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How To Learn Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a board concept, and this emerging field has been growing and evolving continuously. So, the newcomers or beginners face problems to start their journey in artificial intelligence. They become confused about how to learn artificial intelligence easily. Also, beginners don’t understand how they will adopt artificial intelligence to their computer-based system or robot to make them intelligent similar to human intelligence.

The main goal of artificial intelligence or machine learning is to develop a machine or system such a way that it can think, act, perceive as the human brain can. In the forthcoming year, artificial intelligence will dominate our workplace, which will decrease the need for the human workforce.

How To Learn Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) mimics human intelligence. The CEO of DataRobot, Jeremy Achin, defines AI: “An artificial intelligence is a computer system that can able to perform a task as a human can perform. The AI can be powered by deep learning, machine learning, and rule-based approach.” Below we provide a guideline for beginners to learn artificial intelligence.

Step 1. Learn a Programming Language

programming languagesCan a machine think, or can a machine act intelligently as a human? Yes, a machine can. If we employ artificial intelligence into this machine. To employ AI in an artificial intelligence or machine learning project, a beginner must have to know a programming language very well. He must know the syntax, method, libraries, and packages of that programming language. 

A programming language is a set of instructions that produces the desired output. Several programming languages, frameworks, and machine learning software are available in the market. A developer can use any programming language based on his preference and system requirements.

AI researchers have designed several programming languages to develop an artificial intelligence project. A beginner or fresher can learn R programming language, MatLab, Java, Python, Julia, Prolog, Haskell, Lisp, C++, and so forth to develop his project. One can develop his project effortlessly by using these programming languages. 

Step 2. Refresh Your Fundamental Knowledge

Artificial intelligence is such a board umbrella that encompasses many other areas like mathematics, statistics, machine learning, and many more. For this, a fresher must have to refresh his fundamental knowledge. He/ she must have to know mathematical terms, i.e., algebra and statistics techniques, i.e., standard deviation, distributions, probability theory, and machine learning algorithms and techniques.

Step 3. Learn from Best Courses

course for AIThe beginners are always confused or irritated about how will they start their journey of learning. They always search in google how to learn artificial intelligence. We addressed this question in one of the previous articles. You may read it: the best AI and Machine Learning courses.

These courses are for everyone. By completing these useful courses, you may understand the common AI terminology like machine learning (ML), artificial neural networks (ANN), data science, and deep learning. Also, you will learn the theoretical background of artificial intelligence and how to build an AI project. Moreover, you will able to work with an AI team by accomplishing this course.

Step 4. Learn from Best Books

AI bookIf you want to learn something new, then the book is the best option for you rather than any other media like YouTube videos or articles. Several books are written on artificial intelligence. To boost up your artificial intelligence knowledge, you may read this book: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. This one of the best books for any beginner.

Besides this, several books are also available such as Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans by Melanie Mitchell, Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis by Nils J. Nilsson, Life 3.0 – Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark.

Step 5. Useful Resources form Quora

If you are searching how to learn artificial intelligence, then we must say your search ends here. In this article, we try to capture several ways of learning artificial intelligence. You may get useful resources from Quora to learn artificial intelligence like what is AI?, future of artificial intelligence, the best way to learn AI for beginners, how does AI work? prerequisites for learning artificial intelligence and many more.

Step 6. AI Project

AI project

While learning, it is crucial to gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. To employ your theoretical knowledge practically, you should pick an artificial intelligence project. We have listed the best artificial intelligence and machine learning projects for your convenience. These projects will help you to boost up your skills.

To develop an artificial intelligence project, first, you have to pick a problem. Then, you have to find out a solution for this problem. Solving this problem also helps you to get engage with machine learning techniques deeply. After getting a solution, you have to try to find out an optimum solution for this problem.

Then, you have to code your solution using any programming language. Also, you need a noise-free and standard dataset to train and test the system. If you need any dataset, you may read this machine learning datasets article. In this article, we outlined the datasets download link for your convenience. 

Step 7 – Project Evaluation

Evaluation is such a process that examines the performance of a system. That means how much a system gives an accurate result with the actual output. After developing an AI project, you have to evaluate your project with the actual output. If you get less accuracy, then you have to check out your logic again and again. And you must have to change the logic or initial solution according to your requirements.

Step 8 – Implementation of Assessment

After modifying your logic, you have to write down code for the modified section. Finally, you have to evaluate your program again. If it gives a better result than before, then your journey of the coding ends here. Now, you can go to step 8. Otherwise, you have to modify your logic again. You have to modify your code until you get a satisfactory result.

Step 9 – Share Your Code

Sharing is the best way of learning. If you share your knowledge with others, you can learn from others. You may share your code on GitHub, Kaggle Kernels, or other GitHub alternative sites. If you share your code, then you can get feedback on your solution. It will help you to learn, and also it will help you to make your program efficient and accurate. And, thus, it will help you to get a satisfactory result from your computer-based system.

Moreover, you may write documentation for your artificial intelligence project. Then finally, you can publish a research paper based on your project.

Ending Thoughts

The field of artificial intelligence is a cutting edge trend. If you are a computer science student, then you must have to know how to learn artificial intelligence. By learning artificial intelligence, you will enter the core of computer science. It mimics the human brain. Artificial intelligence enables a computer-based system or robot to perceive and act like a human. If you are unaware of the techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning, then you are a backdated person in this technology-driven world. Because artificial intelligence spreads over our day to day life.

If you are a beginner in this field, you go through our previous article that is about interview questions of machine learning. It might help you to enhance your machine learning and AI skill. If you have any suggestions or queries, please leave a comment in our comment section. Also, if you like this article, you can share it with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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