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how to use themes and icons on Linux desktop

How To Use Themes and Icons on Various Linux Desktop

All the Linux distros come with a set of default themes and icons, which are quite beautiful and eye-catching. But after a certain period, you may want to change the display flavor of your system. There are lots of Best Icon and Themes out there, which...
Best and Useful Ubuntu Software

Best and Useful Ubuntu Software That Will Make You More Productive

Ubuntu, powered by Canonical Partners, is the most optimized and updated Linux distro out there. Both Ubuntu and Linux Mint are based on the Debian system. This Linux distros provide solid system stability and lots of software through software center. But there are lots...
How To Speed Up Ubuntu Linux

How To Speed Up Ubuntu Linux: 12 Must Follow Tips

Ubuntu is very powerful and polished Debian based Linux distro. Though Ubuntu Desktop Performance is remarkably good and fast on modern laptop and desktop. But after few days of installing Ubuntu, you might have noticed, that your system gives a sluggish performance. This might...