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10 Best PhpStorm Themes and Color Schemes

There’s no doubt that Phpstorm is by far the best IDE for PHP language with framework support. However, IDEs can get rather dull to work with sometimes or may lack the necessary optimization. The solution for that is to browse through Phpstorm themes and activate the one you like best.

IntelliJ, Phpstorm and Webstorm are all Jetbrains products. They are all integrated development environments compatible with different languages. However, having the same parent company, IntelliJ-based templates are usable as Phpstorm and Webstorm themes. That said, our focus remains on Phpstorm only today – so let’s explore the options it has in store.

Best PhpStorm Themes and Color Schemes

There are plenty of Phpstorm themes on the market to last you a lifetime, but it isn’t possible to use all of them when your main focus isn’t on the IDE but rather its functionalities. So, if you are looking for your perfect Phpstorm theme, keep reading as we talk about the ten best we know of right below.

1. Roboticket Light

Phpstorm themes - Roboticket LightFirst, we have the Roboticket Light theme by author Kirill Nesmeyanov on GitHub. As the name suggests, the theme is in light mode. However, the light-colored background isn’t too harsh on the eyes, and the rest of the theme makes up for it with low-contrasting hues. As seen on the screenshot, the theme is rather soothing to look at, so it’s great for those who work long hours on Phpstorm.

Theme Highlights

  • It has an underwater-style color for warnings and errors that don’t make the users anxious.
  • The theme is easy to set up, so it doesn’t take a long while and doesn’t hinder your workflow right from the beginning.
  • Although the theme overrides font settings, the ones that come with the theme are entirely stable and stylish and can also be disabled if the user does not like them.

2. Material

Material theme for PhpstormThe Material theme is a user favorite among Phpstorm and Webstorm themes. It has over 1.2 million downloads and an active development team that constantly fixes issues whenever one is found. Although many are pissed about needing premium access for configurations which is about $60 annually, it’s still in high demand due to its stunning color schemes and smooth features.

Theme Highlights

  • The theme comes with animation while switching tabs which is a fun touch between serious work hours that many praises.
  • One can specify color schemes in the custom themes section of the IDE.
  • It comes with a ton of widgets that you can use as shortcuts along with a current project widget.

3. Xcode Dark

Xcode inspired theme for Jetbrains IDEsXcode is an IDE for iOS devices and works on a ton of different programming languages. That said, if you recently migrated to Phpstorm for your PHP projects, you can experience the Xcode feel by simply playing around with your Phpstorm theme setting and installing the Xcode Dark theme. So let’s take a look at the features that the theme has to offer to determine if this is the one for you, shall we?

Theme Highlights

  • The theme is great for those who want a neat-looking interface in dark mode.
  • It is cross-platform, so one can use the theme on any of their devices, be it Windows, Linux, or MacOS.
  • With this theme, one can also customize the colors for fields as per their needs.

4. Twitch Dark

Twitch inspired theme for Jetbrains IDEsTwitch is a streaming platform that is popular among the gaming community. That said, many are fans of the platform’s dark yet mesmerizing theme. In that regard, Twitch Dark can be found as a Phpstorm theme even though it isn’t an exact version of it.

In fact, it is the Visual Studio Dark theme with modifications to make it look as close to the Twitch theme as possible. So if you are a fan of the platform, you can give this one a try.

Theme Highlights

  • One can customize the default background and foreground colors, adding to the theme’s flexibility.
  • Grey-colored panels put less stress on the eyes so that you can work long hours.
  • You can get remarkable and fast support on any issues from the author dedicated by reaching out to them.

5. Dracula Darker

Phpstorm themes - Dracula DarkerDracula is a famous fictional character from Bram Stroker’s famous novel about vampires. That said, the Dracula theme pays tribute to that character by having a palette similar to the vampire aesthetic. However, Dracula’s Darker theme is a modified version of it with a slightly different take on the color scheme. If you have a gothic side to you, we highly recommend this theme for your Phpstorm IDE.

Theme Highlights

  • Unlike the original Dracula theme, this theme has more contrast to it. So, it has sharper visuals which is better looking.
  • It is soothing to the eyes and does not put much strain on them, so you can work without tiring easily.
  • Blue highlights in git-log rows are more distinguishable compared to the original Dracula theme.

6. Hiberbee

Phpstorm themes -HiberbeeIf you loved Monokai Pro, you would surely love Hiberbee to be a part of your Phpstorm themes collection. While the theme is much different compared to Monokai Pro, you can easily notice that Hiberbee authors have taken inspiration from it. That said, there are also some similarities to the default MacOS color schemes. So let’s explore some other features of the theme that specifies the benefits of choosing it.

Theme Highlights

  • The theme has well-balanced contrasting colors that give it enhanced readability without being harsh on the eyes. 
  • One can choose their own colors for specific code elements and highlights.
  • You can also choose foreground and background colors according to your needs.

7. Cute Pink Light

Cute pink theme for phpstormThere are very few Phpstorm themes that satisfy the urge to use girly colors and aesthetics for everything. Although such color schemes aren’t tasteful to everyone, there are still people who like such things. So, we recommend this Cute Pink Light theme to theme, which has over 15K downloads and 4.7 out of 5-star ratings. If you are interested in the theme, let’s take a look at its popular aspects below. 

Theme Highlights

  • The baby pink side panels with the white background don’t put much pressure on the eye as you work.
  • Your syntax highlights and fonts don’t change with the theme so that you can recognize them easily.
  • As it’s still a new theme, users can get excellent support from the author if they come across any issues.

8. Gerry Themes

Gerry themes for phpstormThe Gerry themes we are talking about now are a collection of three themes – Gerry Violet, Gerry Oceanic, and Gerry Storm. If you love dark Phpstorm themes but not pitch-black backgrounds, Gerry themes are the perfect one for you. It has well-balanced colors, smooth performance, and cross-platform compatibility. You can run it on any device, such as Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Theme Highlights

  • The syntax highlights have high contrasts, and the buttons are outlined so you can notice them easily.
  • One can easily read codes due to the well-balanced color schemes and fonts.
  • It uses the Unicode approach, so there’s nothing to be confused about after you activate the theme.

9. Visual Studio Code Dark Plus

VsCode Dark+ theme for Jetbrains IDEsVisual Studio has a unique outlook that one can recognize at a single glance. The Visual Studio theme has a ton of features that make it one of the most sought-after templates. That said, Visual Studio Code Dark Plus is also one of the best Phpstorm themes out there – however, it is a modified version of Visual Studio’s dark mode that comes with better functionalities, as seen below.

Theme Highlights

  • The charcoal-shaded background gives the IDE a neat look that focuses the most on the code editor itself.
  • Even though the texts are low-contrast, the well-balanced colors make them sharp to read.
  • You can customize highlights for certain code elements and warnings as per your liking.

10. Dark Purple

Phpstorm themes- dark purpleThe Dark Purple theme works towards those who wish for a dark theme with a blueish hue but one that doesn’t scream blue. That said, the dark purple theme sets the contrast to the perfect value and also gives your codes a neat and sharp-looking outlook. Its primary tones consist of purples, pinks, and yellows that set the coding mood quite well, as it uses shades that are exactly opposite on the color wheel.

Theme Highlights

  • White-space brightness is lower, so your focus remains on coding only.
  • You can increase or decrease color brightness for caret rows as per your needs.
  • The syntax highlights can be customized with the desired color so that you easily notice them.

Parting Words

The Phpstorm themes we talked about just showed a small glimpse of how versatile templates can be. Choosing the correct theme for your IDE is essential to keep it up and running. You must also be aware of how secure the themes are so that your codes remain safe.

If you loved the themes and found your perfect ones, try them out. But make sure to read the theme reviews and get the version compatible with your Phpstorm version. Leave us feedback if you liked reading this. Thank you!

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