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Radio Streaming Software for Linux System

Top 10 Best Radio Streaming Software for Linux System

Nowadays, enjoying radio broadcasting is not a big deal or doesn't require any traditional analog devices. We can see the presence of FM radio on various smart devices. But for computers, we can listen to the radio only by using the internet. There are...
Autobeat Player - SoundCloud, YouTube and Your Music United in One App

Autobeat Player – SoundCloud, YouTube and Your Music United in One App

Autobeat Player is a multi-services music player that bundles all your music into one single app. The simplest way to listen, explore and share with different music channels like SoundCloud, YouTube, and your local music library. Autobeat Player helps to get rid of searching...
Cantata - a Qt5 Graphical MPD Client-1

Cantata – a Qt5 Graphical MPD Client for Linux

There are lots of music player for Linux that gives us a wider view to choose the best one. Cantata is another one which is beautifully crafted for Linux users. It has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Cantata...
VLC Media Player

How to Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu Linux

VLC Media Player is one of the best and most popular videos player worldwide. It was first released in 2001 under VideoLAN project. It is an open source media player which support almost all media file types on Linux. VLC Media Player support network...
Pragha Music Player - Gnome3

How To Install Pragha Music Player On Ubuntu

Pragha Music Player is a lightweight music player, based on gtk, written in C programming language, for GNU/Linux. The main goal of the beautiful player is to be fast, light, and can perform the basic task without hampering the daily work. Main Features Easily integrates with...
Nightingale Music Player

Nightingale – A Beautifully Reborn of Songbird Music Player

Do you Remember Songbird? It was one of the most loving music players among Linux users. After the death of this beautiful music player at 2010, Nightingale born from the ashes of Songbird. Nightingale is another open source music player developed by the fan...
Install Rhythmbox

How to Install Rhythmbox on Ubuntu via PPA

Rhythmbox is known as the default music player for Ubuntu. Many users enjoyed it's very much for playing their favorite song. It has some special features which will blow your mind. There were some bugs in this app with the visualization. Now the good...

Yarock Music Player – A Beautiful Music Player for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the best open source operating system. There are a lot of music player apps are available for Ubuntu on the internet. You looked for some great music players but you failed to choose the best one. Today I am going...
Lollypop music player

How to Install Lollypop Music Player on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Lollypop Music Player is a free and open source graphical music player which is simple to use and has a beautiful interface. This application is based on Python / GTK+ which is made for Gnome Desktop Environment. It supports a variety of music formats like...