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Top 20 Best Linux Terminal Console Games That You can Play Right Now

Gaming on Linux has come a long way. There are thousands of amazing games available out there for you to play and enjoy. Today here, I will discuss some best games for the Linux terminal console. We all know that Linux users spend lots of time on Linux Terminal for doing the advance level task and sometimes it may be tiresome. And it will be great if you play some quick games on Linux terminal to remove the tiredness and boredom. So today I will only concentrate on making an amazing list of best Linux Terminal console games for you.

I have already covered some write up on best Linux games, cheap steam games, top-rated steam games, and of course, best free steam games for Linux users. If you have not checked it yet, go there and choose your best one. So, guys, I am stopping further ado and jumping right to the point. Hence, let us head over to our topic.

Linux Terminal Console Games

In our daily life we all need a source of recreation which gives us relief and removes our monotony and insipidity. The games which we are going to discuss below will work like those activities done for enjoyment and time passing.This list of best Linux terminal console games will blow up your mind and let you help to choose the best one.

1. Nudoku

Nudoku - Linux terminal console gamesNudoku is an open source terminal based sudoku game. This game is more or less known to all. If you are in quest of something which will both give you a release from your flatness and will also flex your brain, then it is just the game for you. It is a user-provided stream game and has a simple interface. This game has three different levels- easy, normal and hard.

To install Nudoku on Linux, run:

sudo apt-get install nudoku

2. 2048-cli


It is a video game prepared by an Italian web developer, Gabrielle Cirulli. The purpose of the game is to move puzzles to make tiles which will create the number 2048. The effectuation of GUI-based 2048 is the present 2048-cli game. It is an interesting game to play for time passing and relaxation. It is a brain game.

For Installation, type:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev
sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev
sudo apt-get install 2048-cli

3. My man

My man - Terminal gameMy man is a text mode Linux terminal video game. It is the current version of the Japanese well known Pac-man game. It is an arcade game and best for passing your free time peacefully.

Download MyMan Game

4. Greed

greed_ Terminal gameThis game is a great source of amusement. The goal of this game is to move around a grid of numbers to erase the screen as much as possible. When you move the grid in a direction, you erase N number of grid squares in that direction. Greed will prevent you from making a move that would have placed you off the grid. You will find this game very much interesting. This game is a combination of Pac-man and Tron.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install greed

To run, type:


5. Pacm4conesole

pacm4conesoleYes, you have guessed it correctly. Pacm4conesole is the terminal version of the widespread arcade hit, Pac-man. It is one of the most famous arcade game, and it is for sure that you will enjoy it.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install pacman4console

To run, type:


6. Moon-Buggy

moon buggy

Moon buggy is a simple graphics game. Here you have to drive a car on the moon’s surface. This game is controlled by a couple of keys which will help you to move the car avoiding the obstacles to earn more points. You can make your car jump over the carters and avoid a clash. Overall it is a game full of excitement. You can install moon buggy using the snap store.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install moon-buggy

To run, type:


7. Robot Finds Kitten

Robot Finds KittenIt is another easy to play, free, fascinating Linux terminal game. In this game, a robot is supposed to find a kitten by checking around different objects. The robot has to detect items and find out whether it is a kitten or something else. The robot will keep wandering until it finds a kitten. Simon Charless has characterized robot finds kitten as “less a game and more a way of life.”

Download Robot Finds Kitten

8. nInvaders

nInvadersDoes the name space invaders ring a bell on your mind? Yes, it is the terminal version of GUI space invaders game. In this game, all you have to do is to protect the earth from the space invaders by destroying and controlling the warships.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install ninvaders

To run, type:


9. Zangband


This game is based on Angband. Like Angband, Zangband also has outstanding features like foes, artifacts, monster pits and vaults. It is a single player game. It is one of the most engrossing games you will ever play. Like its predecessor, it is a rogue like the game and very interesting to play for time passing. If you are looking for an adventurous game, then it is made for you. In this game, you will find yourself in the land of adventure and exploration. This is indeed one of the best Linux terminal console games.

To install Zangband Game on Linux, run:

sudo apt-get install zangband

10. Nethack

NethackNethack is also a cross-platform rogue like a computer game. The latest version of this game was released on April 28th, 2018. It is a mind-blowing sensational game. Almost everyone feels a strong pull towards this game for its unique features. It has both GUI and text interface. The key concept of this game is to discover the details of a dungeon but not to kill all thongs which will approach to you.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install nethack-console

To run, type:


11. Linux Lunar Lander


In this game, you will have to fly a lunar module to the surface of the moon. It is an exciting terminal game on Linux. Here the player controls a spaceship and has to attempt to land on the moon safely without causing any damage of the lunar module.

12. Secret Adventure

secret_adventureNow let’s discuss some spicy adventurous game which will make your day and will remove all your boredom. It is a game, full of fun and adventurers. But for playing this game, you must install Emacs text editor on your system.

emacs -batch -l dunnet

13. Bastet

bastetSeeing this name, some flashbacks must have come to your mind, and you know that it is such an addictive game. There is hardly any person who has not to spend hours playing the game Tetris. Bastet is the Tetris of Linux terminal console games. Here you will have to make complete horizontal lines by correctly rotating and positioning the pieces that fall from the top of the screen. Though it is regarded as the clone of Tetris, some of its features are different from Tetris.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install bastet

To run, type:


14. nSnake

nSnake - Linux Terminal gamenSnake is the updated version of the game on Nokia phones. Many people like to play it and see the snake growing bigger.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install nsnake

To run, type:


15. Air Traffic Control

air_traffic_controlHere you can control the air traffic system in your terminal by being a pilot. While playing this game, I guarantee you that, you will feel like a real pilot. Here you have to fly jets and planes and save the life of thousands of travelers without risking their life.

For Installation:

sudo apt-get install bsdgames



16. Backgammon

backgammonIf you have not played it yet, then I strongly recommend you to play this game. The game is full of amusement, and it is such an amazing one. So, it is worth a try. Install this game in windows version in Wine. Then it will be easier for you to play the game.  And Linux lovers will surely enjoy it.

For Installation:

sudo apt-get install bsdgames

Run the game:


Press ‘y’ when prompted for rules of the game.

17. BSD games

This is not a single game. Rather it is a collection of the classic text-based games. Banner, Battlestar, bcd, boggle, Canfield, gumoku etcetera are included in this game. I recommend you to check out these amazing set of BSD games.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install bsdgames

18. Sudoku

sudokuWho hasn’t heard or played this game! From our very childhood, we are acquainted with this brain game where you have to solve puzzles. Stop collecting it from newspapers and play it as long as you want by sitting at home. Here you will also get the facility to play at different stages like easy, medium and hard.

For installation, type:

sudo apt-get install sudoku

To run, type:


19. Alienwave

Alienwave is one of the most famous discrepancies of space invader games. You will have to be skillful while playing this game because there are many difficult levels which you will have to go through.

For Installation:

Download the source from here, cd into your Downloads folder and type these commands.

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev
sudo make
sudo make install
sudo cp alienwave /usr/games

Run Alienwave game by typing alienwave in the terminal.

 20. Tron

Well, this list cannot be completed without introducing you with this action game. This is the best game on Linux for the action lovers. So guys, check it out. It is a multiplayer game. It is overall a cool and geeky game. So, do not miss the opportunity of playing it.

ssh sshtron.zachlatta.com

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it goes without saying that all the games mentioned above are the top-rated terminal games on Linux system. These games are fun to play. Many of the games mentioned above are decorated in such a way that, you have to use your brain to come to the solution. So, your brain will start working too. These brain games also sharpen your mind and thinking capability. These games will help you to get over the tiredness of Linux job. That’s why guys, go ahead and pick up your favorite Linux terminal console games and keep following our site for more updates.



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