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The 50 Best Programming Blogs and Websites To Follow

Programming languages are the building blocks of all software applications. They form the basic set of instructions that allow computers to quickly and efficiently process large and complex information groups. These languages enable humans to communicate with computers. Learning programming may not be easy for everyone, but with proper help, it can be straightforward. Programming blogs offer lots of relevant and useful resources for programmers of all levels.

Best Programming Blogs

Here is a lineup of programming blogs that can help you with your programming skills, whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional programmer in the IT industry.

1. Site Point

Sitepoint was founded in the year 1999 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz. The blog covers a wide range of categories for programmers. They offer resources on JavaScript, PHP, UX Design, mobile app development, and entrepreneurship. The business acumen is an interesting addition to a programming blog but an important one. 

2. Stack Abuse

Stackabuse is a blog offering tutorials, guides, and reviews on the latest developments in programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript. They have a separate section for jobs where interested coders can look for possible opportunities and apply. General coding problems are posted regularly as challenges, including problems from Facebook and Google.

3. Hanselman

Hanselman is an author and a veteran coder. He also has a podcast and YouTube channel. Scott Hanselman blogs about all the latest developments in technology and coding. You will find useful tips on being a better coder and, as a bonus, know about his travels and cooking in this blog.

4. will help you prepare for your dream interview with its dedicated programming interview question sets. It offers courses for eager programmers. The trending blog topics are easy to see on the homepage, so you can easily catch up on the latest programming news. They aim at helping learners get the best resources with no biased opinions.

5. The Rapid API Blog

The RapidAPI Blog is dedicated to everything related to API; whether it is how to use an API with Python or using API with Ruby to build bots, they have it covered. APIs allow two applications to communicate with each other. This blog has helpful API documentation and tutorials based on the programming language.

6. Techie Delight

Techie Delight is focused on making life easy for programmers. The blog is categorized not by language type but by the data structure. The blogs are marked as easy, medium, and hard for learners. This helps them find what they are looking for easily. You also have the option to subscribe to their content.

7. Solo Learn

Sololearn blog is run by SoloLearn Inc offers classes for programming languages such as Python, C++, jQuery, SQL, etc. They make learning fun by incorporating coding games and badges for learners. There is a  support team for clarifications. The blogs are always focused on learning enhancements and sharing knowledge for learners of all levels.

8. Techbeamers

Techbeamers are the perfect place for programmers eager to learn Java, Python, PHP, C#, C++, Selenium, AngularJS, web development, and more. They post many interview questions of veteran programmers, along with various tutorials, which are insightful. They also post quizzes to test your knowledge and documentation on software, manual & automation testing. 

9. Coding DOJO

CodingDOJO is a blog with coding tips and guides to free courses for developers. They offer a virtual Bootcamp with a curriculum to match the current job demand for students. They have career tips for programmers and tips on how to handle remote coding, especially during the time of a global pandemic.

10. Computing & Technology

Computing & Technology is a blog where you can find in-depth knowledge of hardware such as Raspberry Pi and VPS Database. The programming languages are machine learning, SQL, Node.JS, JavaScript, PHP, Delphi, Python, and more. They also provide articles on the trending news in the IT industry.

11. Tutorials Mate

TutorialsMate is a learning portal for beginners and professionals offering a wide range of programming tutorials, including Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, C Languages, Apache, Bash Script, etc. The programming blog also has a useful Career Guide to help improve your skills. The career guide has tips on resume writing, interview, and career.

12. The Codezine

The Codezine is a fun place to learn coding and programming with a good knowledge base. Create simple games with the codes provided in this website. They offer free resources on PHP, C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, CSS, GitHub, and HTML. They host a blog where articles about coding, web development, and relevant current trends are published.    

13. Free Code Camp

FreeCodeCamp is a great programming website for intermediate programmers and web developers who further enhance their coding skills. Among some of the notable robust coding skills they offer are JavaScript, Databases, CSS, SQL, Python, and Node, to mention a few. They also provide free verified certification on different aspects of programming. 

14. Java Beginners Tutorial

Java Beginners Tutorial started in 2010 with Core Java. This is an up to date programming blog that focuses on learning for beginners. Their tutorials are constantly updated based on the newest technologies. Currently, they have tutorials on Core Java, Python, Spring Boot, Vue Js, Selenium, and Hibernate. An interview questions section is also available.

15. I’m Programmer

I’m Programmer is a blog for programmers with a unique touch of jokes so you can have fun with coding. They have useful articles about trending technology, programs, and programming languages. Their tutorial offerings include PHP, AJAX, C Programming, C++, JavaScript, CSS, CSS 3, HTML, HTML 5, JAVA, and JAVA 8.

16. Codeamy

Codeamy is a very useful programming and development blog for beginners and advanced programmers. They have free tutorials on programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, etc. They also have projects for you to work on. An added bonus would be interview questions for technologies related to any programming language. 

17. A Byte of Python

A Byte of Python is a free book about the Python programming language, which starts from the basics and aims at beginners who want to learn Python. It elaborates on concepts and codings like Operators and Expressions, Control flow, Functions and Modules, Data Structures, Problem Solving, Object-Oriented Programming, etc.

18. Learn JS

Learn JS is a blog with an interactive JavaScript tutorial where you can learn coding using their short exercises and running them from within the browser. This programming blog is aimed at beginners and experts, focusing primarily on JavaScript skills. They also provide plenty of resources on Python, C, C++, PHP, C#, Perl, Ruby, etc.

19. Discuss Desk

Discuss Desk is a programming blog for the intermediate level programmer. It is intended for the further development of programming knowledge and skills. They focus primarily on programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, and Web development. They also provide downloadable coding resources along with live demos and different programming tips.

20. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the largest communities for programmers to learn to code. They have a basic (free) and pro (paid) version for students to sign-up for courses. Their approach to online learning is different from traditional methods. They offer courses on Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash/Shell, Ruby, C++, PHP, etc.

21. A List Apart

A List Apart is a website mainly focusing on web design, development, and web content. Their coding topic covers CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and Application Development. This blog provides good insightful content on all aspects of web design and development. They also discuss concepts like design, content, process, and user experience.

22. Code The Web

Code The Web is for novice programmers interested to learn web development. This blog provides easily understandable tutorials on JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and others, which start from absolute basics. They provide relatively updated content every week in articles and have weekly featured coding projects to learn from. 

23. Live Code Stream

Live Code Stream is a website with a blog with articles on the latest developments and technologies about programming, AI, and computer science. They produce high-quality content from articles, videos, books to full courses for learners. Some of their noteworthy articles are about JavaScript, Python, Node.js, and many more. 

24. PHP The Right Way

PHP The Right Way is an all-in-one stop programming blog for PHP programmers, which is very resourceful with lots of references. To easily start learning PHP, the website has a built-in web server, so it is needless to install or configure anything on your PC. Some PHP related topics include Dependency Injection, Templating, MySQL Extension, etc.

25. Learn CPP

Learn CPP is another all in one programming website for learning C++ and object-oriented programming. This is another site that offers extensive tutorials for beginners interested in C++. Anything related to C++ can be found here, such as Control Flow, operators, Object Scope and Conversions virtual function, arrays, Strings, Pointers, and References.

26. Lambda the Ultimate – Programming Languages Weblog

Lambda the Ultimate – Programming Languages Weblog is where all sorts of information about programming languages, from academic resources to general articles, are available. This blog deals with issues directly related to programming languages and programming language research. Their content includes programming language news, articles, courses, discussions, research papers, and other useful material.

27. Developer Android

Developer Android is a website for android developers who want to start making android apps. You can learn to create apps using Kotlin and Jetpack from here. They have tools like Android Studio to start creating apps right away. Some other topics this site can help with are UX design, JAVA, graphics, and animations. 

28. Tech Briefers 

TechBriefers is a blog where you can learn and grow your knowledge about PHP, jQuery, and MySQL. You can also prepare for an interview and test your knowledge with quizzes. They have many articles about the said programming languages, including tips and tricks. Other resources include SEO, programming solutions, Database, etc.

29. Pro Developer Tutorial

ProDeveloperTutorial is a programming blog that offers Tutorials and Programming Solutions. They focus on C, C++, GIT, Linux System Programming, System Design, and Shell Scripting. The entire blog is arranged into chapters, like a book, for each topic, including a competitive coding questions section. This arrangement makes each subject matter easily understandable for learners

30. Programming Throw down

Programming Throwdown is an informative blog for software engineers. They have an interesting way of educating their audience through Episodes, which cover numerous programming and tech-related subject matter. Their episodes are published monthly. Each episode consists of a new topic or programming language, so no one is ever bored.

31. Geeks Trick

Geeks Trick is a blog focused on web development. You can learn fun tips and tricks behind web development here. Their resources consist of tutorials, courses, and articles on the most current news in the programming world. They have the latest learning material on JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, CSS, and a lot more.

32. Stack Secrets

Stack Secrets intends to help web developers become full-stack developers. They offer a range of tutorials that cover everything from the client-side to server-side software. They provide useful resources on mobile and web development, as well as APIs and DevOps. Learn about Flutter, Dart, .NET Core, Git, and Angular here.   

33. Objc

Objc is a website that publishes books, videos, and articles on advanced techniques for iOS and Mac OS development. Swift is their primary focus, which is used for iOS development. They charge an amount for their published content and also have a blog that consists of free coding material for everyone. 

34. Tech Blog Station

TechBlogStation is a platform to learn, understand, and apply state-of-the-art technologies. They intend to be an up to date source of technical knowledge. Their articles cater to beginners as well as professionals. Some of the useful material they offer includes articles on Java, Spring Boot, Kafka, web development, and many more.

35. Tech Xposer

TechXposer is a community blog targeting IT Professionals and Developers. The blog is updated continuously on the latest technology news in the industry. They also discuss technical solutions to real-time issues. You can learn some programming languages from here are Java, JavaScript, C#, SQL, .NET Core, and other database languages.  

36. Coding Vila

Codingvila is a good programming web blog aimed at helping beginner and student programmers. They provide articles on web and software development as well as free academic projects in various technologies of different programming languages. Students can learn about C#, VB.Net, Angular, jQuery, SQL Server, Asp.Net, and Web API from here.

37. Be The Programmer

BeTheProgrammer is a great place to gather knowledge about web design and animation. Here you can get technology news, learn to code animation, get the know-how of blogging, and do a lot more. They focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also have lots of updated content on web development.  


MAK CODE is “a single site for all your tech needs,” offering the most current tech news and solutions. A very resourceful blog for beginners as well as IT professionals. They provide a range of resources on Core PHP, PHP Programming, HTML, CSS, and Web Development. Learn web development on Bootstrap here.

39. Zhully Blog

Zhullyblog offers tutorials and courses on some of the most common programming languages of today. The blog is about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. They teach web development using Bootstrap. Both beginners and advanced programmers can find useful programming material here as their articles are made easy to follow for all. 

40. Coding Touch

CodingTouch is an informative blog for student programmers and anyone working with web development and design. Their resources include free guides, tutorials, and articles about Programming. They mostly write about JavaScript, among other languages. Some of the subject matter they discuss in their articles include matrix, strings, Java basics, etc.

41. Pragmatic Ways

Pragmatic Ways is a blog dedicated to helping developers write complex, robust, and maintainable applications by reintroducing them to clean coding techniques. They are focused on Software Engineering best practices, design patterns, data structures, and algorithms, refactoring legacy software, and other critical aspects of programming to improve programmers’ quality of coding code.

42. Programmopedia

Programmopedia is a programming blog for novices. This is the right place for you if you want to learn coding from scratch. They cover topics like Object-oriented programming, Data structures, Web programming, Mobile Application development, etc. Their articles are very educational for learners, including relevant interview questions too.  

43. Learn to Code HTML & CSS

Learn to Code HTML & CSS, as the name suggests, is focused on web development. You can learn how to build intuitive websites through their organized lessons. They offer tutorials and helpful videos. Some of the topics they discuss are Creating Lists, Adding Media, Building Forms, jQuery, Transitions & Animations, etc.

44. Coding with Rohit

Codingwithrohit is a website created by self-taught student programmers for students of programming. This site has a blog that consists of tutorials, articles on programming tips and tricks, and problem-solving discussions. You can learn about C, C++, Python, Java, Swift, and Go programming in this programming website. 

45. Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich is one of the best blogs for iOS developers. It is a community site that provides the best quality video courses, books, and written tutorials. Their repository has over 3000 tutorials. They have an up to date collection of courses on iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Flutter, Server Side, and Unity.

46. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks is all about building websites. This blog started with CSS in 2007 and gradually grew to include HTML, JavaScript, Angular, and most other programming material that developers may need for proper web development. Their resources include articles, videos, guides, books, and an almanac, unlike other blogs or websites.

47. HTML Dog

HTML Dog has every resource related to web development any web developer might need. Their main focus is on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can learn from their tutorials, examples, references, and techniques on web design. If you are a web development enthusiast, this is the best place for you. 


PHPFOREVER is an open-source web development platform that offers free practical tutorials and projects on open-source technology. They mainly focus on PHP programming and include JavaScript, Laravel, jQuery, Codeigniter, VueJs, MYSQL, and other resources from databases. This is a good place for programmers looking for practical knowledge and application on web development.

49. Tutorial Land

Tutorial Land is a blog for beginners who want to learn programming languages. They have an array of tutorials on Python, C, C++, and Java. Their tutorials and articles start discussions from the very basics of these programming languages that would help any beginner or student of programming. 

50. Coding Birds

Coding Birds is a blogging website dedicated to making coding easier for everyone, especially beginners. This is a very resourceful blog that has answers to all your how-tos to problem solutions. They offer a range of demos, tutorials, and tips and tricks. Their programming language offerings include PHP, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, and MySQL, to mention a few.

End Thoughts

“Programmers are in the enviable position of not only getting to do what they want to but because the result is so important, they get paid to do it. There are other professions like that, but not that many.”                                                                                          – Linus Torvalds.

Programming languages have evolved over the years. New Languages have come into being while older unused ones slowly die out. New programming languages are designed and created with the sole idea of making coding easier for programmers. Most of these new programming languages don’t see the light of day, while few others thrive.

Programmers in the tech industry always strive to make programming languages easier to understand for anyone who wants to learn and become a programmer. Coding technologies are also constantly being developed and updated. In today’s growing tech industry, programming is a good career to choose with exciting new developments on the roll, and no one could ever get bored too easily.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.


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