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Top 10 Best Open Source Linux Email Client Software

With the verge of mobile technology and web interface, the necessity of the desktop environment does not seem losing its appeal. There are many users who want to have desktop native email programs for easy offline use, get the benefit of the vast range of plugins, business mandate or personal preference, see calendar and address book, meeting security needs, etc. There are many options available outside for you to choose a free and open-source best Linux email client where most of them support cross-platform.

Free and Open Source Linux Email Client

In this roundup, I will share a generic list of Best Email Client for Linux with you. For clarification, the features mentioned here are all collected from their respective official site and all the not included especially the basic ones. Moreover, this list is not any specific order so to choose the best one, you can check the features and tools it offers and selects the desired one that meets the requirement most.

1. Mailspring – Faster and Open Source Email Client

Mailspring is an open-source and cross-platform email client for Linux, Windows, macOS. It’s based on open web technologies with electron, flux and reacts. Mailspring is faster and demands less RAM and system resources. Its user interface is compact, modern and slick.

Mailspring - Faster and Open Source Email Client
Mailspring – Faster and Open Source Email Client

There are many features available in this Linux mail client including a unified inbox, multiple accounts, a lot of themes and layout, shortcut, privacy and security, mail merge, contact management, etc.

Download Mailspring

2. Geary Email Client

Install Geary Email client on Ubuntu-1

Geary is another lightweight Thunderbird email client alternative email client available in the market. Geary is a lighter, faster and modern looking simple user interface Linux mail client. It has come from Gnome project like “evolution email client” and best suited for Gnome desktop environment.

Download Geary

3. Thunderbird – Open Source Email Client

I believe you know about the Mozilla Foundation and its Firefox browser which is lighting fast and patron of open-source software. Thunderbird is an amazing open-source and faster Linux email client from the same development house of Firefox. It’s a cross-platform, faster, modern web email technologies for using email services.

Thunderbird - Open Source Email Client
Thunderbird – Open Source Email Client

Thunderbird is an older but one of the popular and best email client program for Linux available out there. Out of all the common features, it has some notable tools and features worth mentioning chat integration, contacts management, smart folder, large file management, etc.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird

4. Claws Mail

Claws Mail - A GTK+ Based Free Email Client for Linux

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based free email client for Linux. It’s one of the lightweight fast email clients for all the major OS platforms including Linux, Unix, Windows, macOS and so on. It provides filtering, external editor support, threaded display, and various MH folder.

Download Claws Mail

5. KMail Email Client

KMail Email Client

KMail email client is the integrated part of Kontact – users personal information manager developed for KDE desktop environment. Besides all other standard features, it has lot more tools to offer you, worth mentioning solid integration with the Kontact component, powerful search, and filter option, PGP and S/MIME encryption – security and privacy tools, strong spam filters, secure logins and spell checking, etc.

Download KMail

6. Evolution Linux Email Client

Evolution Linux Email Client
Evolution Linux Email Client

Evolution is one of the oldest and basic Linux email client and information management system with the calendar and addresses book functionality. It’s a Gnome project and offers some basic Linux mail server functionality including contact management, task manager, calendar integration, notes, plugins, junk mail filter, etc.

Download Evolution

7. Sylpheed- Email Program

Sylpheed is a free and open-source, simple, a lightweight email client for all the major OS including Linux, Windows, macOS and Unix-like operating systems. This Linux email client is suitable for both new and power users. It provides an intuitive user interface and designed for the keyboard-oriented task.

Download Sylpheed

8. Zimbra Desktop – Enterprise Level Email Program

Zimbra Desktop - Enterprise Level Email Program
Zimbra Desktop – Enterprise Level Email Program

Zimbra Desktop is an enterprise-level full-fledged email client for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It’s an open-source free all in one email program for all your accounts. Zimbra Desktop sync all your emails into the cloud and local system for offline access. This email client sync emails, calendar, notes, and contacts.

Download Zimbra Desktop

9. SeaMonkey – Free Email Program

SeaMonkey is an all in one internet software suite developed by Mozilla. SeaMonkey is a web browser, advanced email and newsgroup feed client. It also offers HTML editor, IRC chat integration, web development tools, etc. SeaMonkey uses Mozilla code and considered as powerful as Firefox and Thunderbird email client.

Download SeaMonkey

10. Mutt – A Text-based Linux email client

Mutt - A Text-based Linux email client
Mutt – A Text-based email client

Unlike any other Linux email client described above, Mutt is a different one and a lightweight text-based email client for Linux. It’s simple and supports various OS like Linux, macOS, and Unix based system. As a newbie, you may find it a bit difficult but it offers some great features like support for PGP and MIME, key bindings and macros, etc.

Download Mutt

Which Email Client Gets The Crown?

It’s a wrong question that which one is the best? Because it totally depends on the users need. Each one has a set of admirable features and tools that are going to attract a group of specific users. Although, Thunderbird or Geary can be used for personal as it’s very fast, lightweight and provides a balanced performance. And for a team or company, Hiri can be a good choice.

Resource Link: Best Linux Software: Our Editorial List of Essential Linux Apps

Do you use any Email Program on Linux or use a web browser? Did I miss any great Linux Email Client in this list? Let us know in the comment section about any missing piece of diamond and share your experience.


  1. Claws Mail is NOT very good at all. I installed it on my Linux Mint system, and to begin with, the “Spam” button is greyed out (non-functional). So, looking at creating filters to filter out spam: 1) you can only create one rule; 2) when you create that rule, it doesn’t run automatically…not even on the spam message you created it for. You have to run it manually. I’m trying to replace Thunderbird, which, to keep the extensions I use every day, I have to keep an old version, before Mozilla decided that nobody needs those (some heavilly-used by many users) extensions anyways, and removed support for all of them. Well, Claws Mail is not that replacement. Still looking.

  2. Consider RE-Alpine for Linux/Unix, a fork from the Alpine 2.01 last issued from U of Washington years ago when Mark Crispin (creator of the IMAP server) was still with us. It is available via Source Forge ( as version 2.03, to build and compile as you wish, open source for sure.
    Yet there is a deb(easy Debian installer version) offering still out there of 2.02-3.1; safe, quick, works well, fast text email, no nonsense, I use it. I use no other.
    Another fork exists from another developer, status now unknown but it shows up in some Ubuntu packages as v2.21. I use Synaptic to lock it out. I know RE-Alpine works safely. Beware of counterfeits.

  3. Mailspring forces you to create a so-called Mailspring ID, which is a no-no for anybody who is concerned about privacy and confidentiality.

  4. Having tried Hiri, I cannot recommend it. It would not successfully connect to my Office 365 business account. While working with support, I received one email. Repeated follow up emails from me went unanswered.

  5. You left out Roundcube, but instead included Hiri in a list of “Free and open source e-mailed clients”, well at least you didn’t think “Outlook” would be a nice addition…

    • Though Hiri is not open source, still it’s worth to mention here because of the versatile list of features it offers. Yes, Roundcube is a free and open source webmail client, not desktop-based Linux email client. Outlook is a baby of Microsoft and doesn’t support Linux as usual.

      • It is not open source, thus it does not belong in a list of “free and open source” software. And come on, who in his right mind would use Office 364?

        • You are absolutely right that it’s not open source and free. Moreover, I am getting a bad review for this Linux email client Hiri. Soon I am going to replace it with another one which is effective, easy to use and free. Thanks for your suggestion.


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