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20 Best Scala Books For Beginner and Expert Developers

Scala is an elevated-level language that joins object-oriented and practical programming in one succinct. Certain static kinds of Scala help us dodge bugs in complex applications; moreover, its JVM and JavaScript runtimes let us manufacture elite frameworks with simple admittance to colossal biological systems libraries.

In the field of software, Scala is a very unique and multidimensional language. Learning Scala programming is not an easy job for someone new to this field, and therefore, a perfect set of Scala books is inevitably important for accurate guidance.

Best Scala Programming Books

One might have this question in mind: Is it worth it to learn Scala despite having so many other programming language options? Well, the answer is yes! Scala is a decent language to learn, but its ideas will help us learn different dialects without any kind of obstacles if we learn it. By learning Scala, you will get abilities that will serve you throughout your professional life.

1. Programming Scala

Scala is a versatile language that covers both abstraction and functional programming. Learning Scala is not that easy because developers are required to know both object-oriented Java and some functional programming. The book ‘Programming Scala’ is a Scala programming book for developers that contains practice problems and contexts that relate to real-world problems.


The book contains 14 different sections, from beginner to developer level, that can help users prepare themselves for competing in the real world. Some of the contents are Type Less Do More, Traits, Basic Object-Oriented Programming in Scala, Herding XML in Scala, The Scala type system, etc. Overall, the book is the best option to learn Scala.

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2. Object-Orientation, Abstraction, and Data Structures Using Scala

In the field of software, Scala is a very unique and multidimensional language. It connects two different fields, like the object-oriented field or Java and functional programming. This book has been designed for those who already have some basic level programming knowledge, and this Scala book will help them to implement the Scala language further.

Object-Orientation, Abstraction, and Data Structures Using Scala

This book has 22 individual contents that cover both beginner’s and advanced-level problems. This book’s topics are Scala language basics, Details of object-oriented in Scala, Abstraction and polymorphism, Stacks and queues, Linked lists, and so on. Therefore, this book would be a great help for people who are exploring Scala. 

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3. Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala

Scala is a well-developed general-purpose programming language. The book ‘Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala’ is a Scala programming book for beginner-level users. The amazing part about the Scala programming language is that it is both an object-oriented and functional programming supporter.

Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala

This book has been divided into a total of 36 chapters, along with some additional important parts. Some of the chapters are Getting to Know the Tools, Scala Basics, Arrays and Lists in Scala, Case Classes, Multithreading and Concurrency, Priority Queues, Actors, Augmenting Trees, Advanced Scala Concept, and so on. No matter which level you are at, you can avail yourself of all the benefits this book offers at a beginner level or intermediary.

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4. Programming Scala – Tackle Multi-Core Complexity on the JVM

Scala Programming is a language that refers to both object-oriented and functional languages. This is a Scala book for developers working with Scala, and the book will make sure to have your concepts made crystal clear about the Java virtual machine utilization. This book will help you to overcome all the difficulties that a developer may face in all phases of developing something. 

Programming Scala - Tackle Multi-Core Complexity on the JVM

The author has designed this book in a total of 14 chapters. Some of those are the introduction, Getting up to speed in Scala, Sensible typing, Traits and type conversion, Pattern matching, regular expression, unit testing with Scala, exception handling, etc. Overall, this book is a complete package for Scala programming users.

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5. Scala Cookbook

‘Scala Cookbook’ is a problem-solving-based Scala programming book. Scala programming language is a language that has connected two completely different languages. To achieve that professional level, we are required to have enough problem-solving skills using Scala. This book exactly guides a developer in that way so that he or she can prepare themselves enough for the problems that they might face in real time.

Scala Cookbook

This book has a total of 20 different chapters of problems. Some of those are strings, control structures, methods, traits, files, and processes, as well as interacting with Java and idioms. This book would be really helpful for developers to prepare themselves well enough for any problem.

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6. Scala for the Impatient

Scala is a bit complicated as it covers a wide range of object-oriented and functional programming areas. It is not that easy for everyone to gain the initial objective in a short time. With that aim in mind, the author has designed this book. This book is a great choice for people who are starting programming with Scala.

Scala for the Impatient

Among 22 different chapters, some of the most important chapters are the basics, Working with arrays, Classes, inheritance, operators, Pattern matching and case classes, XML processing, Advanced types, etc. If you are a beginner-level learner, then without any second thoughts, you can go for this book to start your journey.

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7. Steps in Scala – An Introduction to Object-Functional Programming

Scala is a modern programming language that has multipurpose use in the modern software world. In the field of technology, we always search for something more efficient every day. Scala is versatile enough to solve problems in real time. Like the Scala programming language, this book is also versatile because it covers both the basics of the Scala knowledge field and the practice problems of Scala.

Steps in Scala - An Introduction to Object-Functional Programming

This book has a total of 13 chapters. Topics like Core features, Parser builder, GUI Programming, Concurrent Programming, Compositional file matching, A computer algebra system, etc., have been discussed briefly in this book. To put it in a nutshell, this is an all-in-one Scala book.

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8. Beginning Scala

‘Beginning Scala’ is a beginner-level Scala programming book for still novices regarding Scala. Learning Scala is not that easy, but proper guidance can help you cope with the difficulties, and this book does exactly that. The book has ordered the topics so that a newbie can go through them accordingly for their seamless preparation.

Beginning Scala

This book has covered a total of 9 chapters. Under these 9 chapters, About Scala and How to Install it, Collection and the Joy of Immutability, Pattern matching, Actors, and concurrency are some of the topics that this book has covered. 

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9. Professional Scala

‘Professional Scala’ is a Scala programming book for people who already have experience working with Scala. Developers who focus on the Scala programming language for their work and have fundamental knowledge of it will find this book extremely helpful.

This book has proper guidance in Scala programming, focusing on object-oriented Java compatibility and a functional implication. This book also contains real-world problems so that the readers can relate their knowledge to the practical world.

Professional Scala

This book has a total of 12 chapters. Some of those are Language features, Java compatibility, Simple build tools, Type system, concurrency, etc.

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10. Scala Design Patterns

‘Scala design pattern’ is a different book from the other Scala programming books. This book talks about Scala’s design pattern. This book has tried to cover all possible fundamental patterns of Scala. The book is different because it doesn’t focus on the object-oriented part of the functional part but focuses on the design pattern, which is missing in most books.

Scala Design Patterns

This book contains a total of 44 different contents. Some of those are an introduction, design pattern, singleton, Delegation, Factory operation, Abstract factory pattern, Builders, etc. So, if you are looking for a design pattern book of Scala, this is the place where your search ends.

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11. A Beginner’s Guide to Scala

A Beginners Guide to Scala’ is a Scala language book for beginner-level learners of Scala. If you are a software field worker and have the basics of programming, then you won’t face any difficulties learning the beginner-level Scala language from this book. The author has divided the book into two main parts. The first part will provide a basic level of knowledge. The other part is comparatively new for the learners.

A Beginner's Guide to Scala

This book has 43 chapters in total. Some of those are Introduction, Element of object orientation, Scala background, Scala classes, Objects and instances, Control and iteration, and lots more. 

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12. Scala in Depth

‘Scala In-depth’ is an advanced Scala programming book for the experts. This book will make a developer flexible enough to work with new library abstractions. There are many methods incorporated here that usually cannot be found in any other books these days. This book has tried to explain the specifications of Scala for the learners.

Scala in Depth

This amazing book contains a total of 11 chapters. Utilization of object orientation, The type system, Using the right collection, and integrating Scala with Java are some of the crucial lists chapters of this book.

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13. Scala by Example

Scala programming language is a language that covers both object-oriented and functional features. So, the Scala programming language is modern and a great choice for solving real-life problems. ‘Scala By Example’ is a beginner-level Scala book with precise and proper guidance for a beginner-level user. 

This book has a total of 17 chapters. Both beginner- and intermediary-level problems have been incorporated here. Some of the chapters are Programming with actors and massages, First-class function, Generic types, and methods, For-comprehensions, Computing with streams, Abstractions for concurrency, and some more. Overall, if you want a proper overview as a beginner learner, this book would be a good choice for you.

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14. Programming in Scala

Scala programming language can be called a multidimensional language that has flexible, modern, and technical features. The beauty of this language is that Scala has explicit features from the object-oriented and functional language, which can generate novel projects.

‘Programming in Scala’ is a complete book of Scala programming language for both beginners and pro developers. The book has briefly introduced us to every detail of this language perfectly.

A reader will find a total of 33 chapters in the book, in which several topics are explained in detail. Some of the chapters that we can mention are A Scalable Language, the First Step in Scala, Build in the Control Structure, Control Abstraction, Type Parameterization, Extractions, Working with XML, Modular Programming using Objects, Object Equality, etc.

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15. Functional Programming Patterns in Scala 

Object-oriented programming and functional programming are two very different patterns of programming. Interestingly, Scala creates the bridge between these two. The book ‘Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Conjure’ is an incredibly helpful book for those searching for something that would show the transition from object-oriented to functional programming. The book is well-designed and has all the basics that a developer would need to interconnect two different fields together.

Functional Programming Patterns in Scala 

This book has 5 main parts. These 5 parts contain many more topics inside. Patterns and functional programming, Replacing object-oriented patterns, Functional patterns, pattern glossary, Replacing functional interface, Mutual Recursion, Focused mutability, etc. 

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16. Scala in Action

Scala is an exceptional language as it tries to create a bridge between two different programming types. So, learning an exceptional language can make us assume that the journey will not be that easy.

The book Scala in Action can be an amazing companion for you when working with this new and extremely useful language. The book claims that it has some unfamiliar topics that would make your journey even easier, and you wouldn’t find those in any other ordinary book.

Scala in Action

We can find a total of three parts in this book. The first part discusses The Basic, which clearly means the very basic Scala language; the second part is Working with Scala, which is in-depth of Scala, and the third part is Advanced step. Under these three parts, we will find several small parts.

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17. Scala for Machine Learning

In the era of technology, machine learning, and deep learning are familiar topics to us. Machine learning has a wide range of uses in the field of modern software technology. This is a really helpful and exceptional book that connects machine learning with Scala programming. This book shows the various uses of Scala to implement the machine learning-based problem. It also introduces us to real-world problems so that readers can prepare them accordingly.

Scala for Machine Learning

This book contains a total of 12 chapters and some mathematical portions as well. Some of the topics are Why machine learning, what Scala is, Data processing, Naive Bayes Classifiers, Sequential data models, Artificial neural networks, and lots more. So you can easily dig inside the book. 

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18. Functional Programming in Scala

Scala is an interesting language because, unlike other languages, it covers both object-oriented and functional programming. These two fields are completely different, and therefore, before using them, a user needs to have the proper knowledge to deal with them.

The book ‘Functional Programming In Scala’ is not a Scala programming book that will tell you how to work with Scala from the basics, but rather, it is mainly about functional programming. Here, Scala will play the role of connecting with a functional language.

Functional Programming in Scala

This book has been divided into four parts. Each part contains different topics like functional programming, Functional data structure, Purely functional parallelism, Monoids, External effects, I/O, and so on. Thus, this book has explained the functional programming topic from the introductory to the intermediary levels.

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19. Scala for Java Developers

‘Scala for Java developers’ is a book for developers familiar with object-oriented programming or Java. As we already know, Scala is a language that covers both functional and object-oriented programming; this specific book has been published focusing on real-life problem-solving so that the users do not have to face any problems that seem completely new and difficult for them.

Scala for Java Developers

This book contains a total of 10 chapters. Some of those are code integrations, Scala and Java collaboration, understanding the Scala ecosystem, testing tools, architecture of a play application, working with integration and web services, and lots more.

So, if you are looking for a book that connects object-oriented programming with Scala, this book would be a great choice. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to tackle harder problems in the future. 

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20. Scala High-Performance Programming

For people who have some basic knowledge of object-oriented programming and functional programming and some experience working with Scala programming language, this book would be a perfect choice for them. Scala is exceptional and quite a difficult language to learn, but it has a wide range of modern technology uses. People who know the basics of this language can easily implement their knowledge with this book’s help in a broader manner.

Scala High-Performance Programming

We can find a total of 7 chapters in this book. Some of those are measuring performance on the JVM, exploring the collection API, determining concurrency in Scala, etc. Perusing this book will not only make you an efficient programmer but also help you boost your programming.

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Some Final Words

There is no doubt that the Scala programming language is extremely useful and powerful, but learning it requires proper guidance because anything is hard to learn at first if not provided with the appropriate counseling. For that, we have provided you with the list of the top 20 Scala books that will make it almost effortless for you to learn Scala Programming.

We hope you have found this information useful, and if you did, please do not hesitate to comment and share it with your friends and family members. Best of luck with learning Scala!

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