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Ultimate Maia GTK Theme - Dark

Ultimate Maia GTK Theme and Icon Packs for Gnome and Plasma

Hello friends, How are you? You might have seen a lot of Ubuntu Gnome Themes are there in this site. I have tried to cover all sort of variations including dark, blue, light etc. There are also lots of icons pack available for you to...
Aqua GTK Theme

Aqua GTK Theme and Zafiro Icons Pack: A Classy Neon Nights Vibe for Ubuntu

Today in this quick Ubuntu Theme review content, I will show you a classic theme (Aqua GTK Theme) and icon (Zafiro Icons Pack) combination which will create a Classy Neon Nights Vive for your Ubuntu or Linux system. Here, I will discuss Aqua GTK theme...
Best Ubuntu Themes

Top 35 Best Ubuntu Themes That Will Blow Your Mind

There are lots of Best Ubuntu Themes available out there. But installing all the themes for testing and choosing the right one seems a bit tiring and time-consuming task. Moreover, you may not like the default Ubuntu theme which comes preinstalled. That's why this...
Vimix GTK Theme

Vimix GTK Theme – A Flat Material Design Theme for Linux

Vimix is a flat Material Design theme for Gnome Shell, GTK 3, GTK 2 etc. Vimix GTK Theme supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments including Unity, Pantheon, Gnome, Budgie, MATE, XFCE etc. This GTK theme is based on materia gtk theme and inspired by Google’s material...
Canta Theme - A Flat Material Design GTK Theme for Linux-3

Canta Theme – A Flat Material Design GTK Theme for Linux

Are you bored with your regular Ubuntu Desktop environment? If so then I have an amazing new GTK theme for you called Canta Theme. This GTK theme is based on materia gtk theme and inspired from Google's material design which supports GTK 3 and GTK...
Ubuntu Community theme

Ubuntu “Communitheme” – A New Ubuntu Community theme

Today I am going to share a simple tutorial on a new Ubuntu Community Theme called Communitheme theme. This brand new theme is one of the proposed features for New Ubuntu version. Ubuntu Communitheme - as the name implies - is developed by the...
Matcha Gtk Theme

Matcha Gtk Theme – A Beautiful Flat Design Theme for Ubuntu Linux

Matcha Gtk Theme is a modern and flat design theme which is made inspired by Arc gtk theme. This amazing dark theme supports GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell. This theme is designed in such a way that integrates seemingly with GTK 3 and GTK 2 based...
Arrongin and Telinkrin GTK Theme

Arrongin and Telinkrin GTK Theme – A modern and Refined Re-interpretation of Ambiance Theme

Arrongin and Telinkrin are two variant colors GTK themes for Ubuntu Linux which is based on or inspired by the popular Ubuntu default theme - Ambiance. These two themes are totally refined and redesigned of Ambiance Theme. This is one of first gtk theme...