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The 10 Best Raspberry Pi Stores Available in the Market

Raspberry Pi is the most discussed single-board computer nowadays, which is highly applied in the development of IoT. It was made to make computing more accessible, and we can say it succeeded quite thoroughly. Now, with the emerging importance of the Pi, more and more people are getting interested in buying it and looking for the finest and authentic Raspberry Pi Stores around them. If you are one of them, let’s say you have reached the best place to get your answer!

Authentic Raspberry Pi Stores

The use of Raspberry Pi is increasing day by day, so is the need for Pi related accessories and components. Now, you can’t just get them from anywhere. The products must be of good quality and compatible with your work. Also, not all of the stores are authentic; you might get scammed. In this article, we have listed the 10 best and authentic Raspberry Pi stores available in the market globally.

Raspberry Pi store


1. The Pi Hut

The Pi Hut’s Raspberry Pi superstore started its journey in 2012 with selling SD cards only. Since then, they have been upgrading gradually and finally reached this point where they are regarded as #1 Raspberry Pi Store. You will find all the latest and finest Raspberry Pi accessories and add-ons.

Besides their excellent quality products, they offer fast and caring customer service. Moreover, their website provides a Raspberry Pi compatibility checker on each of the product’s page that allows you to know which product fit well with which Pi model.


The second Raspberry Pi store in our list is Pimoroni LTD, a UK based electronics company. They are known to be the country’s largest Adafruit reseller along with being the makers of the Raspberry Pi Pibow case. Since 2012, Pimoroni has been manufacturing as well as reselling a number of electronics and other related products. They have a whole category for raspberry pi products.

If you are looking for the best quality with advanced features, look into Pimoroni. Moreover, they provide special access to custom Raspberry Pi classroom packages at discounts for education-related customers. If you are a Pi enthusiast, make sure to check out their Raspberry Pi blogs section. You will be amazed by their collections!


The American Raspberry Pi shop, a.k.a, is known to be the largest Raspberry Pi products suppliers in North America. Their special Pi kits with pre-downloaded software and other accessories for several DIY Raspberry projects have attracted a lot of Pi hobbyists till now. With this company, you will get the best quality at a very affordable price that too within your reach.

Besides the store, they work with educational institutions, commercial projects, and libraries to help develop the Pi community. You can be totally assured that they are the most authentic and high-quality Raspberry Pi store available in the USA.

4. Adafruit

Adafruit Industries is a US-based open-source hardware company that has been designing, producing, and selling electronics products, accessories, tools, and other components since 2005. Besides selling their own manufactured items, they are also a well-known supplier for Raspberry Pi boards and components.

They provide a great range of microcontroller boards with the most up to date features at an affordable price. However, they don’t have good customer service. You can also find a number of educational resources in their site, including tutorials, videos, and blogs on programming and technology.

5. Pi Supply

The Pi supply manufactures some advanced Raspberry Pi accessories as well as resells other items related to the Pi from across the globe. This company is one of the best Raspberry Pi stores that ensure high quality and advanced featured products to the Pi community. You can expect quite a fast delivery along with excellent customer service within your reach. Also, they provide educational and hobby electronics items to Pi enthusiasts.

6. Newark Element 14

This Chicago based company, Newark Element 14, is well known for the Raspberry Pi accessories distributor, mainly in North America and some parts of South America. They are an operating brand of one of the largest distributors in electronic products, Premier Farnell.

You can find the latest and most updated technology and engineering products from their store. Moreover, their site is a perfect place for engineers and enthusiasts to connect through a variety of helpful tools and technical information. Check this store if you want high-quality Raspberry Pi components.

7. CanaKit

This Raspberry Pi Store is one of the oldest electronics components distributor companies in the industry. CanaKit has been a top reseller of Raspberry Pi accessories and other electronics products throughout North America for 20 years. With top-notch customer service as well as excellent delivery time, this company has been nailing being an electronics supplier. You can find all the new arrivals and improved items at a very reasonable price on their site.

8. Vilros

You can find many products and accessories related to Raspberry Pi and Arduino in this Raspberry Pi store. Also, starter kits, transistors, boards, resistors, wires, robotics hardware, and many more electronics items are sold by Vilros. This company supports the STEM education system quite intensely.

Moreover, their manufactured products are highly compatible with STEM education and make learning programs more fun and easier. However, don’t hope to get an offer or discount even if you are somehow related to education. Their website has a whole section on Raspberry Pi products, and you will find the best and most upgraded items there.

9. Okdo

Owned by Electrocomponents, the Okdo is a tech company whose products are based on SBC’s like Raspberry Pi and IoT. Their exceptional combination of software and development services have managed to attract and inspire a lot of Pi enthusiasts till now. Their project ideas are great for beginners and entrepreneurs.

You can find the world’s best and latest technology products, services, and inventions available in their store. They have a whole Raspberry Pi category called “Pi shop.” Get all the advanced featured items from the Pi shop with excellent customer service.

10. SB Components

SB Components is a UK based single board computer manufacturers run by a whole team of tech hobbyists who are working to supply high quality and top-notch products to everyone possible. Their items are not only strong but also very functional and stylish. Since the beginning, Raspberry pi cases have been their top sold product.

You can also find other necessary Pi components resold by them. Though they started with building Raspberry Pi for STEM education, they have enlarged their store and now one of the biggest raspberry Pi stores available in the world.

Finally, Insights

So, here goes the top 10 best and authentic Raspberry Pi stores available in the market according to our research. All of these stores offer the finest and high-quality products with the most advanced features you can find. The best thing about these companies is, even if they accidentally send you wrong or defected products, their top-notch customer service will help you to get justice with it. You can assuredly order any product from them without worrying about authenticity.

We really hope that this article has helped you with your search for an authentic Raspberry Pi store. Don’t forget to mention your opinions in our comment section!

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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