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10 Best Monster Hunter Like Games for RPG Lovers

Monster Hunter is undoubtedly a worldwide popular game that still can’t get over in 2024. But the graphics and overall allure of the game have become older. However, what keeps it evergreen in our memory is the strategy and the genre.

That’s why it’s now become a name of the genre, and manufacturers have developed a lot of Monster Hunter-like games.

Generally. Monster Hunter is a genre that is a part of RPG games focusing on boss fights and monster battles. There are lots of exciting games launched recently that have the same genre but with better visual graphics, sound, and storyline. That’s what we’ll explore today.

Best Monster Hunter Like Games

For a long time, we were looking for the best alternatives to Monster Hunter. To reach a list of 10 games, we had to play more than 50 games. Most of the time, I didn’t like the story and graphics. But the games in our final outcome are just perfect. Let’s check out the best Monster Hunter like games here:

1. Dauntless

Dauntless is my personal favorite one, so I would like to start with this one. However, Dauntless is good for an exhilarating Monster Hunter-esque experience where you’ll get many refreshing twists. At the heart of the action, this game decreases the downtime between battles with many bosses.

Here, you’ll get interactive loot-driven gameplay full of exotic weapons and armor to covet. What sets this free-to-play gem apart is its accessibility. This one doesn’t have so many complexities like Monster Hunter. So you should try it to enjoy a perfect balance between challenge and accessibility.

2. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is the best one for a Monster Hunter-like RPG experience. This game thrusts you into a world where a dragon rips your heart out, sparking an epic quest for vengeance and self-discovery. Here, you’ll meet massive creatures like Hydra, Griffins, and Chimera.

By fighting and defeating these monsters, you have to evolve from a vulnerable novice to the chosen one with formidable prowess. Well, I personally like the open-world setting in this game, which is vast and immersive. Its ingenious Pawn system means the AI companions will also help you level up properly.

3. Remnant: From The Ashes

The next one is Remnant: From the Ashes. This game is especially unique because it perfectly blends the atmospheric intensity of the Souls series with the cooperative thrill of Monster Hunter. Here, you’ll have immersive weapons, armor, and abilities to add depth to the gameplay.

This action RPG masterpiece was developed by Gunfire Games. Initially, it is available for PC, PS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Its co-op gameplay is the best part for Monster Hunter enthusiasts. For its challenging yet rewarding combat, you can’t help getting addicted to this game soon.

4. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

An immersive world of Iceborne by Monster Hunter World is waiting for you with a lot of surprises. This groundbreaking gameplay is full of expansive maps, battles with monsters, and powerful weapons. Here, you’ll meet and fight many monsters, including awe-inspiring new creations and old fan favorites.

The best part of this game is its constant updates and the expansive Iceborne zones. You can use many different tactics, like fireflies and carcasses, to locate monsters and finally defeat them. So, why don’t you get prepared for this adrenaline-fueled adventure with Monster Hunter World?

5. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

In terms of some features, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is even better than the popular Monster Hunter game. This one offers a slightly gentler introduction for newcomers, so it will be attractive from the beginning. Here, you’ll have hunting companions like Palamutes and Wirebugs who will help you increase your hunting prowess.

This game has an environment teeming with Japanese cultural influences and numerous monsters inspired by folklore. Each creature has its distinctive fighting style, from Tetranadon’s sumo wrestling antics to the mesmerizing bubble attacks of Mizutsune. Each of them will let you enjoy different combat experiences.

6. Toukiden 2

I’m sure that Toukiden 2 is a familiar name to you if you like games like Monster Hunter. In this world, a massive, monstrous Oni is waiting to defeat you. Here, you’ll join many adrenaline-pumping battles against colossal creatures from Japanese folklore, each encounter more thrilling than the last.

The game seamlessly blends the camaraderie of hunting and the strategic pursuit of powerful weapons. You will also get many addictive loops of upgrading gear from your hard-earned spoils. What sets Toukiden 2 apart is its PC-centric design, which can be the best way to enjoy a fresh take on the Monster Hunter formula.

7. Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, the 2013 masterpiece from Game Arts, can also be the best option for monster-hunting action RPGs. As a spin-off from the renowned Ragnarok Online MMORPG series, this game technically combines Norse mythology with a lightning-fast combat system and that’s what sets it apart from its peers.

An effortless integration of gameplay elements will let you easily drop in and out of the action. The combat system, while not as polished, exudes an exhilarating energy that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you’re a seasoned monster hunter or a newcomer, Ragnarok Odyssey ACE should be on your checklist for the build of fast-paced action and mythical exploration.

8. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is already very popular as an alternative to Monster Hunter. This game is full of challenging combat with a rich gaming environment and a gripping narrative. The game is all about a dark fantasy realm, where each area is a meticulously crafted labyrinth filled with formidable foes and hidden secrets.

Unlike Monster Hunter, Dark Souls 3 dives deeper into storytelling and connects characters and locations through intricate plot threads. Here, you can enjoy dragon slaying, plunging attacks, and weapon specialization, evoking the thrill of Monster Hunter and facing bosses of different levels. So, to experience something reminiscent of Monster Hunter’s allure, you should try this one.

9. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is a gripping masterpiece that seamlessly blends intense action, stunning visuals, and the signature Capcom magic. Released in 2019, this RPG resurrects the beloved series to deliver a nostalgic nod to its roots that are designed with the power of current-generation technology.

The game’s mechanics, though distinct from the Monster Hunter series, share a distinctive Capcom flair. As you traverse the intricately designed levels, the game’s monster-slaying mechanics provide a thrilling experience reminiscent of Monster Hunter’s allure. At least for its heart-pounding action and innovative gameplay, you shouldn’t miss it.

10. God of War

Even though I listed it in the end, you should consider God of War as a bonus. Santa Monica Studio launched this masterpiece in 2018, and soon, it became the hype. This game revolutionizes the action RPG genre, seamlessly blending breathtaking visuals and an emotionally charged narrative set in the mystical realm of Norse mythology.

Unlike its predecessors, God of War introduces a profound shift in gameplay dynamics, where Kratos, the iconic protagonist, grapples with the complexities of parenthood amidst a rich, immersive storyline. You’ll also love the meticulously crafted open-world design where you can explore seamlessly to reveal hidden secrets and lore.

Wrapping Up

Even if Monster Hunter is not available for you, or you just don’t like the complexities of that game, you don’t have to stay away from this captivating genre. All the listed Monster Hunter-like games are ready to give you an even better experience than Monster Hunter.

However, for the confused fellows, just try God of War, Dauntless, or Remnant II. I’m pretty sure that all RPG lovers will find this game exciting and addictive. So, enjoy these games and let us know how they seem to you. Also, share this list with your RPG-lover friends. Thank you.

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