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The 50 Best Data Science Blogs That Every Data Analyst Should Follow

Data science is a combination of various machine learning principles along with tools and algorithms to analyze raw data and conclude hidden patterns or predictions. Data science does not only provide predictive casual analytics and perspective analytics but also machine learning for making predictions and pattern discovery. With these complex and meaningful analytics, it finds the critical insights out of anything that can help to enhance the value. There are a huge number of blogs that talk about all these data science projects and helps to enlighten its users about the new technology.

Best Data Science Blogs Available Online

Data science is an evergrowing field of computer science, and it is difficult to keep pace with the trendy additions all the time. The below-mentioned blogs of data science will help you to keep updated and stay ahead in the competition.

1. Oracle AI and Data Science Blog

After acquiring back in 2018, Oracle started focusing on the utilization of Machine learning for its customers. Oracle always wanted to enable people to leverage the power of AI with the combination of big data and data analytics. This big data blog can be seen as a part of this goal as it emphasizes the impact of big data and AI on various applications of our regular life.

Besides, how we can transform the data catalog to get more insight from a business alongside the extraction of business value is discussed in Oracle AI and Data Science Blog. If you are planning to start your career in this field, you can follow this blog as you will get everything that you must understand to become a data scientist in 2020.

2. The Data Science Community

This Belgium based data science community is publishing big data-related content to minimize the gap between data science and common people since 2015. The blogs are available for free, and you will get all of them in their archives. They are intended to generate solutions for the challenges that we face in our day-to-day life through data analytics.

They are focused on educating and empowering people while the scholar and professionals are also included among their target audience. It can be seen as a bridge between academics and business as it highlights the power of big data and the value it can add to any business. NGO  workers, business leaders, data enthusiasts, university professors, and also Ph.D. students share their skills and experiences through this blog.

3. Foxy Data Science

This ad-free modern data science blog is maintained by Dr. Zacharias Voulgar, who has experience of working with Microsoft. He started this blog to help and inspire people who love to think out of the box by enlightening them with the door of opportunities that AI can open. It discusses the quality and creativity that one should have to shine in this field.

If you are a beginner and want to know how data can become influential information, then you can follow this blog. Foxy Data Science is designed to meet the requirements of all education levels. Although the frequency of this big data blog may vary from five to six months, it comes with innovative ideas, articles, case studies, stories, and anything related to the data science field.

4. Appsilon Data Science Blog

Leading engineers power this big data blog. They have the common goal of serving people through the implications of data science and its applications in every aspect of any organization. Appsilon Data Science Blog is focused on delivering innovative solutions for the business so that they can take the benefits of big data and machine learning to meet the business objectives and gain revenue as well.

The best part of the blog is they are always up to date. They pick the latest trends or problems and apply their knowledge to discuss a possible solution. Besides, if you are an entrepreneur and looking to build an AI model for your business, you can have a look at their video tutorials and graphical representation of large data sets.

5. DSI Analytics – Data Science Insights

This big data blog is arranged by David Stephenson, who has already served top listed universities. He loves to share his experience and knowledge that he has collected throughout his life while working for tech giants and leading companies like eBay, Adidas, Coolblue, Axel Springer, Randstad Group, ABN Amro, and so on. He also loves to share many articles so that businesses can identify their needs and take action accordingly.

DSI Analytics gives data strategies the most priority so that businesses can create new opportunities and offer better products to meet the demand of their potential customers. The author has a mindset to help businesses by creating new ways to handle the massive amount of data and extract value out of it. You can follow this blog to get practical knowledge, advice, and explanations of various topics in this field.

6. Becoming A Data Scientist

Probably, you can already guess the contents of this blog by reading the name. Yes, it portrays the career path of becoming a successful data engineer. Starting from the basics, it highlights all the essential topics you must learn to get a job and become a certified data professional. You will also find podcasts on their website that you can listen to make your leisure hours more productive.

You will get all the important articles and tutorials under one umbrella. Becoming A Data Scientist also discusses the data science books that one must read to increase knowledge. It is arranged by Renee M. P. Teate, who is currently working to build a data science learning directory known as She loves to share her experience and goals and also highlight the mathematical part like linear algebra, calculus, matrices, and statistics required for data analytics.

7. DataRobot | Machine Learning Software

This is one of the best platforms when it comes to learning machine learning techniques and led by industry leaders and engineers. DataRobot is designed to empower and help data scientists of all levels. It discusses everything you need to know in ML-like predictive modeling, automated time series, and so on. You will also get information on deploying learning models faster and generating cost-effective solutions.

Unlike other big data blogs in this list, this one takes machine learning to the next level by discussing the opportunity it can create in industries like the financial market, manufacturing, agriculture, retailer, robotic process automation, fintech, and public sectors as well. You can follow this blog to gain knowledge on tabular data, deep learning, automated AI, visual AI, and techniques to reduce the hardware and infrastructure costs.

8. Data Science Consulting LLC

This big data blog is hosted by a company based in Florida and delivers solutions for the companies. They have a reputation for serving intelligent technologies and incorporating data science techniques to derive solutions. They maintain this blog to help students prepare themselves for this competitive job sector. If you have a plan to start your career in this field, Data Science Consulting LLC can be an ideal guideline for you.

This blog distributes the contents in four categories that include analytics, SaaS, marketing, and a dedicated category to highlight the difference between ML, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, and Statistics. You may also be interested in exploring the projects they are showcasing on their website. Get an opportunity to use existing data sets and discover hidden patterns for predictive analysis.

9. AnalytiXon

If you are looking for a blog that covers all the branches of data science, then this is one of the best data science blogs available out there. It helps you to explore the diversifying opportunities that can be created and applied to the existing industry for adding value. It also displays the career path of becoming a powerful candidate in this field as well.

AnalytiXon takes NLP, text and data mining, R programming language, statistical and soft computing seriously to enable its audience to take strategic discussions. Business analytics, Econometrics, Visualization, and knowledge discovery are also part of their topic. They release at least eleven blogs per week and have been maintaining them since 2013. They are helpful, and in case there is confusion, you can ask them by reaching out to their email.

10. Springboard

This data science blog is powered by Springboard, and you can expect the top-notch quality from this. The representation of this blog is lucrative and ready to draw the attention of any reader.  They try to keep things simple and close to general data science concepts. It delivers data scientist’s experience and stories so that you can make faster decisions.

Springboard love to share the latest activities and researches conducted by the scientists through this blog and bring light on the latest additions to this field of computer science. This site is updated regularly with new topics and contents. If you are looking to build a career in deep learning or AI, you can follow this blog to get career tips and guidance as well.

11. Data Science at NIH

This is one of the most popular data science blogs available out there. It is developed by the national health institute of Bethesda, who has been working on using data science for advanced research. You will also get a brief description of how data science is fueling the bio-medical technologies to provide better healthcare.

Data Science at NIH gets many visitors every year as they stand at the 21st position in the Alexa website ranking, which proves its authentication and reliability. The frequency of this blog is thirty posts per year. It focuses on the data sources and how we can collect trustworthy datasets for overcoming the problems of outliers or suspicious data. Alongside organizational data structures, security, management of intellectual properties are also discussed.

12. Socrates Data Science Blog

This is a great data science-based blog that covers everything; then, you need to become a hero from zero in this industry of big data. The author of this blog is Socrates Krishnamurthy, who has already worked in many governments, private, and corporate projects. He discusses the problems he has faced and how he overcame them to reach the goal of this blog site.

You will get all the tips and tricks that can help to face the challenges in this field. Besides, essential tools to facilitate any big data project will be discussed so that you can grow interested in participating in the data science competitions. Socrates Data Science Blog brings light on topics like K-means clustering, cross-validation techniques, data permutation, machine learning models, Feature Engineering, Feature Extraction, and Feature Selection as well.

13. ERDataDoc

Randy Thompson has arranged this blog to minimize the gap between healthcare providers and data science. ERDataDoc works as a bridge between the physicians and big data so that the improvement of organizational dynamics and faster development can be achieved. He talks about healthcare analytics and how a medical organization can be benefited if they employ data scientists.

Predictive monitoring is the main topic of this blog. It tries to emphasize the power of data that can be used to monitor a patient’s current situation and predict the future that is going to happen with the patient. The best part of this blog is it identifies a problem that can be easily overcome if we can incorporate data science techniques like predictive algorithms and behavior analysis to the existing system and infrastructure.

14. Data Science Unicorn

This blog of data science holds everything you need to know in this field and progress your career by enhancing knowledge. Besides, it comes with data science articles, podcasts, news, and the latest trends that are required to keep you up to date. The frequency of this blog is four posts per quarter while they also maintain an official Facebook fan page to maintain communication with the readers.

Data Science Unicorn has a separate section for R programming language and Python, while machine learning and statistical techniques are also given priority. Besides, interesting and real-life topics like predicting stock market prices, risk analysis, NLP, chatbots, text classification, web scraping, and visualization. You can also enroll in the recommended data science course mentioned on their website.

15. Data Science, Database, Tools and QA Learning’s

It can be referred to as one of the most trustworthy data science blogs available out there. Primarily, it started its journey for delivering knowledge on SQL databases, but later they have advanced to any branch data science has to offer. Have a look into this blog to explore some SQL tips, QA free tools, developer notes, performance testing, and so on.

The author requests to discuss if you have any questions related to Data Science, Databases, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Training, and Strategic Decisions. Data Science, Database, Tools, and QA Learning’s has established itself as a learning platform and become reliable for any data science related resources. Besides, readers can gain industry-level knowledge as you will find how to develop, deploy, and monitor large scale solutions in the supply chain or production.

16. No Free Hunch (Kaggle)

It is powered by google’s community for machine learning learners and data science enthusiasts known as Kaggle. You will get news of all the upcoming events and Kaggle Interviews & Highlights as well. Being the official community from Google, this blog site contains the largest number of tutorials and industry news to keep its readers and followers up to date and keep pace with the ever-growing big data technologies.

You can explore the projects added by the contributors and members of this community to generate innovative ideas and make strategic decisions as well. If you are a developer, you can also add your project to get comments from the experts and other developers. No Free Hunch will help a lot to improve the performance of the prototype even further. If you are a data lover and want to build a network, then this is the blog you must follow.

17. KD Nuggets

First of all, it should be mentioned that this blog is not for beginners. Even if you have covered the fundamentals and really dive into the advanced topics still, this blog is not suitable for you. Instead, It is dedicated to data science professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge in AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

To be at the top, you should always remain focused on enlightening yourself with the latest trends, and this blog will definitely help you with this. You will get all the news, insights, and industry leader’s opinions in this one-stop-shop. KD Nuggets also provides data sets for different industries and portrays learning opportunities as well. You will also find webinars by professionals from companies like  IBM, Intel, and Deloitte on their website.

18. Revolution Analytics

Revolution blog started its journey back in 2008, and now it is maintained by the tech giant Microsoft. R programming language is one of the most important tools used for data analytics, and this blog covers all the news and information related to this powerful tool. It can be referred to as the most updated data science blog as it posts new content on every working day.

Only the industry-leading authors can write for this blog site, and you can always expect the best. You will get courses, beginner tips, developer tips, advanced tips, open-source packages, and so on. Besides, Revolution Analytics can redirect you to the popular R sites, while there is a list of recommended sites that you may visit at least for once to enhance your knowledge in R.

19. DataKind

Jake Porway is the founder of this big data blog who shares his vision through this site. We already know the power of data analytics, and this blog helps us to create new opportunities using the same data-centric approaches that have been used by many industries all these years. DataKind allows people to submit projects for evaluation and improve performance by applying the advised techniques.

This company is focused on harnessing data science to serve humanity. They are intended to generate sustainable and efficient solutions for existing problems through data science algorithms and strategic approaches. They are showcasing more than a hundred data science projects to inspire people to indulge themselves in the field and design disruptive innovations. The frequency they maintain is  1-2 posts per week.

20. Probably Overthinking It

The author of this data science podcast is Allen Downey, who is serving Olin College as a professor. He is available on twitter and open to any question. He maintains communication with his readers and tries to solve any problem by discussing it with them. He has captured many readers’ attention by presenting interesting ideas and career tips.

Probably Overthinking It is really attractive, and the contents are arranged to keep things as simple as possible. Alongside data science, Bayesian statistics problems are also discussed in this blog. If you are looking for sample problems to practice and validate your skills, you can go through the articles available on this site. You can enjoy his writing as the author tries to deliver at least two to four posts per month.

21. Data Science Report

Data science report is mainly a blog used for data science and machine learning with easy learning materials. It is run by Starbride Partners. It collects data like videos, TED Talks, books, tutorials, writings, and discussions from every corner of the world. It helps the data scientist by working as a resource hub. It offers to learn under professional Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Advanced Analytics Pros, Backend Software engineers, and Data product Managers.

It is a very necessary forum for learning all variety of data science projects into the brain with easy-to-understand tutorials. One can even look for a particular subject and select the desired topic to go through it. It can enlighten a user with technology updates, social media, business management, and beginner guideline regarding big data. One can even ask for critical analytical help regarding any personal project or research based on data science.

22. Data Science Central

Data science central is an online-based resource hub for everything related to data science and big data. This site includes a wide variety of data science topics. Various experts in data science write and publish articles for it, which covers analytics, data visualization, technology tools, code, etc. It also gives the facility to ask any kind of questions related to data science and enhance knowledge of its users as well as discussion, insights about any key topic.

This site has frequent updates to make it up to the mark where write posts nearly two blogs a day. Data Science Central has a huge number of social media channels under the ownership that makes it very popular. It also provides us with the facility of community discussion as well.

23. Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest social news websites and forums and considered as the front page of the internet in present times. Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian started it in 2005, and the site is owned by I Condé Nast Publications in 2006. Reddit a massive collection of forums where people come together and share views and contents. It is a composition of a large number of subcommunities, which are known as subreddits, which include various topics like music, videos, news, technology, etc.

Members of Reddit are called Redditors. They submit a number of contents from which few are selected by vote and takes the upfront place in the homepage. A user can subscribe to the Reddit account and can select the topic of her choice to see and start discussions related to the desired topics.

24.Blue Orange Digital

Blue Orange Digital is an online-based data science blog that is a platform for business analytics, big data, data mining, and data science visualization. It is a NewYork based visualization firm. It offers analytic techniques derived from statistical modeling. It keeps the user acknowledged with the latest trends. The team includes data engineers, PhDs, data scientists, and visualization experts. 

It includes technical articles and tutorials on a variety of technical topics along which even includes data science software, learning concepts, algorithm, and project implementations. It is a community-style approach to information exchange with maximum open tools and information to provide more accessibility among the users.

25. Datafloq

Datafloq is the One-Stop Source for Big Data that connects all the stakeholders with the global Big Data market and creates the Big Data ecosystem. The founder and CEO of Datafloq are Mark Van Rijmenam, who is a blockchain strategist and author and also a public speaker. The main purpose is to provide its users with information, opportunities, and insights for innovation with big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies.

Different Big Data organizations accumulate on this common platform and find Big Data technology vendors. It offers important knowledge and information around Big Data, which helps to gather news about new trends, events, training, best practices, and organizational advice. Users can read high-quality articles, post jobs, connect with talent, and take training from online tutorial services with registration.

26. Dataconomy

Dataconomy is a media portal resource for prospective data scientists that features data science news and tech trends. It is one of Europe’s top leading media portals focused on data science, which is editorial from industry experts. Carla Gentry is the founder of Dataconomy, who is also a data scientist. It is considered as the bridge between the gap of Data Science and Business.

Dataconomy works as a portal for news, events, and expert opinion from the world of technology. It provides a global network of renowned contributors and works as a hub for data scientists. It offers a free IT research library and guidelines for the beginner to start. The difference between other data science hubs and data economy is that it provides the user with facilities to build a career in data science.

27. insideBIGDATA

InsideBIGDATA is a data science blog that offers machine learning of Big Data. The president of InsideBIGDATA is Rich Brueckner, who is a writer, publisher, and focused on high-performance computing. It deals with news, strategies, products, and services of Big data worldwide along with IT and business professionals along with deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Other than regular features, it offers insight analytical information of industry perspectives along with news and editor’s choice articles highlight. To make it more user friendly, all the articles are being categorized by topic and subject.  It also provides resources for jobs, events, research reports by maintaining a host. With the help of this resource, one can have up to date knowledge about machine learning.

28. Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is a community resource and knowledge portal for learning the analytical data from web big data. The founder of Analytics Vidhya is Kunal Jain, an IIT Bombay graduate with 10+ years of Global Business Analytics experience. The main goal is to create a data science ecosystem for the next generation. It offers predictive modeling techniques and applications for analytics in business. 

Analytics Vidhya publishes articles related to data science, machine learning, R programming, python, etc. It is important to go through this platform if someone is about to start a career in data science and machine learning. It allows people to improve their skills and learn through various training programs and releasing articles. One can post any quarry related to data science and machine learning and can start a discussion via Q&A forum and learning paths. It provides the opportunity to participate in Hackathons as well.

29. Data Science 101

Data Science 101 is basically a learning hub for people who are about to start learning data science. It is a great beginner trainer with advanced analytical discussions. The founder of Data Science 101 is Ryan Swanstrom, who is a data scientist in Microsoft. This blog is designed with practical tips and advice, along with lots of material on becoming a proper data scientist.

Initially, the blog consisted of valuable experience, tips, advice, and learning processes, but now the blog is extended. It has an extensive area of archives that are worth diving into for knowing more detailed information about the history and condition of data science in the last few years. It surely is a must-read to have a clear and stable starting in the career of a data scientist.

30. Big Data University

Big Data University is a big data blog that has a massive collection of tips on all the things related to data science. It is an IBM community with more than 500,000 registered learners working with data science, big data, analytics to nurture community skills, open-source data professionals, etc. The target learner is mainly for a busy person who wants to learn basic of the material with easy instructions.  

It is a resource for online certification courses related to big data. Students can learn the Hadoop ecosystem like Hadoop 2.7, Yarn, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, impala, etc. students can do practical experiments on CloudLab as well in real life project domain, which includes banking, telecommunication, social media, e-commerce, etc. It has everything a modern scientist should know.

31. Data Science Review | Learning Data Science Right

Data Science Review is a different kind of data science blog that offers a direct look into the minds of data scientists with tutorials and news. This blog is created and run by Jim Cochrane, who offers all kinds of resources regarding data science in this blog. It offers data scientists to produce the best models for modern datasets and helps to solve complicated machine learning and statistics. 

Articles like improving Microsoft Kinect gesture recognition, new technologies regarding health science, improving Higgs boson at CERN are published in this blog. It offers interviews with the winners so that they can discuss the project more among new and amateurs. It also offers news, tutorials regarding data science projects.

32. DataCamp blog

DataCamp blog is a data science blog that offers high-quality tutorials, blog posts, and case studies related to big data and machine learning technology. It deals with the latest technology updates and the popular data science industry. Jonathan Cornelissen is the co-founder and initial CEO of the DataCamp blog. It has everything a data science enthusiast needs to know to expand my future career as a data scientist. 

It provides the user of the data science community with advanced expertise to share insights on the various topics regarding big data. Articles that are published on DataCamp are featured in the DataCamp Newsletter. Users can publish and search for articles related to the resource and can develop a critical mindset regarding data analysis under the professionals.

33. Codementor

Codementor is one of the leading mentorship programs in the marketplace that allows 1:1 live tutorials for developers. It is a paid online programming learning service where a long-term mentorship is given within the Codementor community. Codementor was founded by Weiting Liu. It connects the learners from any corner of the world in one resource hub via screen sharing, video, and chats to develop long-term dedicated learning from expert mentors. 

The main target audience of this program is mainly the beginners; however, any professional can also seek help for any critical analytical opinion, including university assignment or project research. The main focus is to develop skills along with solving practical problems. It can give freelancing facilities as job requests. It has a wide range of networks linked with engineers from top tech companies, which gives a prominent idea from marketplace investors.

34. Analytics Insight

Analytics insight is a media, branding, and technology platform that focuses on artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics, along with trends, insights, and opinions. The name of the founder and CEO of Analytics Insight is Ashish Sukhadeve. It is a trusted premier source of information and analysis, which helps to build a comprehensive strategy and improve analytical ability. 

It features views, journeys, and experiences from top leaders and data industry executives to enhance knowledge of the learner. It deals with the market analysis of the technologies, which helps to predict trending market values and future expansions and to reach target customers. It analyses algorithms, historical data, and market research of the data science technology worldwide that results in developing comprehensive strategies and maximizing strategic development.

35. Yhat

Yhat is a data science blog that offers data scientists to establish R and Python models based on APIs. It consists of interesting tutorials and reading materials, along with featured papers on data science and machine learning. Austin Ogilvie and Greg Lamp are the founders of Yhat based in New York with the composition of entrepreneurs, engineers, and data scientists.

Yhat helps data scientists to build and integrate with up to date technology insights. It eradicates IT obstacles in cloud-based data science like server setup and config and can transform static insights APIs as well as creates Rodeo, an open source for python. Scientists can use programming tools to build and improve analytical projects. It is an end-to-end data science platform to build and maintain the program interface of various applications.

36. SmartData Collective

SmartData Collective is a trusted and large community hub for the data science community that covers technical contents such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Analytics, IoT, etc. It is a hub for new contributors to come and share knowledge and views and also offers data tools to deploy opportunities. It is a social media forum that covers business intelligence, risk management, and related topics. 

The main target audience for this forum is the business leaders and IT Experts. Along with blog coverage, it also offers webinars, e-books, moderate tweet chats. It is an informative resource for people who tries to find constructive analytical discussion on growth acceleration worldwide. The innovative model consists of advanced and professional contributors with critical insights about the current data science and machine learning.

37. Dataquest

Dataquest is a user-friendly big data blog where learner spends most of the time learning through in browser and interactive screen. It offers a new concept of on-screen code writing challenge and can get feedback right after submitting the assignment. The founder of Dataquest is Vik Paruchuri, who is a self-taught data scientist and winner of Kaggle Competitions in automated essay scoring, bond & stock trading. 

Around 500k+ students learn about data science by Dataquest through real data analysis and can establish a portfolio of technical projects. It is fun to learn the process through which a learner can learn hand to hand online.  It deals with the basic tips and tricks that can help a learner to cover every feature quickly and in an efficient way. It is a resource for anybody who gets stuck in any project, needs any guidelines, advice, or assessment.

38. 365 Data Science

365 data science is an e-learning website that deals with easy-going tutorials and learning processes regarding data science, even if someone is at a very beginner level. The user-friendly site has a rich number of contents based on BI analysis, data analysis, and data science. It contains high-quality content online that can be accessed from any corner of the world just by the internet. Iliya Valchanov, Iliya Valchanov, Nedko Krastev, Nedko Krastev are the founders of 365 Data Science. 

It helps to build up the ability to absorb, modify, and build data science projects by learning mathematics, statistics, SQL, Python, data cleaning, and machine learning within as much timeframe as one wants. With a well-structured curriculum plan and proper practical experiments, personal attention to each detail, proper certification, and easier accessibility, it can be a potential educational career website.

39. O’Reilly

O’Reilly is one of the leading r-learning resource hubs for data science that contains amazing articles and journals on data science and Artificial Intelligence. All of the contents are written and made by professional experts in data science and machine learning. The founder of O’Reilly is Ben Lorica, who is also an advisor to a few organizations and the host of podcast. It is a proper tool to build analytic insight regarding any data science-based project

O’Reilly offers online learning live training, interactive learning. Tutorials, journals, and more along with a certification reward once a course is finished. It is a place to know elaborately about technology, and it’s a current market place in the industry. It helps to develop analytical knowledge by improving data language skills, effective communication skills, and the tips & tricks to become a passionate professional data scientist.

40. HortonWorks

Hortonworks is a computer software firm that specializes in the development and support of open source Apache Hadoop. It is a public company started by Yahoo and Benchmark Capital situated in the United States. Hortonworks Data Platform is the principle showcase product powered by Apache Hadoop. The main concept of this firm is to create, distribute, and improve open data services and modern applications on data science.

HotronWorks offers training services under experts and helps to increase value for any technical organization to expand the business. Along with data architecture, it helps to integrate Hadoop. To offer more OpenStack facilities in a public and private cloud, it came to join forces with Rackspace. It deals with data-in-motion and data-at-rest and is focused on open source communities such as Nifi and Spark. It is not only a great source of news and updates but also a great resource hub of tutorial videos, case studies, and guidelines. 

41. Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery is a popular big data blog where one gets to know anything about machine learning. It is a highly recommended blog to the people who wants to learn machine learning using R or Python. Jason Brownlee, a Ph.D. major in Artificial Intelligence, is the founder of Machine Learning Mastery. The main purpose of his blog is to help the developers to start and develop skills at applied machine learning.

It is an online community and collection of supports and training using a highly top-down and result-focused process toward the heavy academic approach. One can learn an in-depth understanding of machine learning concepts, machine learning codes from scratch, to build machine learning models, analyze database, interpretation of black box behind the model, and application of data science in different database models. 

42. Dataschool

Dataschool is an e-learning blog that mainly features articles and news and tutorials that is useful for those who want to develop a career in Python Data Science. It is an amazing way to start a career in Data Science. The founder of Dataschool is Kavin Markham, who is a data scientist and teacher who specialized in Python. It provides its users with all the educational resources and experience on Big Data. 

It offers teaching from data science expert mentors and specialists to give students a better understanding of how to prepare, manage, store, and visualize data. Students from any time and any location can take the facility with an online communication facility and can enhance analytical insights on big data projects along with other supportive resources. 

43. FlowingData

FlowingData is a data science blog for modern data visualization using R, Illustrator, and Javascript. The main concept of this blog is to make the data easier to understand to those who are not experts in data science. Nathan Yau is the author of FlowingData, who tried to make the blog a combination of highlighting works, visualization guide, and free resource for everyone. 

FlowingData deals with the structure of how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists use data in this modern world. It offers to teach Chernoff to face statistical analysis methods that can make people learn about data science basics even without any specialized knowledge about big data. It believes in storytelling and visualization of data providing practical design tips accompanied by a bit of tutorial and resources. 

44. Data Science Weekly

Data science weekly is a big data blog that deals with all the features of news, letters, articles, job openings regarding big data. It is a free newsletter that is published every Thursday and is sent to the reader’s inbox right after publishing a new journal. It is a must-read news source for people who wants to get a regular update on the data science industry. Hannah Borrks and Sebastian Gutierrez are the curators of data science weekly.

The main concept of this blog is to share recent news and job-related updates in the data science industry and about the latest update in business management in this particular field. It also covers interviews from various data scientists and professionals. It narrates it into the journal so that readers can have views and perspectives from topmost professionals and analytics within the big data field. 

45. Sebastian Raschka’s blog

Sebastian Raschka’s blog is a blog for Python Machine Learning. Sebastian Raschka is one of the best-selling authors of books on Python. His book named “Python Machine Learning” is the most popular book on Python language. One needs to have a good skill in Python and Machine Learning to understand his blog posts. It focuses on deep machine learning and research and is an advanced blog for the data science sector.

In this blog, one can find Sebastian Raschka’s personal research and courses along with some open source software that helps to learn Python more in an advanced level. It has a reference for all the aspiring machine learning practitioners. It deals with the model evaluation, selection, algorithm selection in machine learning, and compares the performance of machine learning models with constructive analysis. 

46. Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab is a big data blog that talks about different firms using machine learning and data science in the industry. It is a platform that allows the data scientist to develop more skills in data science in the medicine industry, crop production industry, car industry, etc. The specialty of this blog is analytics, machine learning, data analysis, predictive analytics, data mining technology, etc. 

It is a resource hub that helps the data scientists to develop and establish ideas faster with the cooperative, reproducible analysis to solve a complex problem. This machine learning platform is a savior of large team enterprises of code-first data scientists to work things out in a structured manner. The open technology platform provides with open tools, model monitoring, and infrastructure a user need. 

47. Mapr

Mapr is an educative blog consist of tips and articles for people who want to learn about Map Reduce, Data Science, and Big Data technology. It is a platform for the next generation of Artificial Intelligent and Analytics with other business assents that are important for data science. John Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Mapr, who is an investor of a technology-based private company. 

This platform enables a community to input analytics into the business process for future development, reduce costs, diminish risks, and resolve complexity in the data science sector. It is one of the most trusted platforms to help to solve the critical AI complexity and analytical challenges. Mapr has built an ecosystem with Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, SAP, and many more to give them a better solution in the industrial field worldwide. 

48. IBM Big Data Hub

IBM Big Data Hub is a data science blog with an enormous number of tips and advice on big data. All the guidelines published here are helpful and convenient for data analytic professionals. It offers a huge number of contents that improves the skill for both beginner and advanced professionals. It is a hub specially designed for enterprise analytic leaders, experts, and practitioners to analyze and discuss any topic regarding big data. 

This blog talks about news, leadership, and investigative podcast as well as industry research and infographics. It covers all the new events like webcasts, conferences, local meetups, and other informative videos, which can enhance one’s knowledge about the current as well as historical state of big data analytics. It also provides news and journals on multi-cloud and Artificial Intelligence platform.

49. Dataversity

Dataversity is a big data blog that provides learning contents in big data, data science, BI, data management, etc. This e-zine has all the resources for information technology, professionals for data management, practitioners, and customers. The main goal of Dataversity is to supply the best source of information and in-depth knowledge about the things connected to data science that is happening worldwide.

It covers interviews, conferences, discussions, articles, blogs, certifications, a news feed, and many more to come up with the up-to-date conditions of the market to all of its readers. It also brings content related to data management and digital resources one can search for to educate themselves with data science. It manages data architecture summit, data governance and information, DG vision, and data world conference face to face. 

50. Big Data Week

Big Data Week is one of the most useful data science blogs for tips and advice that makes it easier for the learner to gather more radical information on data science. The main target audience of this blog is an effective data visualizer, data scientists, etc. It improves knowledge by keeping pace with digital science news and updates.  

It goes to an in-depth discussion of big data technology and practical business scenario along with technology-based events like workshops, webinars, conferences, technical talks, exhibitions, presentations, etc. It brings all the updates about big data technology, trends, and expert advice, insights along with best practices. It is a worldwide abstraction of the influence of data science in the social, political, and technical communities.

Finally, Insight

In the present world where we completely depend on technology for our day to day life, it is beyond imagination how important data science is in the current business market. Data science is simply solving problems with data. An immense number of blog and resource forum is there to provide all kind of learning facilities and contents for people who wants to learn data science.

Each of the blogs is under advanced-level professionals and ready to help beginners as well as advanced learners according to their understanding of difficulty. These learning hubs not only teach but also keep everyone informed about the current circumstances of data science in business management worldwide.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.



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