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Top 20 Most Innovative AI and Machine Learning Companies Till Today

For the time being, machine learning is such a buzzword that you may have frequently heard every single day in this techno world. It is considered as the most emerging trend. Currently, almost all organizations are using machine learning algorithms to make their business functions effective and efficient. As the same way, Artificial intelligence and machine learning companies try to deliver a robust service to their customers by using machine learning as their prominent business principle. Generally, machine learning and artificial intelligence companies used this technique for integrating multiple sources of data or a vast amount of data, data security, real-world applications, prediction, cloud operations, etc.

Innovative Machine Learning Companies

In recent years, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the most significant technological trends. Below we are narrating 20 most innovative AI and machine learning companies. These companies use the power of machine learning to introduce new and exciting features of the technology.

1. Mezzanine.ai


Mezzanine.ai is one of the innovative machine learning and top AI companies whose purpose is to combine single point integration and automated orchestration in a thread. This company explores a modern way of business to have interaction with machine learning. They evaluate data securely and profoundly with their pre-trained machine learning models in a wizard-driven orchestration, sophisticated, and automated platform.

The Company Focuses on

  • It’s a SaaS hosted platform.
  • Mezzanine.ai focuses on bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to a business without the necessity of AI or ML knowledge or data scientist.
  • Their vision is to democratize machine learning for businesses.
  • Multiple machine learning models may run in parallel to provide a vast amount of result.

2. Intellias

IntelliasThe company, Intellias, is a Ukrainian based software development company. The prominent focus of this company on Automotive, Fin Tech, and Location-Based Services. This company is announced as Ukraine’s top IT employer (DOU.ua). Also, it has been listed as Global Outsourcing 100 List in 2018 and acknowledged by Inc. Moreover, it awarded by GSK UK Awards.

The Company Focuses on

  • This machine learning and Artificial intelligence company provides automatic software and also location-based solutions.
  • They work for Tier 1 and OEM vendors who are from Germany, Japan, the UK, and South Korea.
  • It offers advanced technologies such as blockchain, big data, data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Intellias works with location-based technology for business.
  • This company works for startup and established technology companies to enhance their software engineering capability.

3. CyberInt

CyberIntOne of the significant features of this top AI company is to detect a threat, protect the organization, and promote any digital business. Generally, they provide an end-to-end real-time online protection mSOC, threat hunting, in-depth investigations, and real-time incident response. Their cyber intelligence and protection specialist is based on automatic and machine learning techniques.

The Company Focuses on

  • CyberInt offers intelligent and innovative solutions to cyber threats which are faced in online business.
  • Forrester has acknowledged it as a provider of an advanced DRP solution.
  • They provide a real-time, automatic, robust response, and valid alerts against threat using their modern research and technology.
  • Their resource is enriched with whitepapers, case studies, and premium contents.

4. OneAD

Another one of the leading innovative company is OneAD. It’s a video add operator, an innovator and a leader of a MediaTech that integrates three points in a single thread they are MediaTech, AdTech, and DataTech. They are exploring new media products consistently. This company not only provides high-end ad format products with the programmatic buy but also state of the art data tools for the advertisers.

The Company Focuses on

  • OneAd started its journey as a MediaTech company whose purpose is to provide the video ad formats.
  • This top AI company is a video ad provider in Taiwan and works with various renowned international DSP like DV360, Adobe.
  • Acts as an ad exchanger in a partnership like Google, Adex, Ucfunnel, Spotx.
  • It works with multiple media partners and can capture 3rd party data in real-time.
  • The mission of this company is to offer an ad solution with data strategies.

5. National Injection Services

national injection services

National Injection Services is one of the leading company which uses machine learning for providing unique solutions to the competitive problems of big data and cloud computing. The purpose of this company is to provide facilities for maintaining infrastructure, migrating to the cloud, and guiding the clients to use the latest technology. Moreover, they show the door of digital transformation world.

The Company Focuses on

  • The main focus of this company does not only to integrate data but also turn them into valuable insights.
  • It offers big data and cloud solutions to develop a company through digitization.
  • They fix the toughest problem and predict the future.
  • Using machine learning and predictive analytics techniques, they explore enterprises with an increment of ROI.

6. CredoLab

CredoLabCredoLab is another topmost innovative fin-tech companies using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve financial inclusion and access for consumers and small or startup businesses.  They make a partnership with banks, finance companies, and other retail lenders. They achieved an award of Most Innovative Company in Machine Learning 2019. Also, they listed as top 5 “Race to the Top” Fintech Company 2019.

The Company Focuses on

  • To improve the standard business that has no access to mainstream financial services is their primary focus.
  • Using the power of smartphone technology, they have made a significant change to financial access.
  • The motto of CredoLab company is fair finance for all.
  • It harnesses the power of predictive analytics to deliver real-time credit risk management tools.

7. HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies

HEALTH[at]SCALEHEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies is one of the top 10 most innovating machine learning companies of today’s world, according to Analytics Insight Magazine. It was established in 2015 to develop precision delivery to precision medicine. The team of this company consists of a group of machine learning expertise and clinical faculty out of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and U-Michigan.

The Company Focuses on

  • The objective is to improve the healthcare system by providing the appropriate treatments to the target patients at the right times and minimize the medical cost.
  • The vision of this company is to use machine intelligence for precision care delivery.
  • They integrate fundamental advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning for prediction.
  • HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies team try to improve outcomes, reduce cost, enhance satisfaction, and overall improve productivity.

8. AlgoFace

AlgoFaceThe innovative company AlgoFace uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to augment reality for retailers and customers for both smartphone users and web browsers. This fantastic company harnesses the power of cosmetic industry. It helps cosmetic brands to build AR makeup. This AR makeup able to track and analyze the movement of human face correctly and virtually show how a makeup product looks on them.

The Company Focuses on

  • Developing AI-driven AR, AlgoFace has created a benchmark in the world of beauty and cosmetics industry.
  • Facial Landmark Tracking SDK able to track and detect the natural movement of human face precisely and robustly.
  • Virtual Makeup Try-on delivers great AR experience for cosmetics shoppers.
  • Facial Attribute Analyzer SDK can classify human face sophisticated attributes accurately.

9. Algolux

AlgoluxThe company, Algolux, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve imaging and computer vision systems through autonomous vision. This leading company was listed as one of the top 10 innovative companies in today’s world, according to Analytics Insight. The goal of this company is not only to improve system performance and vehicle safety but also reduce program risk.

The Company Focuses on

  • Their research team works on computational imaging, artificial intelligence, and robotics.
  • Their technology partners are SONY, RENESAS, ARM, etc.
  • Algolux focuses on computer vision and machine learning.
  • Their markets cover multiple industries, autonomous vehicles, autonomous robots, ADAS, and video surveillance.

10. Brodmann17


Another top 10 most innovating machine learning and AI companies available out there, according to Analytics Insight Magazine, is Brodmann17. It was founded in 2016. In the team of Broadmann17, six researchers work on deep learning for edge devices. This elegant company brings a revolutionary breakthrough in neural network technology.

The Company Focuses on

  • Bringing a true edge solution in deep-Learning vision software for embedded devices.
  • Brodmann17 builds artificial visual intelligence, which helps devices to cope up with the environment in real-time.
  • Design deep neural network algorithms for automotive applications where these applications are enriched with AI to process objects and instances.
  • The mission of Brodmann17 is to explore the benefits of deep learning vision in front of the world.

11. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic YieldAccording to Analytics Insight Magazine, this technology company named Dynamic Yield is one of the leading innovative machine learning company in today’s world. It was founded by Liad Agmon and Omri Mendellvich in 2011. The purpose of this machine learning company is to bring correct personalization from vision to reality. It serves around 300 brands around the world.

The Company Focuses on

  • Dynamic Yield provides robust data management.
  • They focus on personalization to improve customer experience.
  • They can personalize email, dynamic advertising, mobile personalization, segmentation, and many more.
  • It offers A/B testing and optimization.

12. Dotphoton

DotPhotonDotphoton is one of the most innovative artificial intelligence company. This company uses machine learning to provide an image compression solution. It offers interchangeability in image data and also enhances the speed of development and imagery. The vision of this company is to explore innovative image technologies. This company is listed as Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2018 as a finalist.

The Company Focuses on

  • Dotphoton provides standalone software.
  • It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for image compression without changing image quality.
  • Using patented technology, they reduce raw image size. Instead of reducing the size up to 10 times, Dotphoton can preserve all image information.
  • The team of Dotphoton works on machine vision.

13. Smadex


The company, Smadex, uses advanced machine learning technology to drive awareness, consumer engagement, and sales. Smadex builds stronger and industry-leading DSP. It’s an office located in Spain and the UK. Data scientist and engineers lead this company. They are working with agencies and direct clients across the world.

The Company Focuses on

  • One of the best mobile-first programmatic resolution for branding and performance marketers.
  • Smadex offers a powerful technology-based platform with programmatic features and advanced machine learning algorithms to address a challenge.
  • With the third party platforms, Smadex provides innovative solutions.
  • Their open platform can easily plug and play with the external partners.

14. SoundHound

soundhoundSoundHound is outlined as one of the most innovative companies in machine learning in today’s world. It uses machine learning techniques for developing voice recognition system, natural language understanding, and sound recognition. Their mission and vision is houndify everything. The goal of this company is to transform sound into an understandable and meaningful feature.

The Company Focuses on

  • The latest product of this machine learning company, Hound, uses their Speech-to-MeaningTM technology and brings a breakthrough in smartphone experience.
  • SoundHound applies its technology to music. That’s why people quickly discover and share music.
  • SounHound also helps to find out the name of the song, which is stuck on your mind.
  • The Houndify platform explores revolutionary meaning from the sound and integrates the voice and intelligence.

15. AntWorks

AntworksThis company is another mentionable innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence company. AntWorks uses machine learning techniques for extracting insight from data. It introduces new possibilities for data automation, digitization, and enterprise intelligence. Also, this company offers several tools, i.e., RPA. Their vision is to be one of the most admired and respected organizations by following the philosophy of fresh, fearless, and fast.

The Company Focuses on

  • AntWorks mission is to harness the power of artificial intelligence.
  • It’s a global artificial intelligence and intelligent company. Their platform ANTstein™ can interpret with any data type.
  • This company empowers enterprises with precise insights through integrated and intelligent technology.
  • For providing effective and efficient service to the clients, they have a partnership with leading system integrators and business process freelancers.

16. Scaled Inference

Scaled InferenceWith the belief that every company can utilize the power of artificial intelligence for optimization of business process, this machine learning company started its journey. Scaled Inference is outlined as one of the top 10 most innovative machine learning companies, according to Analytics Insight. Their purpose is to make artificial intelligence accessible for professionals.

The Company Focuses on

  • Scaled Inference applies its automatic optimization platform for promoting business.
  • Their next-generation optimization platform is Amp.ai. This platform is easy to set up and efficient to use.
  • The optimization platform applies machine learning technology to deliver the best service to the customer.
  • Amp.ai uses smart client libraries, big data pipelines, real-time analytics, reinforcement learning for optimization, and intelligent orchestration.

17. Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical VisionZebra Medical Vision image is a leading AI, machine learning and image analytics company. Their goal is to deliver automatic and precise medical image diagnosis. As the demand for medical image analysis services is increasing day by day, and also there is a lacking of qualified radiologists compared to patients. So, with this aim, they provide advanced tools for radiologists to bring advancement in healthcare.

The Company Focuses on

  • It offers AI1, which helps help providers handle workload effortlessly.
  • Zebra Medical Vision launched its revolutionary product, Profound. This product helps to get a user instant medical image analytics in real-time using the web.
  • This company provides a wide range of AI products for radiologists.
  • Uses a proprietary database of a vast amount of imaging scans.
  • It applies machine learning and deep learning tools to develop software that able to analyze data in real-time.

18. Zimperium


Machine learning technology makes an enterprise technology scale-able and secure. The company, Zimperium, works for mobile device security. This company is also listed as the topmost innovative artificial intelligence company. Also, this company is FedRAMP Authorized. FedRAMP acknowledges that this company can fulfill the security, authorization, and monitoring requirements which are necessary for federal agency solutions.

The Company Focuses on

  • Zimperium uses machine learning techniques for protecting mobile data from network attacks and phishing or malicious app.
  • This company detects cyber-attacks and turns mobile device threats to an advantage.
  • zPlatform allows customers to identify and prevent mobile threats.
  • It’s a global company with numerous customers. It has a partnership with several leading technology companies, i.e., Softbank Group, Deutsche Telekom, and so forth.


prismaAnother most innovative AI and ML company is PRISMA. This mobile technology company works on deep learning. This company brings a revolutionary breakthrough in mobile photography and video creation using neural networking, deep learning, and computer vision techniques. They aim to create a modern approach to express users emotions through a camera.

The Company Focuses on

  • This machine learning company transform the raw image into an artistic vision.
  • They work for cutting edge technology and top-notch user experience.
  • PRISMA develops the future of photo and video editing.
  • They awarded as the Best app of 2016, GOOGLE PLAY.

20. Statice


The innovative company, Statice, builds individual privacy technologies. They work with sensitive data without any loss of data quality. It explores potentiality from data. They help a company to open its data safe and securely to external parties and sources. Also, this company builds unique business cases. The mission of this company is to solve business problems effectively and ultimately improve the product development process.

The Company Focuses on

  • Statice offers data-driven collaboration among companies.
  • Helps to unlock hidden insights from data.
  • The vision of this machine learning company is to deliver cutting edge privacy for data-driven technologies.
  • Develops data privacy tools to protect customers.

Ending Thoughts

Today, there is no doubt that machine learning and artificial intelligence makes our life more comfortable and automatic. Moreover, it gives us some unimaginable things through its magical touch. It has taken years after years to achieve this beauty. However, still, we have to go a far way. All top most innovative companies using machine learning and artificial intelligence to explore new features and trends to provide better facility and service to the customers. Also, they always do a technical competition to make themselves technically enriched.

If you are a beginner in this field, you can check out our previous machine learning related article that is about machine learning dataset. It might help you to boost up your machine learning and AI skill and also enhance your machine learning interest. If you have any suggestion or query, please leave a comment in our comment section. Also, if you like this article, you can share it with your friends and family via social media.


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