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How to Install Geary Email Client (V0.12) on Ubuntu. A Beautiful Email Client for Linux

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Email is the best source to communicate with others on the internet. There are many email servers which provide us special advantages. We mainly use Email service from a browser. But Email Apps are very useful because they are user-friendly. There are several Email apps for Ubuntu. Most of them are good. But Geary, an amazing Thunderbird Email Client Alternative for Linux, is the best email client application for Ubuntu which is recently updated. Now, Reach Text Compose and Yahoo, Outlook Archiving functions are added in this update. Keyboard shortcut features are worked well to make help sheet. You will also have better mailing experience with this version of Geary.

Install Geary Email client on Ubuntu-3

Now, let’s see the full features of Geary 0.12:


  • Insert images inline features added when you will compose rich text messages.
  • Multiple spell-checker Addons added.
  • Provides Improved interface when you will insert links in rich text messages.
  • Offer message archiving advantages for Yahoo! Mail and
  • Comes with a very good interface.
  • Easy Saving for remote inline images.
  • Distribution via Flatpak is possible.
  • The user interface, layout, and design updated.
  • Improved designing when moving and labeling conversations at the same time.
  • Offers to unfold the starred messages when you are in a conversation.
  • Keyboard navigation is awesome.
  • Application keyboard shortcut help (Ctrl + ?) added.
  • Advanced security when displaying any messages.
  • Internal bug fixed.

Install Geary Email client on Ubuntu-2

These are the important features of Geary 0.12. Now let’s see the installation process of Geary 0.12.

Installing Geary 0.12 on Ubuntu is very simple. You just follow some steps to complete it. Geary 0.12 has the official PPA. It will offer you the latest packages for Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04, and 17.10 version.

Installation Process of Geary (Stable Build):

First, you should Open terminal holding Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for “Terminal” from the apps. It only takes a few moment to open up. After opening it you should run command to add the PPA in the command window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:geary-team/releases

After typing the command you should input your password when it will request you to hit Enter.

You can update the latest version of Geary via software updater if you recently use the old version of it.

If you fail to upgrade Geary by software updater you will have the chance to do it by the following commands to successfully install Geary on Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install Geary

Note: If you want to connect your Google account via Geary, you have to update your Google Account Settings.

Installation Process of Geary (Dev Build):

If you want to install Geary email client- Dev Builds on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other Ubuntu related derivatives, then run the following command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:geary-team/dev-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install geary

Uninstall of Geary:

It is very simple to uninstall Geary from Ubuntu. Just you have to spend a moment. For complete uninstallation of Geary email client you have to use your system package manager either or run the command:

sudo apt-get remove –autoremove geary

Finally, you can also remove the PPA by opening Software & Updates utility.

Geary is one of the best Email Client apps for Ubuntu. It doesn’t require any additional command to start. You just install it then enjoy its service. I think you have got a clear concept about the Features, Installations Process and Uninstallation system of Geary. Thank you very much.

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