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Top 10 Best Cat Games For iPad To Enjoy A Pet Time

The AppStore has tons of cat games for iPad users, and these games are generally of two categories. The first one is for the people who love cats, probably cannot manage to pet one and so, have a great desire to have one. This kind of game is all about petting or playing with a virtual cat. And the next category stands for the games that are specially designed for cats. Sometimes, cat owners want to keep their cats busy with something else. Having these kinds of games on their iPad is a good solution for sure. So, today, we are going to learn the best games from both categories.

Best Cat Games for iPad, Must-try for the Cat Lovers

Let me inform you first and we didn’t form the list of the best cat games for iPad based on popularity or other reviews. Instead, we spent a lot of time checking each of the games and then found out their basics to add with a list for your good. Even we have to experience so many apps that we cannot be listed for their flaws. So, here you get the list of best cat games with their details, positivity, and drawbacks. Hopefully, you will find the one that’ll suit you the best.

1. My Talking Tom

My Talking TomIf you cannot manage a pet cat to adore, I have an amazing option for you, and it’s the first recommendation for today. My Talking Tom has arrived with all the exciting features, and you’ll be playing with a virtual cat. Every day you have to take care of Tom, give him a bath, feed him, and take him to sleep. Also, whenever you talk about something, he will repeat the same thing after you. Altogether you’ll never get bored with this exotic simulation game in the cat world.

Important Features

  • There is a huge collection of new clothes, and you can also change the furniture in Tom’s house.
  • You can give a dashing look with an astronaut, Beach, Casual, Pilot, Mummy, superhero, or any outfit that suits your cat.
  • Tom will be ready for his trip to other places, and you can collect them and make an album of his photos.
  • You have to ensure to complete every goal to make your Tom happy and active.
  • Often he will be disturbed from sleeping and going to the Toilet, so give him a few minutes and then start again.

Pros: There will be a rich option of mini-games like puzzles, adventure, action, puzzle-solving games, and much more. Plus, those earning points help customize Tom’s room with Luxury Furniture and buy him delicious food.


2. Cat Fishing ‪2‬

Cat Fishing ‪2‬Not that every cat needs mice to catch. Your kitty will have some fun catching fish at Cat Fishing ‪2‬. It is widely known as one of the best cat games for iPad, and it is designed for your pet cats too. Initially, it has maintained the mental stimulation for your cat to keep him active. The whole sound system is crafted in such a way that your cat likes it. You can keep your cat busy for a long time with this game without any tension.

Important Features

  • If you wish to customize the screen for your kitten, there are 10 variations in the fishes and ponds as well.
  • When your cat is not paying attention for more than 30 seconds, there will be an automatic meow to grab their attention.
  • When your cat catches more fish, it will receive higher scores.
  • Here you can easily create an account for your lovely pet.
  • You can customize several settings as per your cat’s likes.
  • All your personalization is saved so that you do not lose any data.

Pros: If you do not like the initial steps, you can skip them. Further, you can create more accounts if you have more kittens.

Cons: Some users thought that the fishes are a little small for cats to notice.


3. Cat Runner – Online Rush

Cat Runner - Online RushAre you ready for this new entertainment with a virtual cat? Cat Runner, Online Rus‪h is an exception from other Cat games for iPad. This online rush game is suitable for people of all ages. You will get a lot of rewards for showing the best skills at the competitions. But if you are not careful enough, then the other might snatch the prize before you get to win it.

Important Features

  • There are different characters to play as your pet like cat, dog, and more interesting ones.
  • You can collect a lot of gold coins and rush at high speed.
  • In the competing mode, you get to compete with your friends in the endless running.
  • Here, you will find a lot of beautiful background scenarios such as Forest, Park, City, Subway, Bus, and so on.
  • You can initially run, jump, or slide in the road but be careful about the bus and trains that come with fast speed.
  • The faster you go, the more score you earn in this game.

Pros: A collection of useful items are totally unlockable if you can collect enough coins. In fact, you can upgrade all the items.

Cons: There are some complaints about having too many ads.


4. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet‬

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet‬Pilcom launched Bubbu, My Virtual Pet‬ , to gift you a virtual cat of your own. Initially, this sweet little creature will show emotional expressions. It will dance, take selfies and visit friends. The mini-games include Find the Cat, Cat Connect, Paint the Cat, Cheese Builder, Pop Balloons, Fish Ninja, etc. You can also go to the garden, walk beside the beach, travel around the city, go diving, catch fishes, and play basketball or football.

Important Features

  • It’s like having your own pet called Bubbu, who just needs food, sleep, and a lot of care. You need to be cautious because it can get sick.
  • There are adorable showrooms where you can find fashionable dresses for the pet.
  • More than 30 mini-games will indeed offer food and coins that will help you to buy new items.
  • Bubbu has a nicely decorated home, and you can make it even better with different furniture.
  • Every day you will get to spin a wheel, and if you are lucky enough, you will receive gifts.
  • To get additional rewards, you can visit your friend’s house and fulfill the daily challenges.

Pros: In Bubbu’s land, you can take part in a lot of activities. Additionally, you are free to change the day and night mode to enjoy the natural melody.

Cons: Bubbu is sometimes more hungry, so that you will need more food for it.


5. My Talking Angela

My Talking AngelaWhereas Talking Tom brings male gestures, My Talking Angela will entertain us with a sweet female cat. The game is a perfect choice for the whole family to enjoy. Well, you can customize her outfit with a rock, adventure, princess, or party dress along with a beautiful hairstyle. To boost her energy, you have to complete Angela’s daily activities like bathing her, feed healthy food, give her time, and all other things.

Important Features

  • There are additional mini-games, and you can test skills, play puzzle-solving, and much more.
  • You will be able to earn a lot of money that takes you to the more exciting stages.
  • This best-ever cat game for your iPad lets you decorate Angela’s home with luxury furniture and buy her new dresses.
  • It also offers the option to gather stickers and exchange them with other players.
  • Angela has a huge collection of fashion dresses and make-up.
  • Angela can entertain you with her cool moves, and she can learn K pop, Disco, Ballet, or anything glamourous.

Pros: Angela will perform like a real pet cat that will definitely make you fall in love. Plus, the theme is colorful and satisfying.


6. Talking Tom Gold Run‬

Talking Tom Gold Run‬Cat games are an all-time classic as we all love cats. So Outfit7 came up with one of the most popular iOS games, Talking Tom Gold Run‬. A lot of pet characters from Talking Tom and his friends are in this game. Also, there are different missions inside it, and you will receive bonus prizes when you complete them. Moreover, you can use the hoverboard when rushing for the gold bars.

Important Features

  • As a player, you need to run faster so that you can catch the robber.
  • There are a lot of places with endless adventure, and you can start your journey from any place you like.
  • In this game, you will find numerous gold coins along the way.
  • Several characters are there with their own styles and outfits.
  • You can unlock new items when you collect enough coins to buy items.
  • Here you have to complete daily challenges to get rewards.

Pros: If you get near the robber in the tunnel, you can get diamonds and more gold coins. Furthermore, you can use different boosts for different purposes.

Cons: The gems are way too difficult to achieve, especially for the kids.


7. Furistas Cat Cafe‬

Furistas Cat Cafe‬, cat games for iPadBased on a cafe theme for cats, Furistas Cat Cafe‬ initially started its journey. Eventually, you cannot ignore the cuteness of these adorable creatures of the cafe in this cat game for your iPad. Firstly, you will get full information about a cat in the personality traits section. Then you need to select perfect customers who want to adopt them based on that information. The duty includes the food-making process as well.

Important Features

  • A collection of lovely and furry virtual cat characters are offered in this game. Each character is unique and different from one another.
  • When the customer and the cat have similar characteristics, then you can match them to maintain their happiness.
  • If you can make many perfect matches, the happiness level indeed gets higher, and it lets you unlock more kittens.
  • Cats will need special cat treatments. In a similar way, the customers will need food from the restaurant.
  • You can personalize each and everything in your cafe from floor to wall.

Pros: This Cat Cafe‬ allows you to send iMessage stickers to give them an emotional touch. Besides, you can collect several things to unlock different items.

Cons: You need to wait longer for the baskets.


8. Cat Sim Online: Play With Cat‪s

Cat Sim Online: Play With Cat‪sCat Sim Online, Play With Cat‪s is the next option for you to have some virtual cats. The game helps you to get introduced to new kittens as they are playful. For knocking down any specific enemy, you can earn new achievements. It is full of adventurous journeys. Plus, you can play online to compete with other players from around the world.

Important Features

  • You can personalize each cat by gender, name, clothes, fur color, and more.
  • The Breeding games will offer you the family tree of your several cat generations. As time passes, it will grow into a bigger one.
  • There are new cat breeds which you can unlock in exchange for coins.
  • When you reach the upper levels, you will receive more coins and roam around the globe.
  • To protect your cat’s family, you have to keep them safe and fight against the enemies.
  • You can rotate or zoom the compass to navigate the world map.

Pros: You can take part with your friends in exciting multiplayer game mode. Additionally, you can compete in the leaderboards.

Cons: Some users found the sound system a little bit boring.


9. Paint for Cats

Paint for Cats, cat games for iPadThis time, it’s not a game to play with your virtual pet. Instead, this one is for your real pet cats. Well, some entertaining apps and games are also developed to entertain and keep your pet cat busy. Paint for cats is just like that. It’s basically a cat painting game for your iPad where you will have lots of color pallets, and you can choose one for your adorable cat. The bright color will attract your cat for sure.

Important Features

  • 10 different color palettes, including Mighty Jungle, Hot Paws, Psychedelic, Caturday, Wild Side, Tabby Town, etc., are available.
  • The colors are arranged in a particular way to make your cat calm and happy.
  • Virtual wall hanging frames can let you showcase your cat’s drawing.
  • You can set painting patterns and change tools for your cat too.
  • A very smooth touch control will let the paws’ touch draw things efficiently.

Pros: want to be proud of your cat’s drawing skill? Just share the framed picture on your social handling pages.

Cons: Some users complain that it is pretty tough to get the iPad from the cat as it is too addictive.


10. Game for Cat

Game for CatSo, the last game I am here to recommend is Game for Cat. It is another game to entertain your real pet cat. This game has an interface where a mouse runs continuously, and your cat cannot help chasing them. Well, the mouse will run in a black background, and the color of the mouse will be bright. So, the cat will think of it as the real mouse in the dark place. That’s the reason this game has become a very popular cat game for your pets.

Important Features

  • There are different types of background where the mouse or other objects will run.
  • Besides the mouse, a laser dot and a butterfly will also be there to get chased by your cat.
  • The graphics and visual effects of this game are very satisfying.
  • The funny sound effect will attract your pet cat very much.
  • To keep your cat busy in the car or a place, it’s a perfect solution. Eventually, there are different gaming modes too.

Pros: The more your cat can catch the mouse, the more it will score. A leaderboard will initially visualize the highest score of all the players.

Cons: Sometimes, the touchpad doesn’t receive commands from the cat’s paw very well.


Our Recommendations

Recommending a few games is quite easy for today. Probably, you have already noticed that all these games are quite different from one another. Well, if you’re searching for a game for your kids, Bubbu, Talking Tom, or Angela is just perfect. Otherwise, you can try Talking Tom Gold Run, or Cat Sim Online is good for timepass. And finally, if it is your pet cat for whom you want the game, you should go for Cat Fishing 2 or Paint for Cats. I am sure you’ll get a good outcome of keeping your pet busy with these games.

Finally, Insights

So, we come to an end for today. I am not sure if you like the list of the best cat games for your iPad, and so I am requesting you to share the name of the game you will try first. Also, share some other games that you think are better than these 10. However, don’t forget to share the content with your dearest one who will love to have a virtual pet or want to keep their pet busy with the iPad. Thank you in advance for your support.

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