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The 50 Best AI and Machine Learning Blogs Curated for AI Enthusiasts

If you are an AI and ML enthusiast, you will enjoy going through the list of artificial intelligence and machine learning blogs we have listed. They all show how Artificial Intelligence is taking over the computing world slowly but surely. We see it impact different industries worldwide. Healthcare, Human Resources, Marketing, and Manufacturing industries have shown progress with AI and ML in various forms. AI helps with automation increasing the efficiency and accuracy in manual work by replacing it with robots or sophisticated AI and ML software.

Best AI and Machine Learning Blogs

Machine Learning is seen as a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Nonetheless, machine learning’s ability to implement complex mathematical algorithms to big data has been a recent development. We will see a new trend in the implementation of recurring neural networks for forecasting and time series analysis. Read on further if you want to know which artificial intelligence and machine learning blogs will give you more of such intriguing updates.

1. Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery Blog is owned by Dr. Jason Brownlee, who is a developer specialized in Artificial Intelligence. This machine learning blog is a great resource for beginners in machine learning. You can start with the cheat sheet for beginners and take on from there on your journey to becoming an expert at artificial intelligence and machine learning. The blog is super helpful in terms of guidelines on how to start and proceed, enriching your knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Brownlee also offers paid ebooks and courses. Blogs are dedicated to different topics ranging from Deep learning to probability. If you are interested in jumping straight into learning from Dr. Brownlee or on your own, “Getting Started” is the section for you which has a step by step guideline for you.

2. OpenAI

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence blog owned by a San Francisco based research laboratory with a mission to add value to humanity with the advent of AI. They have a dedicated company Charter for people to know how the company functions.

Blogs dedicated to various AI specialization topics that the readers will find intriguing. Resources help engineers learn deep reinforcement learning and have useful tools and platforms to use while learning. Progress is a section dedicated to their research paper releases.

3. ChatBot’s Life

ChatBotsLife is a one-stop spot for everything related to AI. The website is focused on helping its audience build and grow their business based on AI by sharing news, information, and tutorials concentrated in bots and AI. For learners, this artificial intelligence blog acts as a great place to learn how to implement AI in design, business, and expand knowledge in bots.

They’ll help you to start a project with an efficient chatbot. Take advantage of their employment section, where you will find jobs specialized in AI. You can use their tutorials and tools to grow your expertise in bots and AI.

AITrends is focused on AI in the enterprise. They cover the major areas of AI, including predictive analytics, deep learning, big data, cognitive computing, machine learning, cloud, and more. This AI blog is specifically useful for businesses who want to stay on top of everything that AI is coming up with to enhance how businesses operate.

They have webinars that you can attend, and in case you have missed the old ones, you can view them in their archived webinar library. They also host an annual event emphasizing on the business and technology of AI in the enterprise called AI World.

5. Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence is a blog for experienced coders who would like to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning. The blog has tutorials and has links to journals for those interested in the academic aspect of machine learning. The author, Dr. Michael J. (Mike) Watts, has over 70 publications in the field of computational intelligence and holds a Ph.D. for his topic Evolving Connectionist Systems.

6. Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) is dedicated to ensuring we all understand the positive impact of AI replacing human intelligence in most aspects of life. They have newsletters that you can subscribe to or go to the website to check out what latest conversations have happened and with whom or read their research on pressing AI developments.

7. IBM artificial intelligence solutions | IBM

IBM Artificial Intelligence needs no introduction. They have a commendable team of professionals who have worked in multiple industries over the years. In their artificial intelligence and machine learning blog, you will find solutions to issues that you might have faced as an engineer while coding and be sure to have a reliable community to talk to.

8. Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

Berkeley’s blog dedicated to AI is a great platform, especially for the university’s AI researchers, as they can share perspectives, updates, and findings in one place. Luckily, it is open to the general audience for them to easily keep up with the latest AI developments and findings of the researchers.

9. Great Learning

My Great Learning is an ed-tech company that teaches Design Thinking, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python programming language, Cyber Security, and many more for you to explore. In their Artificial Intelligence blog, you will get a complete guide on what is new in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and other trending topics in the industry. They have ebooks and guidelines for beginners in their machine learning blog.

10. Artificial Solutions: Conversational AI Platform for Enterprise

Artificial Solutions is a blog dedicated to understanding conversational AI (Natural Language Interaction) in order to enable enterprises to delve deep into consumer behavior and thought processes. Since this AI technology lets people communicate with applications and electronic devices using speech, text, touch, or gesture, it lets companies have insight on how best they can leverage this to their benefit.

11. ParallelDots – Image Recognition to Optimize Retail Execution

ParallelDots blog is owned by an applied AI research group. They want to transform the world by making AI easily accessible to the general mass using conversational AI, text analysis, deep learning, AI, etc. They have a dedicated section to image recognition in their artificial intelligence blog, which they update based on current events worldwide. 

12. Lex Fridman

Lex FridMan is a researcher for human-centered AI, autonomous vehicles, and deep learning at MIT. His blog is a one-stop site for ways to listen to his podcast. He brings in people who specialize in deep learning, robotics, AGI, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, economics, physics, mathematics, and more. These discussions will help you broaden your understanding of the big picture of AI at current times.

13. AI Time Journal

AI Time Journal, like others, is aimed to share information and knowledge about the advancements, new developments, and opportunities that have come to existence through Artificial Intelligence. They have sectioned the site based on interviews and a particular segment on AI in educational institutions. Their main goal is to promote Artificial Intelligence initiatives and organizations so that people are equipped with the right knowledge and the tools to drive change and have an impact through AI.

14. Inbenta – Artificial Intelligence | Enterprise Search | Chatbots

Inbenta is a company that is focused on cloud-based, AI-powered Natural Language Search for Customer Support Ticketing and E-commerce. It also supports Chatbots and Knowledge Management. The blog is a repository of information on AI trivia, such as how Robots came into being to case studies on why machine learning cannot be a good substitute for Natural Language Processing.

15. MarkTechPost

Marktech Post blog has a dedicated section on free resources for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other programming arenas along with tutorials. Interviews of known contributors to the industry act as a valuable insight to learners in AI. You will also find interesting freelancing tips to break into the profession.

16. Algorithmia – Deploy AI at Scale

Algorithmia is a blog where you will find the introductory posts on how AI works, deep dives, and tech rundowns on AI and machine learning. “How machine learning helps improve fraud detection” is one of its latest blogs that you can check out to get a feel of their expertise.

17. The Spectator – Shakir’s Machine Learning Blog

The Spectator is owned by a  researcher in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Shaker’s aim is to dive into computational science, machine learning, and statistics, as a single field. Therefore shows the interdisciplinary nature of the field of machine learning research while exploring its diverse themes and topics. 

18. Artificially Intelligent Claire

Artificially Intelligent Claire has stemmed from the personal journey of Claire, who realized AI to be a less talked about subject, especially for people like herself who got introduced to coding at a later stage in life. Claire is dedicated to helping newbies with her resources to enable fast learning of the frameworks of AI engineering. She has a community for people to meet like-minded engineers. She is open to giving career tips on how to break into AI jobs and develop new skills continuously. It’s a great blog for beginners who need the extra push.

19. AIIoT Talk – Future of Tech – Artificial Intelligence | IoT | Robotics

AIIoT is a reliable source for AI’s contribution to current events, as shown in their latest article, AI contribution to education in the midst of the latest COVID19 outbreak. This blog is informative on Robotics, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and other technology news. They also offer guest posts so if you are a writer or an AI enthusiast, go ahead and submit your write up to them.

20. Google AI Blog

Google AI Blog is your destination to know all you want to know about the latest cutting edge technology that Google team has come forth within artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here you will find all that Google is working from their products to open sources to ensure the benefits of AI are accessible to the world.

21. TechSpective – A Unique Perspective on Technology

TechSpective is a blog for you to keep up with breaking news in the technology world. Information is conveyed to ensure value is added to your life, and you can be assured for it to be relevant. This blog has feature stories along with in-depth reporting and product reviews with their own perspective on the trends.

22. Artificial Lawyer – Changing The Business of Law

Artificial Lawyer is dedicated to everyone in the legal sector looking for ways to automate manual work or just passionate about transforming the sector with technology. You can come here to find all the new advancements that have come to being related to legal tech tool kits. The team is focused on AI doc review, smart contracts, legal bots, process automation, and workflow tools.

23. MassTLC

Mass Leadership Technology Council is one of the most powerful and largest associations in Massachusetts. One of its core principles is to contribute to the growth and innovation of the technology industry by collaborating with entrepreneurs and companies, along with researchers. The blog speaks of STEM initiatives, leadership, and innovations in the tech ecosystem of Massachusetts.

24. Machine Learnings

Machine Learnings blog based in San Francisco, California, United States is here to shed light on how AI will affect the way we live and work with a lasting positive impact. This blog stands out with its section dedicated to all the non-technical people out there, so they have a fair chance to start their journey into AI and be well prepared for the future. 

25. Marek Rosa – dev blog

Marek Rosa, CEO of GoodAI, an AI with a mission to build an AI software program that will enable automatic cognitive processes in science, technology, business, and other fields. His blog is heavily focused on space engineering and anything that he is currently working on.

Marek conducts daily research and devotes a lot of his time to the development of recursive self-improvement based general AI architecture, and you can see its reflection from time to time in his blog. Those of you interested in space engineering will be thrilled with the information he has to share.

26. – Your Science Assistant

Iris AI blog is a great resource for learners. The blog is heavily student-focused. Even though the Iris team is committed to solving everyday problems to have an impact on the lives of people they are also known for their academia tools which are available at a premium price and for free too alongside a section dedicated to AI and chemistry combined to help researchers quickly go through millions of documents looking for the relevant data that they are in search for.

27. Singularity Weblog: A Better Future, Better You

Singularity Weblog has a unique take on blogging. The team provokes its readers with tough questions so that everyone is forced to think about the impact of AI and technology. The conversations in the blog are very different as they bring attention to films, scientific developments, and any other relevant news stories. They publish podcast interviews with film-makers, writers, and scientists; all focused on AI and technology.

28. LunaticAI – Artificial Intelligence Blog

LunaticAILunatic Artificial Intelligence explores Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning uniquely to help students and researchers. They have curated lists of the latest books and other valuable resources. Moreover, you can tweet to them requesting for them any information, and they will get back to you with your answers. 

29. Robot Writers AI

Robot Writers AI aims to bring forward knowledge on automation done in writing with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Joe Dysart is a technical journalist with 20 years under his belt. He focuses his writing on how efficient AI has been in reviving journalism and making it a useful tool in news interviews too.

30. ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news

ScienceDaily has over 500 topics covering 12 main sections on subjects such as business, education, biological science, physical science, and technology. Blogs are updated on these diverse topics from scientific journals, research organizations, and universities.

31. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services

AWS blog is all about what Amazon has come up with recently. The blog highlights its customers using their AI and machine learning tools to enhance their productivity. AWS is always there when you need the latest scoop on Robotics, IoT, Business combined with technology. This blog highlights new launches, news, innovation, and much more from Amazon Web Services.

32. Unbabel | Seamless Multilingual Support

Unbabel is dedicated to helping businesses grow with technology. Therefore, it is natural to expect their blog to focus on helping everyone understand emerging technology better to improve their life and business. IT touches upon AI conversational bots, annotators, and many such aspects of AI that are often a mystery to the common people. Interestingly, they also have podcasts for people to listen to and save time on reading.


CTOVision is catered to the needs of the business leaders today. If you are an aspiring business leader, this will be the best guide for you to navigate through the world of technology and business. Their newsletter has information on the latest AI summits as well. You will have to be a paid member. Sometimes, good things come at a price, and this is one of those.

34. Pete Warden’s Blog

Pete Warden’s blog is owned by the CTO of Jetpac Inc. Pete is also the author of The Public Data Handbook and The Big Data Glossary for O’Reilly. He has also built OpenHeatMap and the Data Science Toolkit, and other open-source projects. For AI engineers looking for coding tips to get that TensorFlow Lite .cc data array to convert into a file on disk or tips on how to stop smart sensors from spying on people, Pete’s blog is the place to be.

35. Blog – Baidu Research

Baidu is a Chinese technology company specialized in AI and IoT. If you are interested to know what the Chinese tech giant is up to then head to their blog and check out the latest updates on their products and services such as WaveFlow: A Compact Flow-Based Model for Raw Audio which marks their milestone in the text to speech audio synthesis research at Baidu.

36. Enkode Technologies

Enkode believes in empowering everyone with knowledge, which is why their blog is built on this core value of sharing their learnings with everyone. Here, you will find pieces on education material, tech news, and descriptive technology for software development implementing the latest technology and innovative solutions.

37. Ineo Global Mobility

Ineo has experts in AI and machine learning who are veterans in their field. The blog is helping those who are keen to understand how robotic process automation combined with AI can do for businesses. Predicting Footwear Demand, 3-5 Seasons in Advance is one such example of how they developed an AI model to help the production of footwear.

38. DeepMind

DeepMind research and build safe AI systems that learn how to solve problems and advance scientific discovery for all. They are known for their positive impact. DeepMind wants to develop programs that can learn to problem solve without having any human to teach the AI. That’s called pushing innovative boundaries!  Using AI to predict retinal disease progression gives you a glimpse of the dedication the team has towards its mission.

39. Rainbird AI

Rainbird AI is a UK and Norwegian based company that has the goal to help businesses build a model of their expertise as a knowledge map that describes the key decisive factors and, when required, links them to sources that need to be assessed. In the end, the model can be queried by anyone in the company via a chat interface or any software the program is integrated to.

We’re all faced with cognitive bias – but we don’t have to be bound by it explains how AI can help businesses benefit from AI-powered automation to reduce cognitive biases in an effective decision-making process.

40. Avanade Insights Blog | Avanade

Avanade’s AI Blog focuses on the ongoing issues with AI and how best to build frameworks that are reliable and helps transform industries and the way they function. Since Avanade delivers projects worldwide, they have the upper hand of knowing the insights of what the driving forces of business are at present and tailor innovative solutions accordingly.

41. Datumbox: Machine Learning Platform

DatumBox is Vasilis Vryniotis’s personal blog on machine learning and software development. He has created the Datumbox Machine Learning Framework, which is an open-source framework written in Java. Vasilis is a data scientist with a knack for SEO, as he has also cofounded WebSEOAnalytics.

42. Learn Machine Learning, AI With HackerStreak

Hackerstreak lets you explore everything that is artificial intelligence and trending while explaining in depth what it brings to the table. For instance, in the article YOLO Object Detection: Understanding the You Only Look Once Paper, the author explains in-depth the working of YOLO. For people who are new to it, You only look once (YOLO) is a state-of-the-art, real-time object detection system. Read on more on their website to learn.

43. Vianai Systems

Vianai Systems combines design thinking with artificial intelligence in efforts to transform the next generation AI solutions and approaches within all industries worldwide. The Ceo Vishal Sikka’s interview in Wharton’s Knowledge page is in itself a testament to the company’s contribution. 

44. Swivl – Video Observations that Strengthen and Inform Teachers

Swivl combines the beauty of artificial intelligence with solutions for revolutionizing customer success teams effort. AI in businesses – a piece from their blog sheds light on what AI can do for customer success teams with conversational AI bots and much more.

45. KocharTech

KocharTech is an artificial intelligence and machine learning tech company that is keen on providing Business Process Management solutions along with other innovative solutions involving IoT and knowledge management for enterprises. Setting New Rules for Business is a piece from their blog, which explains how they incorporated technology with changing times and needs to keep the business running despite challenges.

46. EDIA

Edia is a blog for everything AI, and it emphasizes the role of artificial intelligence in the future of edtech institutions, universities, and education publishers.  The artificial intelligence blog explains how publishers can shift to digital content, given the rise of information technology and e-readers.

47. AISummer | Learn Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AISummer is the blog you need to keep up with if you are a Machine Learning Expert, a Data Scientist, or a technology enthusiast who wants to stay updated on the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence. They try their best to help you understand how and why Artificial Intelligence is going to play a crucial part in the future. The blog has free courses for beginners, too, along with free materials to use.

48. USM Business Systems

USM Systems is focused on the role of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in application development. The blog highlights the different industries ’ levels of adaptation of AI and ML, be it retail, finance, healthcare, or travel.

49. Artificial Intelligence Computing Leadership from NVIDIA

NVIDIA is an AI computing company that has transformed the gaming world with advanced gaming processing units. Over the years, it has made its mark for producing chips for vehicles and mobile computing. The blog will keep you posted on the impactful developments of AI and machine learning.

50. TOPBOTS | Applied AI For Business

TOPBOTS is for all the business leaders and enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for the next big thing. This blog highlights all the latest tricks and trends businesses can use to leverage the power of AI and move to the next level. You can subscribe to their newsletter so you can get the new articles delivered to your inbox.

Finally, Insight

“Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It is really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.”
—Sebastian Thrun, 2013.

In the coming days, Artificial Intelligence will prove to be more profound than any other aspect of technology. The blogs listed here have been handpicked based on the value each provides. It’s time to upgrade our knowledge and skills to be the best version of ourselves.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.


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