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25 Best Machine Learning Podcasts You Must Listen

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are undoubtedly the two branches of computer science that have brought a revolutionary change in the technologies we are using today. If we think ML and AI were limited at the data centers only, they could not play the significant role they are playing now after being brought to the edge. If you are a machine learning enthusiast, you may know how challenging it is to keep pace with the ins and outs frequency. There are many machine learning podcasts available out there that can help you to understand the latest updates and news in a simple, friendly manner.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Podcasts

People often get confused about which podcast should be followed and which can make their time more productive. We have tried to cover the most popular and trustworthy machine learning podcasts in this article. Follow one of these audio programs always to remain updated and one step ahead of others.

Best Machine Learning Podcasts

1. Machine learning

In this machine learning podcast, David Nishimoto shares his views on the advanced technologies of computer science – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As a result, it helps a lot grow an improved point of view on the concepts as Nishimoto has already worked for companies like Blue Cross of Idaho, GE Capital, American Express, ReviewJump, and many other well-known eCommerce companies.

Especially, handling challenging situations and how to recover from a problem is discussed in detail to boost your confidence. Even if you are very new to these branches of computer science, Machine Learning can help to make your path smoother by providing an overview of the core concepts.

If you are working as an ML developer, you can also follow this podcast to gain an in-depth understanding of topics like linear algebra, deep learning, natural language processing, tree classification, logical regression to predict, k-means clustering, neural networking, random forest, and so on.

2. Software Engineering Daily | Machine Learning

You can probably understand the target group of this machine learning podcast. It combines the concepts of machine learning and data science to drive you to become a potential player in the field of software development. The best part of this podcast is asking any question and expecting an authentic answer with the necessary information within a short time.

It started its journey back in 2015 and released at least two episodes every week. The audiences can also gain important lessons from the interviews broadcasted in the Software Engineering Daily podcast.

Although it covers a wide range of topics, it prioritizes Cloud Engineering, Business and Philosophy, Data, and Blockchain, along with machine learning & AI. You can listen to this podcast when you are sitting idle or traveling to your work to enhance your knowledge. It is specially designed to provide a better understanding and help you know how machine learning works in the development process of any software.

3. O’Reilly Data Show

This machine learning podcast discusses the overview of the latest machine learning technologies. If you want to remain updated on the ML tricks and latest additions, then this can be a very good source to follow. It was founded in May 2015, and since then, they are releasing new episodes regularly while the frequency stands at nine episodes per year.

Besides, it can be considered a trustworthy place as it has a great community on Facebook and Twitter. Alongside ML, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Big Data Implications are highly emphasized and analyzed in the O’Reilly Data Show. You can also get a lot of books to enrich your knowledge in data, business insights, and INFRAOPS as well.

They also offer a wide range of courses to earn certifications in different sectors. You can also facilitate your career by knowing how AI and ML are reshaping our life, what to do when AI fails, trending frameworks and libraries, and the practical skills required to be a successful AI developer.

4. Data Science Imposters

This podcast brings all the advanced topics of computer science under one umbrella, which include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Big data. They are available on all the popular operating systems like iOS and Android while you also listen on their web player.

It was founded in 2917 by two friends who are Jordy and Antonio. Since then, they are regularly discussing these cutting-edge technologies with their audiences. Data Science Imposters has a special place on their audience’s mind because of their explanations to make complicated things simple and easy to understand.

The hosts can easily draw your attention due to their ability to select interesting topics and blend them with the sophisticated term of machine learning for bringing light on the insights. Algorithms cover a huge part of this podcast, while you will also find discussions on the Zika virus, fake news bots, and how algorithms can be used to predict human behavior and interact better.

5. Partially Derivative

If you are a data science enthusiast, you are probably already following this show, which started with a group of people drinking beer and discussing machine learning topics. It may sound interesting, although it is the actual story behind this show. Once, it was tremendously popular among data scientists and AI engineers.

Still, due to its irregularity in releasing new episodes, it has gradually lost a considerable number of followers in recent years. This program is hosted by Jonathon Morgan, Vidya Spandana, and Chris Albon. While each of them has passed many years in machine learning and data science, you can expect to learn a lot.

Even their discussion and views on AI technologies, Machine Learning Deployments, and Data Science applications will help you to see things from a different angle, which may eventually lead to creating a new door of opportunities. You can listen to Partially Derivative on Stitcher and Apple Podcast, while a Twitter page is also available to get the updates.

6. Linear Digressions

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Data science are surely the most complex branches of computer science. Many people are interested in indulging themselves in this field or industry but often get confused about starting and where to start.

This machine learning podcast started its journey by identifying the need to present these complex things in a simple manner. People who are interested and ready to take the challenge can get an overview of the concepts.

Although all of their episodes are free and available on the website, you can listen to them on almost any platform such as iTunes, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, PodBeam App, Player FM.

Ben Jaffe and Katie Malone from Udacity discuss the most complex matters in a unique way, which makes it perfectly suitable for both beginners and the advanced group. However, Linear Digressions is a great show to make your leisure hours more productive, and you can also manage to understand certain topics.

7. Learning Machines 101

This podcast is designed to make you familiar with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which can become really complex and technical sometimes. Unlike other podcasts already mentioned above in this list, it goes deeper to unfold the strategies and theories where topics like how to reason about uncertain events using fuzzy set theory and fuzzy measure theory represent knowledge using logical rules are discussed.

Besides, it focuses on the deployment of AI and ML to make our everyday life better. The target group of audiences of this podcast is the general people, and they try to represent things in a simple and entertaining manner.

But this artificial intelligence podcast is known for sharing advanced level AI and ML topics, which makes it suitable for the students, scientists, and engineers working in these fields. Besides, Learning Machines 101 will surely enable you to discover new entry points into statistical topics of machine learning. At the same time, relevant references and readings are also supplied when required with the episode.

8. Data Skeptic

It is one of the best artificial intelligence podcasts available out there for quite a long time now. They focus not online on AI but also machine learning. Data science is highly prioritized to understand the relationship between these fields and how one will be required to make others more powerful and produce meaningful tasks.

Like other podcasts already mentioned in this list, it also offers all the episodes for free, which is available on the website. Data Skeptic started its journey back in 2014, and every year it discusses certain topics like it discussed artificial intelligence throughout the year 2018 and Natural Language Processing in 2019.

Currently, they are interviewing industry experts to bring light to Interpretability. They have also released a platform for the developers and enabled them to access the cutting-edge technologies of AI into their mobile apps, data pipelines, web apps, etc.

9. AI in Business

This is a great artificial intelligence podcast for entrepreneurs, which will help to bring disruptive innovation to boost revenue. You will be able to discover the real facts and trends that a business leader needs to emerge in this era of technology. It was founded by Daniel Faggella, who interviews the top AI and ML professionals to share their thoughts and experiences with the audiences.

Their guest comes from the tech leaders, including Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Accenture, FloodGate, Nuance, and Google DeepMind. It is currently the number one podcast in the United States, while second and third in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Trending AI applications, Generating Business Value, Implications of AI in business planning, and what the leaders are doing to become successful will be shared with its audience. AI in Business can be so helpful as you will be collecting information from the AI’s best and brightest, which sets it apart from the other podcast already mentioned in this list.

10. Talking Machines

If you are looking for a popular audio show, then Talking Machines is one of the best of its kind. This program is hosted by Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence, who discusses with an industry expert to produce insightful discussions for the audiences and answer the questions as well.

It was founded in 2015 and is continuing its journey with an ever-expanding number of followers around the world. You can visit their website to know the latest updates or podcasts while you can listen to them on almost any platform, including Art19 and Apple Podcasts.

Its host Neil is a university professor in Computational Biology and Machine Learning who loves to work with probability algorithms and focuses on deploying the technology of machine learning in every aspect of our life. You can expect all the latest information, industry news, and useful answers while a new episode is usually released every Thursday.

11. IBM Analytics Insights

If you are a beginner in the field of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence, then this program is not suitable for you. It discusses the most advanced topics of ML, AI, and deep learning, which can be quite technical, complex, and hard to understand if you are not familiar with this. Audiences can expect prominent names and leaders to share their thoughts, their own research, and projects.

Besides, you will know the trending techniques in data analytics along with their implications on various aspects. However, it brings light on machine learning primarily, but not limited. Instead, it shares thoughts and highlights topics like zone architecture and telematics and emphasizes big data and its applications as well.

IBM Analytics Insights is hosted by Al Martin, working in the AI development sector and has huge experience in ML and making data simple. You can listen to them on all the popular platforms such as Stitcher, Podtail, Apple Podcast, and so on.

12. Practical AI: Machine Learning & Data Science

This artificial intelligence podcast is hosted by Daniel and Chris. They love to discuss their views with people from a wide range of sectors, including technology professionals, business people, students, AI enthusiasts, and industry experts. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks are highly emphasized in this course and other AI technologies.

You can subscribe to get any updates while also available on all the popular platforms such as Apple, Overcast, Spotify, Android, RSS, and Email. You can expect to know about all the technologies going to be released in the coming years and how they will create a big impact on our life.

Practical AI started its journey to bring light to practical implications and how AI technologies can be accessible to everyone. They share their experience to start an AI-enabled business and the tools you can use as an AI developer. It is a great show if you want to know the advanced AI and ML algorithms.

13. This Week in Machine Learning and AI Podcast

This podcast started when the founder Sam Charrington decided to share the top stories of machine learning every week. Alongside ML, artificial intelligence is highly emphasized in this podcast. You can also find the best courses for learning ML and AI available out there and become interested in enrolling yourself.

Industry experts and persons from academia are invited to share their thoughts and experiences to share with the audience. It has already released many shows, which you will find on the website and iTunes. The episodes are organized and categorized in many areas.

If you want everything related to AI and ML under one umbrella, then the site of TWIML is going to be an exciting one for you to explore. They also have a global community consisting of machine learning, deep learning, and AI practitioners and enthusiasts. If you want to get any assistance or participate, joining the appropriate slack channel will be highly appreciated.

14. HumAIn Podcast

This machine learning podcast is hosted by David Yakobovitch, who has many years of experience as a Principal Data Scientist and Scaled Programs Trainer. Although it covers many topics, it prioritizes Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Future Scope of Work with ML and AI, and how to start your journey if you are interested in becoming a developer. Besides, it is ranked as the top 100 Global Technology podcasts in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, etc.

You can expect to listen not only to the advanced but also the most popular AI topics in this HumAIn Podcast while some of the topics are Autonomous Systems, Open AI, and Computer Vision, Conversational Agents, Automations, Human-Computer Interaction, AI-centric approach, and the best AI practices available out there. Besides, you will be guided to gain knowledge on developer tools, developer’s accessibility, trending technologies, latest frameworks and libraries, and the standards for AI as well.

15. Data Science et al

If you want to know and get updates on the most sophisticated branches of computer science under one umbrella, then this show can save a lot of time for you. This blog was founded by Sachin Panicker, and he has already got many people’s attention through his delivery of speech and the ability to explain things in a friendly manner.

It is also one of the most active machine learning and Data Science podcasts as it releases episodes frequently. This is not suitable if you are completely new to these technologies as it covers some of the most advanced topics while the complexity of the discussion can go to any level.

You can expect discussion on NLP, and ML Flows, TensorFlow or NumPy, Edge Intelligence, Probability distribution alongside the Internet of Things, Design Thinking, Quantum Computing, Robotics, and Mobile App. Although Data Science et al does not offer a website, you can listen to them on all the popular platforms.

16. AWS AI & Machine Learning Podcast

This official machine learning podcast is offered by the AWS platform and available on their website. It is hosted by the head of the solution architect Simon Elisha and the senior software engineer Nicki Stone. It was founded in 2012, and since then, this show has been releasing a new episode every week.

Already more than two hundred guests have been invited to share their knowledge and experience, along with other leading companies across the industry. If you are an AWS developer, IT professional, or working in an organization that has shifted to the AWS cloud already, then the AWS AI & Machine Learning Podcast is a perfect show for you.

You will learn all the latest tips, tools, and best use cases of AWS services to get the most out of it. Audiences can also gain information on the latest trends and developments in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless operations, open-source projects, cloud solutions, and also how to train machine learning algorithms.

17. Futurized

It is a great show concentrating on Deep Learning and releases new episodes every week. This is a relatively new podcast that brings light to trending analytics, tech policy, machine learning models, social dynamics, and artificial intelligence. It is hosted by Join Trond Arne Undheim, known for his futuristic approach towards the advanced technologies of AI, ML, and Deep Learning.

He also shares his entrepreneurial experience to let you know how one business can be benefited from AI. Besides, Futurized podcast discusses the features of blockchain, IoT, life science, and robotics, which means you can become interested in exploring the diversifying opportunities.

It also comes with necessary notes and books to help the people and enthusiasts. The host arranges interviews with the people like founders, authors, executives, and tech leaders to share their experience to relate real-world scenarios with the implications of AI technologies.

18. Deep Tech Germany

This machine learning podcast was introduced by the podcast company in Germany, previously known as IO. IO started its journey back in 2014. currently has established itself as one of the most prominent global tech podcasts around the world. Deep tech Germany is the deep tech track offered by Startuprad, and you will find the latest news of deep learning and trending features of AI in this channel.

Unlike other Germany-based podcasts, Deep Tech Germany releases everything in English to cover the maximum number of audiences worldwide. As a result, this company has been recognized all over the world, and you can definitely follow them to make your leisure hours more productive.

It covers everything related to AI and deep learning, including security aspects like DDoS attacks, loopholes, transactions, blockchain, and so on. They also release blogs regularly, live events, and you can even contact them to get the answer to the question if you have any.

19. McKinsey on AI

Mckinsey and Company offer this artificial intelligence podcast to the audience. This Company is well reputed for delivering embedded digital, analytics, and design into the work process to help organizations and enable them to get the benefits of AI. This podcast started its journey when Mckinsey wanted to share his view and opinions on AI implications in our daily life, business, and society.

If you’re going to relate AI features and real-world scenarios, then this show is for you. McKinsey on AI is a kind of podcast that discusses the government approaches to AI with the experts. Besides, you can also expect to know the trending tools, machine learning technologies, how to bring AI from the data centers to the edge, and how we can adopt AI in every aspect of our life.

Besides, IT Management, Decision Making, Deep Learning Business Technology, Data Analytics, and Neural Networks are also discussed in this miniseries on AI. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get all the updates.

20. Women in AI

Re.WORK is a prominent company in the field of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, which you can understand if you have a look at the list of their partners that include Intel, Accenture, MIT Technology Review, Silicon Valley Bank, TopBots, Capital One, and RASA.

They have started this podcast to highlight the importance of women’s participation in enabling AI services and their impact in developing society. Women in AI bring all the women together, inspiring other women and driving more people to work on AI, ML, and even deep learning.

A wide range of topics is covered, while the discussion can be much complex at times. Some of the topics that have already been covered in this channel include algorithm design, deep learning models for personalized medicine, anomaly detection, sentiment classification, Sci-fi to AI, opinion mining, iterative approach, and so on.

21. Tech Podcasts on AI/ML

It is one of the great artificial intelligence and machine learning podcasts available out there. Unlike other podcasts already mentioned in this list, it is dedicated to enabling people to learn and gain knowledge on Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Analytics.

If you want to indulge yourself with any one of these fields, start following this podcast and its content, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, anchor FM, and so on. This show is hosted by Kanth, who is eager to share his knowledge and experience so that people can take advantage of the most advanced technologies.

Tech Podcasts on AI/ML was introduced by known as the leading provider of data science and AI career transition career programs. You can expect to get exclusive tips on machine learning and data science algorithms, AI implications and applications, deep learning models, big data analytics, and Job resume writing tips for starting your career from this show.

22. Datacast

The host of this machine learning podcast James Le loves to discuss successful machine learning and artificial intelligence developers to share their stories and establish themselves in this industry. He tries to bring light to how you can build a career and follow your goal if you are interested in these advanced technologies of computer science. He also tries to cover all academic research and journals, saving a lot of time for you.

All episodes are designed to highlight the discussion with any of the experts in the Datacast show. Discussion can become complex to a great extent as it does not restrict the discussion at any point and loves to present things in detail to provide a better overview. Deep learning generalization, domain randomization in robotics, data collection for AI research, bioinformatics and natural language processing, algorithmic trading are some of the latest Datacast podcast topics.

23. Data Science in Business

It is a very special podcast dedicated to business people and marketers to understand how artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning can boost the performance of any business to a great extent. On top of that, you can follow it as a guide to complete these advanced technologies with the idea of marketing to run more effective social media campaigns, resulting in a better return on the investment and reaching the target group of customers.

You can learn about machine learning and data science technologies apart from the marketing as well, which cover the topics like the best way to learn data science, best practices of machine learning, R programming language for data science, and what are techniques can be taken to avoid any failure while implementing these higher-level technologies. Data Science in Marketing is hosted by Chris Penn, and you can expect to learn the exclusive hacks and flacks from this show.

24. Brain Inspired

This podcast tries to combine neuroscience and AI to display how they can play a bigger role together. If you wonder how these two technologies can empower each other, you must follow the Brain Inspired podcast. While AI can leverage the current brain research, neuroscience can be used to extract more information and help the work processing of the brain.

It tries to find the underlying relation between the machine and the human brain. Each episode is designed to discuss with an expert who is working at the core of these technologies. Their research and findings, the latest theories about brains and AI, are highlighted.

It is suitable for ML and data science developers to understand how neuroscience can provide more strength to their existing work process. And again, if you are a neuroscientist, you will learn how AI, ML, and deep learning can facilitate data explorations and generate hypotheses.

25. Artificial Intelligence: AI Podcast

This podcast completely focuses on artificial intelligence and brings light to the implications as well. It is hosted by Lex Fridman, and you will find a series of audios on human-computer interaction, science, and the human condition. The discussions are pretty complicated, and if you are completely new to this, then it will not be suitable for your understanding.

You can listen to them on the leading platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and RSS Feed. They have a youtube channel where you can find the videos of the discussions and interviews. At the same time, you may also be interested in following their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles to update regularly.

Alongside AI, deep learning, robotics, AGI, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, economics, physics, and mathematics are also included in their topics. You can follow the Artificial Intelligence podcast regularly to be able to discover intelligence and AI from a different perspective.

Finally, Insights

It is not easy to cover all the developments in the fields of Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. These fields have seen tremendous growth in recent years, and no matter who you are and where you are, you are undoubtedly experiencing the benefits and opportunities they have brought into our life.

Besides, any technology going to come in the future is going to inherit these for thinking cleverly, solving problems, and overcoming technical challenges. If you want to stay on top of all these developments, follow one of these machine learning podcasts to help make it easier.

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