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Top 20 Emerging IoT Trends That Will Shape Our Future Soon

Before going into the details of IoT Trends, we want to talk about the IoT technology itself. What do you think about IoT? The full form is the “Internet of Things,” and this refers to the system where computing devices or other digital machines are interrelated and can transfer data between themselves over a network (it does not require any human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction). All the below-discussed IoT trends would amaze you because a drastic change will happen in the world of technology.

From factory equipment to children’s toys, the internet has always been important, and to keep internet exploitation-free, IoT is there. There are a lot of IoT trends that are coming up for our safety, and to keep it clean, we have selected particularly 20 IoT Trends and described all the details of each trend.

1. Big Data Convergence

IoT emphasizes changing the way of living and doing business and keeps its eyes on generating huge data. Big data platforms are usually made to support the demands of large-scale storage and perform the investigation which is required for extracting the full advantages of IoT. This is the new Internet of Things Trends that we are facing and will see in the near future in large-scale mode.

Big Data ConvergenceThe IoT and big data share a close bonding, and nowadays, we see a lot of new devices selected for producing a fair share of the data. Cloud is considered capable of controlling the analytic requirements and storage; it lacks some specifics while working with bigger data, and so IoT needs to work on its big-data junction from now on.

2. Data Processing with Edge Computing

The basic weakness that IoT has is that it adds up devices behind the firewall of the network. Securing the devices may be easy but securing the IoT devices requires a lot more. We must incorporate the security between the network connection and the software applications that link to the devices.

Data Processing with Edge ComputingIoT gets the best success of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency while processing data. Faster processing of data is prominent in all smart devices, such as self-driving vehicles and intelligent traffic lights. Edge computing is said to be the solution to this trouble of this Internet of Things Trends.

Edge computing usually outperforms the Cloud when it comes to speed and cost. We all know that faster processing means lower latency, and that is what Edge Computing does. Data processing with Edge Computing will exist with the Cloud for the betterment of IoT.

3. Greater Consumer Adoption

In the next ten years, you will get to see a huge change in IoT when the shift away happens from the Consumer-based IoT, just like the market flops of Lily Robotics. The funding growth of the consumer-based IoT will decrease, and the future will be the year for the industrial IoT infrastructure and platform. This Internet of Things Trend will require time to evolve.

Greater Consumer AdoptionVeniam, BetterView, and Swift Navigation, companies like this based on the Industrial-IoT will be seen building IoT architecture, and it will solve the difficulties in insurance, transportation, agriculture, or telecommunication. A vivid reduction will be seen in the capital expense.

4. “Smart” Home Demand Will Rise

In the past, we have seen the IoT apps have surged with the idea of smart home technology, and this will be continued shortly so that homes can get more interactive. People will not direct the devices; instead, the devices will tell the people of the house what they should do.

“Smart” Home Demand Will RiseThere will be less explosive growth; this year, we will see steady growth as the companies these days are facing security and fragmentation issues. Smart Home Internet of Things Trends or IoT Trends is the hot topic in this present time.

5. The Healthcare Industry Embraces IoT

Where a retailer is seen taking benefits of interacting with the customers, wearable devices are being used by the healthcare sectors, and these sectors will face steady but stable development.

The Healthcare Industry Embraces IoTCan you imagine all the medical devices using the Cloud and storing the images for Intelligent Systems? This will be something to note down that, in this way, the government will get the best benefit out of it. Internet of Things Trends in the Healthcare world is highly encouraged.

6. Auto-ML (Machine Learning) for Data Security

In present days, we see the developers focus on the newer methods in which people can share data securely using blockchain-like technologies. Nowadays, many industrial companies will learn to trust and accept the machine learning model forecast and acclimatize their operations to prevent downtime through model outputs.

Auto-ML (Machine Learning) for Data SecurityMachine learning model training will be highly automated, just like the auto-ML toolset, and it will become more popular. The industrial companies will be seen increasing the substantial capital assets associated with the Could (by 3-5x) as it is one of the top-ranked IoT Trends.

7. IoT – Massive Growth Coming

IoT devices usually get more data and information about the devices and users than the other technology genre. By 2020, there will be IoT devices in the world about 31 billion. Today, IoT devices are a major part of reporting and tracking.

IoT – Massive Growth ComingAs per the IoT Technology Trends, we can easily assume that it will expand to the fullest. IoT is usually getting or collecting so much data, and there is Artificial Intelligence to take out the essential data. Shortly, We will get to see the IoT devices work for doing actions, and they will also assist the technicians in providing insightful suggestions.

8. Blockchain for IoT Security

Shortly, a wide range of entrepreneurs, financial and government processes, consumers, and industrials will get decentralized, self-governing, self-healing, and smart. Some of the startups are seen building up their territory on top of the IOTA’s Tangle (IOTA is a distributed ledger crafted for recording and executing transactions among devices in the IoT ecosystem) for developing modules and other components for the enterprises without the cost of SaaS and Cloud.

Blockchain for IoT SecurityYou should get ready to see the centralized and monolithic computing models breaking apart into the jobs and micro-services distributed to the decentralized devices and machines.

Someday, the IoT will pervade governance, health, transaction, financial, and other disciplines that people these days cannot think of. These kinds of IoT Technology Trends are going to create significant effective differences for us.

9. Better Data Analytics

The upcoming years will surprise us with the most prominent trend, which will be between the connected world and the IoT. Now, how the world and the IoT get combined with AI to become a decision-making assistant for all the businesses and individuals, and that’s all we are looking forward to.

Better Data AnalyticsAI is a machine learning system that can quickly identify trends. IoT Technology Trends will bring up better data analytics and make it easier to safeguard them. It also collects insights from the considerable data for making better decisions for our lives. Seeming less integration of IoT is very intelligent and thoughtful, and it is self-learning too.

10. Smart Cities to Become Mainstream

In the past, we have seen that the states were rolling out more technologies and sensors to take the benefits of accessible data collection tools. Shortly, we will see the IoT Trends where the forward-thinking cities will invest in pioneering data exchanges that will afford the access and combination of the data between the private and public organizations and the citizens.

Smart Cities to Become MainstreamWe will get the opportunity to see soon the conversion of thinking from smarter cities. The IoT integration with responsive cities will lessen traffic congestion, unlock sustainable development, and improve safety.

11. Blockchain as Efficient Backend

Though mass adoption, scalability, security, and costs are crucial, you will see many technical difficulties that are holding IoT back from these. Most of the software is made to collect a huge amount of data, and selling them seems more lucrative.

Blockchain as Efficient BackendThe most important issue here is the centralized network on the back end used to run the IoT devices. So trust is now a more significant issue. As one of the essential IoT Technology Trends, Blockchain is highly necessary for proper data-keeping and safeguarding.

If we want to get a range of smart devices in the homes, we have to solve the trust issues of the customers as this can be a more significant threat to them, and the threat may be prevailing on more than their identities. So we can consider “blockchain as an effective backend” as one of the new IoT Trends of the following year.

The blockchain is the helping hand here, and it decentralizes the security issue of preserving an enormous amount of data in a single place. It allows for the token economy, which usually can create a marketplace for the users who sells their data and other information to the providers (or choose to keep it public.)

12. Personalization of the Retail Experience

Retail supply chain management these days is made more efficient by IoT. With the help of sensors and other smart beacon technologies, the tailoring shopping experience has become more comfortable, and people can do it more accurately.

According to the new changes, IoT Trends of the following years will personalize your trade occurrence. You can imagine getting a notification of a discount on a usually-bought product from your favorite shop, but can you imagine an indoor map of your favorite shop that will lead you to the exact product you desire!

This IoT Technology Trend will ensure the better integration of personalized retail experience, which ultimately can bring up a new era of shopping.

13. Predictive Maintenance Boost up by IoT

Shortly, the home will inform the owners about appliance failure, plumbing leaks, and electrical issues to avoid home maintenance disasters. More of the features from the sensors in planes, factories, and cars that are achievable today will enter your home soon with the help of all these IoT Trends.

In reply to these predictive skills of IoT, we will see the offers of homecare-as-a-service from the contractors. Whether you are at your home or not, they will take action straight away whenever any problem is perceived.

These days, home insurance companies already know the changing nature of the smart sensor and other connected devices, which significantly affects the IoT Trends. The sensors found on cars nowadays, just like that of home insurers, will be allowed to lessen risk and other payouts by providing lesser rates to the consumers’ who will install proactive-monitor systems to avoid damage.

14. Cloud Computing: The Future of IoT

Data Protection is going to be one of the most important security trends. To have a device that is already a connection to the internet can be harmful in many ways, and the use of violators or spyware can quickly get your personal information.

Cloud Computing - The Future of IoTInfrastructures for smart homes, autonomous vehicles, and wearable devices will keep the record of hackers, robbers, etc. Private data are also sold for many purposes, and this is where Cloud Computing can help build up the future of IoT. These IoT Trends must be given proper importance.

15. Software-as-a-Service Becomes the Norm

If we discuss the IoT Trends, software as a Service is considered one of the hot topics for estimated markets. With the help of a low cost of entry, the SaaS is swiftly getting to the top of being the favorite company in the IT game sector.

Soon, we will get the opportunity to see an extensive espousal of this company. Software-as-service among all these IoT Technology Trends will make the life of people better than ever.

16. IoT Security Awareness and Training

The industry is in a state of youth, requiring safety and training. The training will include basic awareness, such as the difference between benefits and risks and other security recommendations.

IoT Security Awareness and TrainingBuilding proven security, incorporating security, and promoting transparency across the Internet of Things should be done with the help of proper training. Before jumping into something, IoT security training with awareness is essential. All the above-mentioned IoT Technology Trends also demand users’ awareness to stay safe from their area.

17. Creation of Unified Framework for Integration

The lack of a unified IoT framework is something that IoT has faced as a challenge while cooperating with the industries. The companies have got no central shared platform. All the IoT Trends I have mentioned before include a unified framework because this is the only way to keep the industries secure.

Blockchain will help speed up the process of adoption with the help of enabling the improvement and development of the apps. These applications have high-performance thresholds, and this process will also help maintain the data-intensive process, which is usually required.

18. Energy and Resource Management

Energy management depends on acquiring a better understanding of energy consumption. The products that can fit in the electric panels are usually coming to the market, which can monitor the home’s energy consumption. All these IoT Trends can be easily integrated into resource management, making people’s lives more comfortable and easier.

Push notifications can be added to send notifications with smartphones when the energy threshold exceeds.  The other features, like indoor temperature management, controlling sprinklers, etc., can also be added.

19. A Shift in Voice Control: From Mobile Platforms to Managing IoT Ecosystems

Nowadays, conversations are moving forward, and responses to the dynamic security environment are also moving to the front line. People are confused about what the forefront developers will do when their superlative cybersecurity plan fails. IoT Trends dependent on mobile systems will grow and turn into managing the IoT Ecosystem.

In this case, regulation will be the only way to get implemented. This trend will be that the regulators and the governments from the EU, US, China, or Japan (possibly) will begin to recognize all the threats and issue possible directives for safeguarding.

20. Stay Aware and Allied: Further Expansion of IoT

Tech leaders, development companies, and enterprises are presently working on fleshing out the authentic application of IoT Techniques. An amplified necessity for the business value and the outcomes will show the way to the improved number of sensors embedded into the recently formed digital products.

According to all those IoT Trends, more of today’s industries and companies will look at the IoT just like a magic wand for attracting consumers, developing brands, and improving the user experiences.

Gartner thinks like that, and so keeping the same belief, they stated that 95% of electronics would be IoT facilitated by 2020. So, now the manufacturers are expected to expand the quantity of IoT devices, and not only that, they should work on making the devices more comprehensive and obtainable.

Final Thoughts

We have created some Internet of Things Trends or IoT Trends that you must know and prepare yourself accordingly. These trends are here to make your life secure, easier, and more comfortable than it had ever been. Do you like the IoT Technology Trends that we have mentioned?

Do you know any other IoT Trends that can be added here? If you know of any other trends, please let us know in the comment below. Your opinions are very important to us for growing further. And do not forget to share our reviews to let your friends know about us!

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Mehedi Hasan
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  1. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is revolutionizing modern ways of communicating. Connecting all the things in the world, which is the logical result of the Internet itself. ET 2020 will continue to celebrate this revolution with an impact on our lives and business.

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  3. My first experience with machine learning is when I fight an AI and now I can beat it anymore and that scares me. its upon us now… combine with augmented reality and it would be wonderful and scary at the same time. Thanks for sharing great content.


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