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Top 10 Best Windows Icon Packs To Change Your PC’s Outlook

If you are looking for the best Windows icon packs, you are in the right place. Normally, Windows 10 doesn’t come with the feature of applying icon packs by default. However, you can change the desktop shortcut and folder icons for individual elements. But the power users need more, right? So, the developers came with some solutions by which you can patch the Windows 10 system to load custom icon packs.

Best Windows Icon Packs

Several indie designers have created icon packs for Windows 10. Unfortunately, there is no official repository or store to find them all in one place. This is a major issue for people who want to customize their Windows system with beautiful icons. Since I tinker around a lot regarding PC customization, I have used a bunch of icon packs so far. So, here I am presenting my top picks for Windows 10 icon packs.

1. Lumicons

lumicons - windows icons pack

Lumicons is a beautiful icon pack designed by a popular theme creator known as niivu as per his DeviantArt username. This is a pack of some colorful flat icons that looks like the new icons set introduced with Windows 10X. The designer used gradients in the icons, which makes them pop out. On top of that, the modern aesthetics combined with pixel-perfect design will make your desktop elegant and gorgeous.


2. Windows 10 Insider


We all know that Microsoft is refreshing their age-old icon design with the upcoming versions of Windows 10. Already they have revamped the icons for the default apps and Microsoft Office suite. However, the file explorer and system icons are yet to arrive for general users since they are currently in the testing phase. But if you want to install those icons right now on your desktop, this is the way to go.


3. Sweet Paranoia


Sweet Paranoia is yet another beautiful Windows icon pack for your desktop. Normally we don’t see this type of icon in any kind of stock system. The icons actually line arts with colorful gradients. The designer got inspiration from an Android custom ROM named Paranoid while creating the icons. If you apply this icon pack with similar-looking skin, your desktop will look unique and festive. It also comes with the necessary icons for third-party apps and software.


4. Trace Icons

trace - windows icons pack

Trace is a set of replacements for the system icons of the Windows 10 operating system. The icons look cartoonish because of the pastel colors and line art. On top of that, the icons are quite neat and minimalistic. If you have read my articles earlier about customizations, you know pretty well that I love the minimalist desktop setup. This is why Trace Icons blew my mind. I set this up with a vector illustration-based wallpaper, and my desktop was looking superb.


5. AON

aon - windows icons pack

AON is yet another icon pack for Windows 10. The icons are modern with rounded edges. They look like the icons of Samsung’s One UI with some subtle differences. The stock icons and UI elements of Windows 10 don’t have curves and solid backgrounds. So, I was a bit skeptical about this icon pack. But to my surprise, this is a decent icon pack with all the necessary icons for the system, control panel, and file explorer.


6. Hemis


Hemis is a beautiful icon pack based on a refreshing color palette. The system icons are flat and minimal. However, they are not that colorful, and the designer opted for a muted color palette for designing the icons. The users will find three different types of folder icon styles in this pack. You can either go for blue, green, or grey based on your theme and accent. Overall, the icon pack is very modern, and I don’t have any complaints regarding them.


7. Nord


The word “Nord” means the direction north in several languages. This icon pack also defines the north pole by its design and color. The icons have a muted blue color that resembles the coldness and icebergs of the north pole. As you can see, the icons are not that colorful, and they are mostly monochromatic with gradients. So, these will be better suited for those who want to have a conservative yet modern look on their desktop.


8. Deepin

deepin - windows icons pack

The Chinese Debian-based Linux distro Deepin has got much popularity in recent months. It is mainly because of the refreshed UI and the icons that came with version 20. So, if you want to try out those beautiful Deepin icons on your Windows PC, then this is the icon pack for you. Of course, you are not getting system-wide icons like Deepin distro with this Windows icon pack. But it includes all the basic icons for file explorer and some other apps.


9. ARC


ARC is a complete icon theme for Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows. The set includes a number of icons for the control panel, file explorer, and systems. The designer followed a minimalist approach while designing the icons. As a result, they are flat but elegant. Most of the icons have a blue color scheme which blends nicely with any kind of desktop theme. Overall, this icon pack provides a great balance between style and professionalism.


10. Papirus

papirus - windows icons pack

The last one on our list is Papirus. This icon pack is my personal favorite because of its clean look. On top of that, this icon pack has 11 different folder icon colors, which are unbelievable. Furthermore, the folder icons have different styles for different types of files. There are a number of system icons too. But I would love to see some additional icons for third-party apps. Still, this icon pack provides better value than most other icon packs, and the installation is also hassle-free.


How To Install Icon Packs in Windows 10

As I said earlier, there is no official way to install custom icons to replace system icons. You have to use third-party patching software to patch your system to make it compatible with these icon packs. This is a hectic process for the new users, and your system might get corrupted if anything goes wrong. So, I will definitely suggest you make a system restore point before proceeding. Also, UbuntuPIT won’t take any responsibility if you end up breaking your stable system.

  • iPack Builder

For the systems running Windows 10 version 1903 or earlier, you can use iPack Builder to patch your system for installing the above-mentioned Windows icon packs. This software is GUI-based and quite easy to use. It can also change the icons for individual program files, and the process is fast and stable. But remember that still, you are at risk of breaking your system.

  • 7tsp

If you are running the latest Windows 10 or versions above 1903, you can not install icon packs using iPack Builder. But the developers have come up with a solution named 7tsp. This is also a graphical icon pack installer for Windows 10. But it has some limitations, and 7tsp is not that stable like iPack builder. You can not change individual program icons automatically using this. But it works well for changing system icons.

To Conclude

Icons are vital components of a graphical user interface. Unfortunately, over the years, Windows haven’t changed its system icons to adapt to the modern trend. This is the sector where Windows operating system lags behind. But with the hard work of hobbyist designers and developers, you don’t have to stick with the stock icons.

You can always get the best-looking icon pack for your desktop. Unfortunately, due to some limitations, I couldn’t include some other beautiful icon packs here. Anyway, if you liked this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends. I hope they will like this list of Windows 10 icon packs too. Happy customizing.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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