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10 Best AI Headshot Generators for Professional Photos

As we know, first impressions are very important, especially for job seekers. Many recruiters judge based on your LinkedIn photo. That’s why a perfect headshot photo is so essential. But I know that we all struggle to have a suitable headshot photo, and mostly, we fail. But fear not; we’re here to introduce you to a game-changer: the best AI headshot generators.

These advanced AI tools use computer smarts to craft your ideal profile picture. Whether you’re a pro gamer, a social media enthusiast, or simply want a photo for your CV, these generators have got your back. So, you no longer need a fancy photographer or endless editing. Just let AI work its charm and discover how to make your online persona pop!

What is An AI Headshot Generator?

An AI headshot generator is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to create realistic-looking headshot photos. It will ask you for some of your existing images or descriptions and generate a new image of your face. These tools can make photos for use in profiles, avatars, or other online representations.

These advanced AI headshot generators use complex algorithms to combine and modify features, like hairstyle, facial expressions, and skin tone, to produce unique and visually appealing portraits. So, if you want custom images quickly without a professional photographer or extensive editing, These tools are your must-have.

Best AI Headshot Generators to Enhance Your Online Presence

I’m not sure how you will take it, but most workable AI headshot generators are not free. Just as you need to pay the photographers and editors, you have to pay for these tools to get professional-grade photos.

So, when you have to pay, you should be extra careful while choosing the right tool. There is always a chance to invest in a wrong tool that actually does nothing good. However, don’t worry. Here are the 10 best AI generators that will never disappoint you.

1. AirBrush


Let’s start with Airbrush AI Headshot. It is a professional photo service that utilizes AI tech to create top-notch headshots. It’s a particular tool of AirBrush, a trusted name with 7+ years of portrait editing experience and 10 million user satisfaction. Besides, using Airbrush is quick, affordable, and hassle-free.

There are more than 30 different and handy retouching tools you can choose from. Indeed, it saves time and money compared to traditional photo studios. Besides, this tool is compatible with most platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Airbrush AI Headshot uses custom AI to maintain your unique facial features. The outcome is natural and pretty satisfying. You can pick clothing and backgrounds to get the perfect look. So, it’s just perfect for professionals, job seekers, or anyone who needs a polished headshot fast.

2. Aragon AI

Aragon AI, Best AI Headshot Generators

Aragon is another smart AI headshot generator. It swiftly creates pro-quality headshots within a few minutes. This tool lets you edit and retouch your photos to bring back their perfect look. With just twelve photos, Aragon’s AI learns your unique features.

Even if you don’t use a DSLR camera when you use this AI headshot generator, I really like its DSLR-like photo graphics quality. Moreover, it has advanced data safety. They use strong encryption and have certified data providers in the USA.

So, your photos are always safe with Arone. It indeed promises not to sell your data to anyone. However, compared to most of its competitors, Arone is costly. But, one thing I can assure you is that the quality of this tool’s result won’t disappoint you.

3. Headshot pro

Headshot pro

My next pick is HeadshotPro. It is another speedy AI headshot generator that can fix your photos in the blink of an eye. It crafts lifelike headshots from your photos. You no longer need costly photo sessions for professional-grade photos. This tool simply makes more than 120 headshots per person.

It polishes them, adjusting colors, focus, and lighting. You can choose backgrounds and outfits as well. Besides, your data is safe here. They delete it in a week or instantly upon your request.

You can upload photos in formats like .jpg, .webp, .png, or .heic. This tool also works on just any platform. Also, I found it was very smooth and relatively quicker. But from my experience, I thought it should be a little bit more affordable. Otherwise, everything is more than perfect.

4. Dreamwave

Dreamwave, Best AI Headshot Generators

You can also use Dreamwave, a cutting-edge AI headshot generator. Basically, this tool is the brainchild of MIT and Google Brain experts. It makes lifelike headshots with no telltale artificial appearance. So, you will have no more fake, overly retouched, or cartoonish photos when you have Dreamwave.

It just needs 5-8 sample pictures of you to make the headshots with a quick turnaround. However, versatility is key for this tool. It offers countless styles at your disposal, and you can choose the most suitable one. Additionally, you will have complete control over your data.

This aesthetic AI headshot generator even prioritizes corporate needs and simplifies team headshots with a 30-second setup. That’s why I think it’s perfect for students, professionals, real estate agents, therapists, or anyone who wants to update their online presence.

5. Secta AI

Secta AI

Secta AI is a quick and affordable AI headshot generator that transforms regular selfies into professional headshots. It creates hundreds of impressive close-up portraits within an hour. You can have a private gallery to save and pick your favorite shots in this advanced photo editing software. You can also maintain high picture quality with lots of customizing options too.

What sets Secta AI apart is its money-back guarantee. It offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied, as long as you haven’t downloaded images. However, this tool is also suitable for teams as well. Among all the advantages, I actually like its fast, hassle-free operation the most.

Secta simply offers diverse headshots that represent your staff authentically. So, you can choose the suitable one easily. To use this tool, you don’t need to subscribe, and it complies with SOC-2 and GDPR standards. But you might find it pricey for some reasons that you may not need at all.

6. Studio Shot AI

Studio Shot AI, Best AI Headshot Generators

Looking for a quick way to make top-notch virtual headshots? Then look no further and try Studio Shot AI. It offers different photo styles that are suitable for LinkedIn, business cards, team pages, Real Estate, and executives. You can customize your photos with unlimited touch-ups until you’re happy.

StudioShot produces impressive, high-quality close-ups in minutes. So, it can replace traditional photoshoots with even better quality. With it, you can enhance your team’s image with various styles created by expert photographers and AI technology.

All images are carefully lit and detailed in this worthy AI headshot generator. Besides, this tool is safe and will not leak your photo in any way. Whether you’re looking for professional headshots or personalized avatars, StudioShot can be the most suitable solution.

7. Profile Bakery

Profile Bakery

Giving a try on Profile Bakery won’t make you regret it anyway. This splendid AI headshot generator is perfect for making any type of headshot photo. You don’t need any formalities like registrations or newsletters. You’ll also get valuable freebies like CV templates and job boards, and they keep adding more every month.

With the basic package, you get different styles and can even change backgrounds during booking. Additionally, they promise a quick 4-hour turnaround. Worried about privacy? Profile Bakery follows strict rules, deleting your data after 30 days.

However, it’s a Swiss-made solution recognized by VOX Media. You have to add 6 different pictures of you to make it work. Besides, the price is relatively affordable in comparison to most of its competitors. I’m sure that you’ll like the outcome definitely.

8. Fotor AI Headshot Generator

Fotor AI Headshot Generator

Planning for a group headshot photo? Use Fotor’s AI Headshot Generator. It creates professional team member profile photos for a strong online brand image. This advanced tool uses smart algorithms to ensure consistent and polished headshots. Whether you want a formal, casual, or artistic look, Fotor has you covered for LinkedIn and other social media.

It generates eye-catching avatars swiftly and offers various styles. Not just for existing images, Fotor’s AI generator can craft unique avatars from text descriptions using cutting-edge AI technology. And I liked this part specifically about all the features of this avatar-making tool.

However, here, you just need to describe your perfect headshot in detail. After that, Fotor brings it to life in seconds. Transitioning from text to a lifelike headshot is effortless here, and you will be surprised by the outcome.

9. Prophotos AI

Prophotos AI, Best AI Headshot Generators

My next pick is, and it creates realistic professional portraits quickly and affordably. So you can say goodbye to costly photoshoots and use this AI headshot generator to make professional-grade photos. Among all its features, the AI background removal seemed the best to me.

This tool analyzes your facial features, customizes lighting, and corrects your face to make it look like a real photo.

You only need 5-10 casual photos, and it just takes 30-45 minutes to make your high-quality headshots. You have full ownership of the images for use in professional documents or on social media. offers accuracy, speed, and affordability, with a base package starting at just $25. It’s just perfect for entrepreneurs and businesses that want to enhance their professional image without the hassle and expense of traditional photoshoots. Also, you can use it to make formal images for CVs or different social media.

10. PFP Maker

PFP Maker

Finally, it’s PFP Maker. This AI headshot generator creates professional business photos from your selfie. PFP Maker can be the best solution to enhance your online presence with polished headshots. Additionally, it is safe, and there is no chance of data leaks with this AI headshot generator.

This tool offers unique backgrounds, colors, and styles for your corporate headshots. Therefore, it ensures impactful first impressions on social media, CVs, emails, and more. It’s not just for individuals; you can create consistent, on-brand profile pictures for your whole team.

You will have over 200 styles to choose from so that you can customize your own photos in the best possible ways. PFP Maker is reliable and has served over 10 million users worldwide, generating over 500 million profile pictures. So, to elevate your digital image in an affordable price range, you can use PFP Maker for sure.

Wrapping Up

If you asked me what is the best AI headshot generator for me, I would go for Airbrush and Dreamwave. I used the first six options for myself, and for the rest, I asked for reviews from my friends who used them thoroughly. Still, I checked the features and user reviews, too, when forming the list.

However, you should go through the official links of each tool to see the results of different users by yourself. It will help you choose the right option. One more thing: please be honest when using such an advanced tool. Don’t be the cause of making someone embarrassed or harm their reputation or image in this mean way. Thank you for your time.

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