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The 10 Best Swift Books For Learning iOS Programming

Swift is a multi-paradigm programming language. The OS of the great apple products like iOS,macOS, iPad, and all other apple-related OS is developed by using this language. So, if you are interested in learning the language of iOS, then you have to learn Swift. But, getting the proper Swift programming book is difficult, even you will be tired of finding them on the Internet as very few are available. So, we are providing you with a handful of Swift programming language books to ease your study.

Swift Books For Learning iOS Programming

In this collection of books, we will show you some of the best books written on Swift. These swift programming learning books are wealthy in information and rich in teaching. Almost all the books will teach you the basic and essential teaching of Swift. Some of the books also contain advanced level studies by which you can develop apps and even games using teaching and your innovations. We hope you will soon become a pro after getting the touch of these books.

1. Beginning Swift Programming

As a newbie to Swift programming, Beginning Swift Programming is a good choice. There is a nice and meaningful introduction to the language at the beginning of the book. You can come to know about the basics of different things like Basic Operation. The book also highlights the flow of control and looping. There is a good ending to the book where it has kept a session to exercise your learning with answers to those.    

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Swift
  • Data Types
  • Strings and Characteristics
  • Basic Operators
  • Functions 
  • Collections
  • Control Flow and Looping
  • Structures and Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Closure
  • Protocols and Delegates
  • Genetics 
  • Exercise Answers

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2. Beginning Swift

Beginning Swift is a great swift book where different portions are categorically and systematically stated. It contains the basics of swift with structures, data types, etc. After that, the book discusses operations and control flow, mentioning loops and branching. Variables, data types, and more.

The operation and flow control are elaborated with operators, branching, and loops. You can also come to know about collections with arrays, sets, and dictionaries. Finally, you can know about function types, function methods, and lazy operations. 

Table of Contents

  • Swift Basics
    • Swift Program Structure
    • Swift Variable Constants
    • Swift Data Types
    • Enums
  • Swift Operators and Control Flow
    • Swift Operators
    • Branching
    • Loops
    • Summary
  • Functions, Classes, and Structures
    • Functions
    • Error Handling
    • Object-Oriented Features
  • Collections
    • Arrays
    • Sets
    • Dictionaries
  • Strings
    • String Fundamentals
    • Using Strings
    • Substring
  • Functional Programming and Lazy Operations
    • Function Type
    • Function Methods
    • Lazy Operations
    • Swift Code

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3. Game Development with Swift

Swift is a powerful programming language. Games produced by this language are also outstanding if you utilize the language properly. Here is the book that discusses how to create games with swift language. The designing, snapping, and executing of games are given in the book to the point.

Different important features, including the views, camera, and actions, are well discussed. The book will not only teach you the way to design; instead, you will see a future of games in this swift book.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Designing Games with Swift
  • Chapter 2: Sprites, Camera, Actions
  • Chapter 3: Mix in the Physics
  • Chapter 4: Adding Controls
  • Chapter 5: Spawning Enemies, Coins, and Power-ups
  • Chapter 6: Generating a Never-Ending World
  • Chapter 7: Implementing collision Events
  • Chapter 8: Polishing to a Shine- HUD, Parallax Backgrounds, Particles, and More.
  • Chapter 9: Adding Menus and Sounds
  • Chapter 10: Integrating with the Games Center
  • Chapter 11: Ship It! Preparing for the App Store and Publication

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4. iOS 12 App Development with Swift

Swift book is the language that makes iOS, and here is the perfect swift book to develop iOS 12 using swift. The book introduces the joining procedure to the developer world. You can get a guide to Xcode and get introduced to playgrounds based on Xcode 10.

Like other swift books, you will get flow control, operators, and expressions, and basics that you need while developing an app. After reading the book, you will come to know how to detect, remove, and solve any error.

Table of Contents

  • Start Here
  • Joining the Apple Developer Program
  • Installing Xcode 10 and the iOS 12 SDK
  • A Guided Tour of Xcode 10
  • An Introduction to Xcode 10 Playgrounds
  • Swift Data Types, Constants, and Variables
  • Swift Operators and Expression
  • Swift Flow Control
  • The Swift Switch Statement
  • An Overview of Swift 4 Functions, Methods, and Closures
  • The Basics of Object-Oriented Programming in Swift
  • An Introduction to Swift Subclassing and Extensions
  • Working with Array and Dictionary in Swift
  • Understanding Error handling in Swift 4
  • The iOS 12 Application and Development Architecture
  • Creating an Interactive iOS 12 App

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5. Learning Swift

This swift book has decorated the entire contents in an essential, extended, and advanced way. The basic Swift was discussed with the introduction to swift and object-oriented development. You can work with documents in macOS once you read the book. Different works of iCloud are well discussed in this book. Finally, you will get ideas and teachings about watchOS apps and the distribution of code managing their quality.

Table of Contents

  • Part I: Swift Basics
    • Getting Started
    • The basics of Swift
    • Swift for Object-Oriented App Development
  • Part II: A macOS App
    • Setting Up the macOS Notes App
    • Working with Documents on Mac OS
    • User Interfaces and iCloud
  • Part III: An iOS App
    • Setting gUp the iOS Notes App
    • Working with Files in iCloud
    • Working with Documents on iOS
    • Working with Files and File Types
    • Images and Deletion
    • Polishing the iOS App
  • Part IV: Extending Your Apps
    • Building a watchOS App
    • Code Quality and Distribution

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6. Learn Swift Programming by Examples

Once you start learning something, you search for examples that work as aids to accelerate your learning. Learn Swift Programming by Examples is the best book to help you learn programming in this manner. The book mentioned different projects, tutorials, and methods. There is an excellent way to learn to program by rhythm and exercise. Finally, different printout procedures like diamond shapes in different forms are well mentioned here.

Table of Contents

  • Xcode
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Swift Projects in Xcode
  • Swift Tutorials
  • Rhythm for Working on the Exercise
  • Common Errors
  • Interactive Swift
  • Print out Triangles
  • Print out a Half Diamont
  • Print out Diamond Shape
  • Print Big Diamont, Name you Size
  • Exercise

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7. Swift for Beginners

The beginners will be amazed by the learning procedure of this book. The book has a well-covered introduction about Swift. Firstly the book will teach you the basics of Swift, and then gradually, the development process will be discussed.

You can learn how to take control, the process of formalizing by using the protocols and extensions. In the development section, the process of making an app, working with Xcode, and the process of taking swift in mobile is discussed. 

Table of Contents

  • Section I: The Basics
    • Chapter1: Introducing Swift
    • Chapter 2:Working with Collections
    • Chapter 3: Taking Control
    • Chapter 4: Writing Functions and Closures
    • Chapter 5: Organizing with Classes and Structures
    • Chapter 6: Formalizing with Protocols and Extensions
  • Developing with Swift
    • Chapter 7: Working with Xcode
    • Chapter 8: Making a Better App
    • Chapter 9: Going Mobile with Swift
    • Chapter 10: Advancing Ahead

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8. The Future of iOS Development: Evaluating the Swift Programming Language

The Future of iOS Development: Evaluating the Swift Programming Language is a good standard book to get in-depth of swift programming. At the very outset, the book introduces the reader to the details of the language. The book evaluates Swift by speed, feature, safety, etc. Finally, the book makes a discussion about its evaluation. 

Table of Contents

  • Background
    • Language Details
    • Previous Work in Language Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Swift
    • Speed
    • Feature Set
    • Safety 
    • Swift Draw
  • Discussions
  • Conclusions

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9. The Swift Developer’s Cookbook

The Swift Developer’s Cookbook is the ultimate guide to modern Swift. By reading this book, you will come to learn the printing and mirroring options and different protocols. The book also discusses errors and genetics. The book is enough to contain all recipes for the development programming using Swift. 

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to Modern Swift
  • Printing and Mirroring
  • Optional
  • Closures and Functions
  • Genetics and Protocols
  • Errors
  • Types
  • Miscellany

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10. Swift Apprentice: Beginning Programming with Swift

Swift Apprentice is the final swift book in our list where the gradual teaching of Swift is discussed. The teaching starts with the basics of Swift and then expands with different expressions, variables, controls, functions, options, etc. Different methods, classes, advanced classes, structures are included in the book for the building purpose of self types by the readers. Besides, the book contains different advanced-level studies.

Table of Contents

  • Section I: Swift Basics
    • Chapter 1: Expressions, Variable & Constants
    • Chapter 2: Types and Operations
    • Chapter 3: Basic Control Flow
    • Chapter 4: Advanced Control Flow
    • Chapter 5: Functions
    • Chapter 6: Optionals
  • Section II: Collection Types
    • Chapter 7: Arrays, Directories & Sets
    • Chapter 8: Collection Iteration with Closures
    • Chapter 9: Strings
  • Section III: Building Your Own Types
    • Chapter 10: Structures
    • Chapter 11: Properties
    • Chapter 12: Methods
    • Chapter 13: Classes
    • Chapter 14: Advanced Classes
    • Chapter 15: Enumerations
    • Chapter 16: Protocols
    • Chapter 17: Generics
  • Section IV: Advanced Topics
    • Chapter 18: Access Control & Code Organization
    • Chapter 19: Custom Operations, Subscripts & Keypaths
    • Chapter 20: Pattern Matching
    • Chapter 21: Error Handling
    • Chapter 22: Encoding & Decoding Types
    • Chapter 23: Asynchronous Closures & Memory Management
    • Chapter 24: Value Types & Value Semantics
    • Chapter 25: Protocol-Oriented Programming 

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The Ending Thoughts

The above-mentioned books are the best swift books available online. We tried to gather and present the books that cover all necessary and essential things a reader may search for. If you do not get any of the things you are looking for in any book, it is more likely and obvious that you will get that in other books. However, if you have any good suggestions regarding these books or any other book, please let us know by commenting below.

Finally, we do request you to share our effort and let everyone know about the Swift programming books. If you have any idea on how to improve our collections and work, please allow us to know. We believe in your support to improve our efforts. 

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