who work or studies in the statistics field. This field is quite tough and in order to preserve the data and calculation, some software may come to great help to you. To ease your burden and to...