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FreeBSD vs Linux

FreeBSD vs Linux: 20 Things To Know About Both The System

If you're an avid Linux system user like me or are working as a sysadmin for managing company networks, chances are you've stumbled at least once with terms like FreeBSD and BSD. So, what are these and what is their significance? In this guide,...
Best Things To Do After Installing Elementary

16 Best Things To Do After Installing Elementary OS 5 Juno

If you are a newcomer from Mac OS and want to use Linux, then I would recommend you to use and install Elementary OS. This OS is one of the best and beautiful Linux distros available in the Linux community. This system is rock...
how to use themes and icons on Linux desktop

How To Use Themes and Icons on Various Linux Desktop

All the Linux distros come with a set of default themes and icons, which are quite beautiful and eye-catching. But after a certain period, you may want to change the display flavor of your system. There are lots of Best Icon and Themes out there, which...
How To Speed Up Ubuntu Linux

How To Speed Up Ubuntu Linux: 12 Must Follow Tips

Ubuntu is very powerful and polished Debian based Linux distro. Though Ubuntu Desktop Performance is remarkably good and fast on modern laptop and desktop. But after few days of installing Ubuntu, you might have noticed, that your system gives a sluggish performance. This might...
Best Things To Do After Installing Fedora

Top 10 Best Things To Do After Installing Fedora 26

Hello, Linux Friends, Today I will be sharing some very basic things to do after installing Fedora Linux distro. Though It may vary depending on various usages of the Fedora system. But there are always some basic steps to do for most of the...
Linux Gaming Distros

Best Linux Gaming Distros: 5 Shortlisted Recommendation

There was a time when better gaming experience was quite impossible on Linux. But now, in fact, gaming on Linux is much more stable and fun. There are hundreds of various Linux distros for fulfilling different task and purposes. Linux distro for gaming is...
Best Looking Linux Distro

Top 5 Best Looking Linux Distro We Recommend You To Use

I have been using Windows OS for a very long time, oops, primarily from my childhood when I first came to know what is a computer. And I used Mac OS for any development work. But now Linux has changed my entire experience regarding...
Most Stable Linux Distros

Most Stable Linux Distros: 5 versions of Linux We Recommend

At the very beginning, I would like to mention why the term ‘Stable’ comes in relation to Linux OS or distro. Because there are thousands of Linux OS variations as per the user’s requirements. Some are very fundamental like Debian, some is a fork...
Best Linux Distros For Laptop

Top 5 Best Linux Distros For Laptop: Choose The Best One

“ Best Linux Distros For Laptop ” this very specific query is confusing and has lots of answers depending on various choices from person to person. Once my friend ask me which ice cream flavor do I like most? As I like ice cream...
Most Popular Linux Distro : Explore Top 5 and Get The Best One For You

Most Popular Linux Distro: Explore Top 5 and Get The Best One

Linux has come a long way from a command line interface to intuitive and stunning graphical user interface. Today all the Linux distros come with a beautiful desktop environment, easy to use interface and user-friendly motto implementation in the core. I rather just say...