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20 Best Internet of Things Companies in Today’s World

Over the course of time, more devices will be connected to the internet. More reliable IoT technology will be demanded in multiple businesses and home services in the next future. On the other hand, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are giving much more emphasis on innovative IoT startups and also putting more investment in IoT research.

Production companies know how much IoT can reduce the operational cost of each procedure. So starting from housewife to businessman, each person has the eagerness to know the top internet of things companies and their innovation so that everyone remains aware of new technology, which ultimately helps them to take the businesses or life standard to the next level.

Most Powerful Internet of Things Companies

IoT companies work with technology that connects the devices that could be embedded in almost anything over a network and can send notifications in a critical situation.

In this article, our research team has filtered out a comprehensive list of top IoT startups and the most popular companies in the IoT field. This list is not following any particular order, and we have excluded some of the giant companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, etc.

1. VironIt


Though Google is the biggest company that works with IoT startups, the different search results will propose the name Vironit. This is a Belarusian company founded in 2004. With profound knowledge and experience, they have specialized teams to integrate different solutions of IoT. Most of their IoT work includes AR, VR, and Mixed Reality.

The Company Focuses on

  • They can provide augmented or virtual reality projects with various special effects for business purposes.
  • Accumulates AR/VR and Mixed Reality altogether and provides new projects.
  • It provides custom mobile apps that can control virtual reality devices.
  • Customers can get the service of geo-location-based augmented reality apps.
  • Contributes to the medical sector by building a virtual reality-based ECG simulator.

2. R-style Lab


Founded in 2006, R-stylelab emphasizes IoT services on a different platforms, including an embedded system, web, mobile, etc. It is one of the internets of things companies that integrate IoT solutions in the healthcare sector. Besides, they have experience in providing solutions for industrial and smart home appliances.

The Company Focuses on

  • Uses Google Cloud, Azure IoT hub as IoT platform.
  • Analog ADC, Wifi, BLE, etc., are used as sensor technology.
  • They build backend infrastructure with custom business logic with API integration to increase the functionality.
  • It also provides low-level and middleware IoT applications.
  • Users can rely on provided web dashboards, and web data analytics front-ends for desired IoT solutions.
  • Medical imaging, cardiac monitoring, and blood testing are significant sectors of their IoT healthcare solutions.

3. PTC


PTC is a company founded in Boston in 1985. This company pays almost more than 1 billion dollars in revenue per year. PTC builds higher-level industrial IoT solutions and deploys them where necessary. They can increase the workflow of your industry by connecting devices, workers, whole systems, and facilities.

The Company Focuses on

  • For greater output, you need to analyze and monitor the actual status of your industry. IoT solutions provided by this company can make it a lot easier.
  • It provides an industrial IoT platform called “ThinkWorx” which several IoT specialists recommend.
  • For service optimization, PTC works with Microsoft. To unlock and explore the solutions, PTC uses Azure IoT, Azure Cloud, and Hololens 2 provided by Microsoft.
  • A service optimization solution is a cost-effective blend of different technologies.
  • Accurate mixing of analytics technology, AR, and IoT platforms serves as intelligent solutions.

4. ARM


ARM is one of the IoT companies that work with data and device management, data integration, and connectivity. This company is popular for IoT security services. It provides different services of IoT, tools for developing software, and 32-bit and 64-bit RISC multi-core processors. Integrating AI and IoT have profound accuracy in building solutions in various sectors.

The Company Focuses on

  • Pelion is an IoT platform that secures data management, device management, and connectivity of IoT products.
  • This company provides a free book called “IoT solutions for dummies” to understand IoT deployment in the business sector.
  • Medical wearable and VR, AR technology is a field they work with.
  • Mbed OS is an operating system created by ARM that makes the interconnection of devices.
  • It provides an amazing solution for SoC designers to integrate and connect in one kit.

5. Huawei


Huawei is a Chinese company that we know mostly for mobile, tablets, and network equipment. But it is one of the giant IoT companies that are researching the IoT field. Huawei offers several solutions like smart factories, smart parking, shared bike lock, smart gas, smoke detection, smart building, etc.

The Company Focuses on

  • Huawei suggests smart solutions for industrial and business-level operations.
  • They do not build IoT applications; instead, they provide IoT tools and software for making IoT environments around the world.
  • IoT communication modules and chips, EC-IoT gateways, smart home gateways, and IoT network integration services are the most popular.
  • Huawei provides its cloud platform, which is secured to integrate IoT connections.
  • LiteOS provides a secured data experience and IoT device smart interconnection.

6. HQSoftware


Founded in 2001, HQSoftware works only for AR, VR, and IoT development service companies. This offers different types of services like IoT protocols, software, platform, etc. This company’s portfolio suggests that they have already delivered almost 450 IoT applications. BBC and the World Health Organization (WHO) are the clients of this company.

The company focuses on

  • Provides IoT solutions for multiple sectors like healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more.
  • Integrates web and mobile apps with IoT services.
  • They made a framework for AR and VR technology.
  • HQSoftware created Windows and Linux-based IoT solutions for automotive simulation.
  • For building a solution, they mostly depend on ASP, Angular JS, Web socket programming, and more.

7. Ayla Networks


Ayla is one of the internet of things companies that provide quality IoT software solutions on demand. They have lots of offices in several countries in the world. Founded in 2010, Ayla Networks is one of the certified IoT companies that have ANIAB accreditation. Fujitsu, Hamilton Beach, and Kenmore are some of the companies that provide their services.

The company focuses on

  • Enterprise, commercial, and smart home solutions are the most popular IoT projects they are known for.
  • Ayla Networks provides application solutions for IoT products. For example, some of their offers are client support, cloud adapter, and mobile applications.
  • Provides service maintenance, monitoring, and reporting of their products.
  • Maintains partnerships with Google Cloud and IBM.
  • One of the popular projects by this company has produced a mobile application for Fujitsu to control the heating and cooling systems of all products around the world.

8. Qualcomm


Qualcomm is one of the oldest IoT companies situated in San Diego, USA. They established their office in more than 30 countries around the world. They are a provider of multiple electronic products, for example, consumer electronics, mobile processors, mobile computing, and so more. Telbios, Cystelecom, and Verizon are their most important clients.

The company focuses on

  • In 2019 they introduced their smart cities accelerator program. This application connects small enterprises, the government, and people very effectively.
  • One of the leading internet of things companies for 5G technology.
  • They sell IoT-based music equipment, which any source of Qualcomm Technologies can support.
  • Integrates home stuff with IoT solutions and provides a secure home smart home application.
  • A combination of computing and connectivity provides smart consumer electronics and a new flavor of home entertainment. Examples of consumer electronics are printers, cameras, drones and robots, and more.

9. Fusion Informatics


Fusion Informatics is a top Indian IT company that has offices in the USA and UAE. This is one of the popular internet of things companies that provided their IoT solutions for 31 countries. Lots of contributions they have provided in the IoT sector. Retail, banking, healthcare, smart home appliances, and manufacturing are some of their renowned field of IoT development.

The company focuses on

  • Reliance, Lenovo, and hp are the most popular clients of this company.
  • IoT APP security, IoT software development, IoT wearable connectivity, and IoT mobile app development are the services they provide.
  • Research contributions to AI, machine learning, blockchain, and cloud computing are top priorities.
  • Home, business, and healthcare automation are the three primary services in the IoT field.
  • They have an exceptional IoT application for gardening, which can monitor soil conditions and the proper growth of the plant.

10. Telit Wireless Solutions


Telit is a renowned IoT solution company established in 1986. The contribution of 500 employees served several solutions to the IoT field, including industry, home, transportation, retail, and more. “Connecting the world from the inside out” is the motto of this company. Besides, they simplify their IoT products with efficient mobile applications with strong API.

The company focuses on

  • Telematics and fleet management, supply chain management, asset tracking, and predictive maintenance are the most popular IoT applications.
  • Provided their services to 100 million devices and 7000 clients they have around the globe.
  • It uses SAP HANA, amazon web service, and Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform.
  • Data transfer is held in the most secured SSL and TLS communication framework.
  • They invented a refrigerator temperature monitoring system without the use of the internet.

11. Foghorn


If you want to talk about top IoT startups, Foghorn will be the first one. It brought an outstanding effect on the industrial IoT field. These products are designed mainly for industrial purposes. Founded in 2014, this company knows how to properly use “edge intelligence” software. Their software platform blends machine learning and advanced analytics, which optimization of asset performance.

The company focuses on

  • The use of a complex event processor (CEP) brings a new dimension to industrial IoT.
  • Emphasizes on edge domain to enhance responses of IoT edge devices.
  • Lightning Edge ML is an invented software that runs a strong machine learning algorithm to edge IoT applications.
  • Foghorns product increases the power of HMI device, industrial gateway, industrial computer, or any other edge machines.

12. Intersog


Intersog is one of the development-based IoT companies established in 2005, which is situated in Chicago, USA. Intersog has capabilities to ensure delivering of quality IoT products. With more customer engagement, they optimize operational costs and gain more insight from data from IoT devices.

The company focuses on

  • Intersog analyzes data integration connectivity of IoT devices for more output.
  • Provide IoT consultancy.
  • They have experience in creating IoT solutions for the retail, transport, automotive, and banking sector.
  • Emphasizes mostly connected devices and security.
  • Intersog created an IoT app that collects data from the driver by using DOT regulations.

13. PixelCrayons


Indian internet of things companies is doing well. PixelCrayons are one of them. It provides both consumer and industrial IoT services. They delivered their solutions to almost 38 countries. Not only IoT services, but they also provide varieties of IT solutions, including mobile app development, blockchain, AR/VR, and more.

The company focuses on

  • PixelCrayons claims that they can provide all types of IoT apps for wearable devices.
  • Delivers IoT consultancy by their experienced consultant.
  • Offers varieties of quality voice technology, data analysis, and connectivity solutions.
  • Maintenance and support are important issues. This IoT company provides support and maintenance of IoT products.
  • The most popular IoT applications are connected cars, smart home appliances, and wearable healthcare solutions.
  • Puma, Vodafone, NextLot, and eBay are the most renowned customer of this company.

14. Solution Analyst


Established in 2011, Solution Analyst has already gained popularity in device connectivity among the internet of things companies. It delivers many services, including web, enterprise solutions, e-commerce, and IoT solutions obviously. They offer standard IoT services such as IoT maintenance, wearable apps, consultancy, operational support, and so on. They have experts in the use of cutting-edge tools for IoT solutions.

The company focuses on

  • The requirements of the smartwatch are changing according to the business curve. They can provide smartwatches according to business requirements.
  • They are working to bring new advancements in several IoT domains, including home automation, robotics, sports tracking, health monitoring, etc.
  • Provides a specialized gallery-based IoT solution to find the necessary arts and staff in an exhibition.
  • Solution Analyst claims that their IoT solutions are energy-efficient and with great data security.
  • One of their endeavors is a secure home automation system that aims to drive to a smart city.

15. Litmus Automation


Litmus Automation is one of the renowned IoT startups established in 2014 in Silicon Valley. It operates two branch offices situated in Canada and Tokyo. The purpose of this company is to provide industrial IoT products to new enterprises. They leverage LoopEdge technology to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions to their partners.

The company focuses on

  • Provides integration of LoopEdge and cloud platform for IoT devices
  • Ensures a complete edge computing platform by service of LoopEdge.
  • With predictive maintenance mode, their software analyzes device effectiveness.
  • Pre-analyzed data on each edge reduces extra computing on a cloud platform.
  • With an innovative business, model security is the first concern of each project.

16. TechAhed


TechAhed is an app development agency, but they provide some quality IoT projects compared to other internet of things companies. Founded in 2009, it is a Los Angeles-based award-winning mobile app company.

They offer the next level of IoT technology which includes custom IoT solutions, IoT architecture development, IoT module development, and IoT testing with profound knowledge of unique custom IoT solutions.

The company focuses on

  • With 150+ employees, they ensure secured, scalable, and manageable IoT solutions.
  • It also provides professional IoT consultancy services.
  • Creates some incredible IoT applications for agriculture, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and wearable.
  • To provide better insight, they collect and analyze data that makes future decision-making of IoT solutions sharper.
  • Equipment failure detection is possible by using their IoT solutions.

17. Mutual Mobile


Mutual Mobile is a software company that offers various services like app development, AR, VR, and functional IoT solutions. They are renowned for advanced and innovative IoT applications for their customers.

Several famous companies are clients of mutual mobile. Established in 2009, they offer various applications like smart home appliances, automotive, healthcare, real estate, and more.

The company focuses on

  • Mutual Mobile launched an IoT mobile app called Beam, whose task is to control home appliances.
  • Their innovative and proficient IoT consultant provides an IoT roadmap to business institutions.
  • Like another internet of things companies, they aim to provide future solutions for IoT engineering and development.
  • Experience in providing more than 500 IoT products.
  • Good feedback was found from the user of their products.

18. Telenor Connexion


Established in Sweden in 2008, Telenor Connexion is an international IoT service provider. They provided almost 10 million connected things until now. Their services include logistics, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

Managed IoT cloud and connectivity are two of their efficient offerings. Accumulation of IoT knowledge and unique idea Telenor Connexion is serving 200 countries globally.

The company focuses on

  • They invented a GPS tracker called Trex, which can locate those loved ones.
  • IoT companies are now providing environment-friendly IoT solutions. Waste management by IoT is one of the examples of this company.
  • Provides condition monitoring traceability to the container, which ensures intelligent transport and logistics.
  • To increase mobility experience, they are providing IoT support to Volvo cars.
  • Uses microwave telemetry to track the migration of birds with GPRS.

19. Myriota


If we want to talk about the top internet of things startups, Myriota is one of them. Myriota collaborates with Space X to prove its proficiency in low-cost satellite IoT. In December 2018, Myriota sent its nano-satellite into space. As a startup IoT company, they keep incredible contributions to various IoT fields.

The company focuses on

  • The use of nano-satellite enables us to remove the boundary of getting our IoT data from a distant place.
  • Myritos nano-satellite technology minimizes the necessity of tower or ground-based infrastructure to transmit data.
  • This is one of the internet of things companies with patented technology that ensures cost-effective long battery life.
  • Utilities, mining, environment, defense, and maritime are the few sectors of their contribution.

20. Samsara


Samsara is a renowned IoT company established in 2015. Samsara is an international provider of IoT tools like machine vision Systems, power monitors, environmental sensors, and industrial controllers.

They offer their IoT services for almost all industries like oil & gas, transportation, and logistics, retail, etc. The purpose of this company is to ensure the sustainability of procedures to increase the economy.

The company focuses on

  • The major solution of Samsara is monitoring in the real-time, cloud-based machine vision system, power monitoring, cold chain, etc.
  • Recently they launched an IoT project called AI Dash Cam to reduce the accident rate on the road.
  • Consisted of 1000 employees, they provide services to 10000+ customers all over the world.
  • They provide Samsara cloud API to build solutions with sensor data which response as JSON.

Finally, Insights

IoT is one of the emerging trends in today’s world. This technology concept has changed our daily life and business prospect in a significant way and will do the same in the next future. It becomes possible only for this vast range of IoT companies around us.

These Internet of Companies are devoting their workforce to creating or innovating various IoT solutions for us. Top internet of things startups is focused on bringing more uniqueness and efficiency to their IoT products.

Our expert team has tried to include all the best IoT companies which are actively involved in IoT product innovation. If we miss something, please let us know in the comment section. If you like this article, please don’t forget to share it on social media.

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