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Why You Need To Make A Backup of Your Facebook Data

Facebook is the social networking giant. Do you know what exactly Facebook knows about you? In the following post, we are going to reveal it.

Many people enjoy using Facebook and other social networking platforms, and some people use it carefully due to security reasons. If you don’t want to delete your Facebook account but just to backup everything the social network stores about you, continue to read this post. Once you complete the process of Facebook data download,​ you will run into some surprises, either positive or negative.

Stay Careful with Facebook

Once you start using Facebook, you must understand you are not the customer, you are the product. It is recommended to keep your profile private except to the closest friends you know personally and those you can fully trust.

Do not share private information in your visible profile. Remember what other people display is not always true. We do not recommend you to play Facebook games. Most of the users do not even realize how much private data such as Facebook games can gather.

Avoid using Facebook or your personal email account to log into outside websites. By doing this, you will make all your personal accounts are wide open. You can try using a password manager which will create unique passwords for every website.

You can find a lot of useful information on how to use Facebook or other apps at rocketfiles.co​m.​ Being careful isn’t enough. By all means, do not provide your personal data to Facebook.

Download Your Facebook Archive

Now every Facebook user can easily download an archive of all the history and data Facebook has on every user. It’s relatively easy to do. You will have to follow several steps, which will prevent from stealing your sensitive. Here’s how you can get your Facebook archive:

  • Log to your Facebook account.
  • Press the down-triangle icon, which is at the top right side, and selects “Settings.”
  • Go to the page with the general account settings page, press the last item “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

Download Your Facebook Archive

  • You will be informed that the process of collecting your data will take a while. Press the “Start My Archive” option.
  • You will be sent to the next page where you have to press “Start My Archive” one more time. You will receive the system notification that the process is complete.
  • Now your Facebook archive file can be downloaded to your computer.

Note that it is necessary to give your Facebook password two times during the process, due to security reasons. Facebook warns users to keep the downloaded data protected because the file contains sensitive information and material. Some experts recommend encrypting your data.

What Does the Facebook Archive File Include?

After unzipping the archive file, you will get access to the folder with the INDEX.HTM file together with subfolders, such as messages, timeline, HTML, photos, and videos. Start with launching the INDEX.HTM file and start exploring the data.

The general information about your Facebook account is stored in the “Profile” page: the date you started using Facebook, your address, birthday, gender, hometown, groups you belong to, and other activities.

Facebook Friends

Press the “Friends” link to get the list of all your Facebook friends, which are listed from newest to oldest ones. Additionally, you will find listed the following information: Sent Friend Requests, Received Friend Requests, Declined Friend Requests, Removed Friends. You’ve heard right – Facebook tracks all your friend request, either accepted or denied ones.

Your Entire Facebook Timeline at a Glance

Press “Timeline” and then you will be impressed to find all the posts you ever made on Facebook. The data is vast, and it will take hours, or even days to scroll down, and down… Checking the entire “Timeline” section is a lot to handle. Refer to it if you want to find back when certain events happened, a particular post you posted on Facebook. In such cases, this page will provide you all the details.

Click “Photos” to get a timeline of every photo you ever posted on Facebook. You will find the date for albums and comments. Unfortunately, you can’t see the text, which you shared along with the photo album and the dates, but you see which camera was used, the orientation, width, and height, F-stop, ISO, and even focal length. You will find some photos placed in predefined folders: Mobile Photos, Timeline Photos, and Profile Pictures.

Small-Screen Video

Small-Screen VideoBy pressing the “Videos” section, you will get the list of all the videos you’ve posted, with a 284 by 160-pixel thumbnail. You will see the date, time, and all comments. Note that Facebook does not provide the full-size video that you posted. To watch the videos, it is recommended to use such browsers as Chrome or Edge. The only web browser which does not work well is Firefox, but there are plenty of other web browsers for viewing your video archive.

Private Messages

We all know that Facebook keeps all conversations you hold using Messenger. To have access to your conversations, press the “Messages” option. Choose what messages you want to read by pressing the name. All the messages are displayed in reverse chronological order.

Wrap Up

It is evident that Facebook keeps detailed information about users’ logins and devices. Many average users are curious to check the archive, but they find it a bit confusing. Security experts use the data to detect possible hacking attacks.


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