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10 Exciting Virtual Trivia Games to Play with Teams

When we are looking for a way of entertainment in an office environment or educational institute, the concept of virtual trivia games is the most effective option. Trivia is actually a type of quiz game where the quizzes are all about funny and not-so-important content.

So, whether it’s in Zoom or another online platform, you can enjoy these games and challenge your team members. Some of the games also allow team vs. team modes that are even more exciting. However, if you are looking for some efficient online trivia games, keep reading to find some best deals.

Best Virtual Trivia Games to Challenge Your Friends and Colleagues

We have checked a lot of trivia games but the thing that mostly disappointed us is the interface. Still, some games are made genuinely for teams. So, virtually, these games look just fine. However, here is the list of the best virtual trivia games:

1. TriviaMaker


TriviaMaker is the most popular trivia game that trivia lovers should never miss. This game offers the flexibility to craft custom games when you can select from numerous pre-existing ones. This engaging platform lets you make a team and then customize trivia according to your team’s expertise.

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With a user-friendly design, TriviaMaker seamlessly integrates into different virtual environments and finally makes it an ideal choice for interactive team-building exercises. That’s why it is a good option for making a balance between entertainment and professional engagement. That’s why when it’s a team environment, I always go for TriviaMaker.

2. Crowdpurr


Whether it’s for team entertainment or self-fun, Crowdpurr can be a true fun deal for trivia lovers. This one is very simple, and when you enjoy your trivia challenge, the interface won’t bother you with any unnecessary options. The best thing is that you can customize the difficulty level easily in this game.

Besides, if you want to play trivia on a specific topic like sport, media, etc, that’s completely fine here. Also, you can check the leaderboard and learn how the pears are doing in comparison to your progression. However, playing this trivia in a team is more fun for this game. So, when in a group, you can try this one.

3. Triviaplaza


What about a trivia gaming site where tons of categories are waiting to challenge you? Sounds exciting, right? Well, try Triviaplaza. As the name says, it’s like a whole plaza full of different categories of trivia. From music to sports, there are lots of categories, including some unique ones like Classics, literature, etc.

This trivia site adds new trivia based on recent events, and you can enjoy novels to solve trivia based on them. While solving this, it simply reminds me of the reading test for professional English proficiency. However, if you really love Trivia and want to enrich your knowledge of a specific category, try this for sure.

4. Coworker Clues

Coworker Clues

For people who love trivia but with clues, this one is their must-have. Coworker Clues is a trivia game that is specifically designed to improve team bonding in a lighthearted manner. Here, you can create a PowerPoint table featuring fun facts about your teammates, like home office decor or preferred Starbucks orders.

Here, you’ll find different sections of interactive trivia like synonyms, Scrabble Word Finder, Wordle Helper, etc. Each of them contains unique criteria to gear up your knowledge and quick thinking power. It’s a great combination of friendly competition with interesting tidbits about colleagues.

5. QuizBreaker


QuizBreaker revolutionizes team engagement with its popular trivia game that simply enhances team building in a fun and interactive way. It lets you join more than 100 participants online or onsite to play with a question bank of over 100,000 queries. Also, it allows customization for a personalized touch.

Here, the best part is the team vs. team mode, where two or more teams can challenge each other. You will also love the common features of this game, like leaderboards, sound effects, and entertaining elements like GIFs and fun facts. Other options like icebreaker quizzes, online escape games, and pulse surveys are all good as well.

6. Trivianerd


Whether you want to enjoy it at school, an event, work, or just alone, there is no way you can be bored if you are into Trivianard. This one is like a warehouse of trivia with more than 10,000 pre-made quizzes. But that’s not the part. Indeed, it’s about the trivia-generating function.

This game does not just let you enjoy solving trivia; you can initially generate trivia based on interesting info that you recently discovered. You can also use AI to generate questions and list their answers to make trivia for your friends and teammates. Finally, you can use custom trivia builders to format a combined collection of trivia to try on.

7. Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia is a premier trivia game with an extensive library full of 2 million questions and 155,000 unique quizzes on different subjects like movies, science, sports, TV, and geography. The platform comes with engaging daily trivia tournaments, pub question packs, and quizzes for purchase.

Here, you can enjoy different trivia formats, including traditional quizzes, fill-in-the-blank tests, and a unique drag-and-drop answer option. While many of Fun Trivia’s games are free for solo play. Still, you can pay to buy a subscription that will unlock additional features. But for me, the user interface is a little bit hazy here.

8. Trivia Murder Party

Trivia Murder Party

Jackbox Games represents the Trivia Murder Party, and overnight, it has become a hype among young trivia players. It is an addictive trivia game that adds a thrilling twist to the classic format. In this game, answering questions incorrectly will result in landing players on “The Killing Floor.”

This is a place where elimination is ready to make you leave. So, among all the trivia games, this one is specifically very challenging. Here, your primary goal should be to eliminate opponents or lead them to the fate of becoming a ghost. So, the competitive flow is your personal preference, and this one will suit you the best.

9. All The Trivia

All The Trivia

This one, specifically topic-oriented trivia, will suit you the best if you want to enjoy trivia on your favorite topic, no matter if it’s a franchise or general topic. All the Trivia has a separate categorical trivia setup, and here, you’ll find everything that is on trend.

For example, Harry Potter, Alice in the Borderland, Squid Game, Marvels, Batman, and everything. The Intelligence test is the most interesting part from my end. I also liked the other tests that are suitable for different exams as well. So, if it’s for preparing for your exam or just for fun, you can definitely try this one.

10. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

The last one is Trivia Crack. It’s a smartphone-friendly trivia game that challenges players to acquire all six characters on a spinning wheel by showcasing their knowledge across diverse categories. So, this one is not just trivia but also has a combination of a thrilling story.

With topics spanning art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, pop culture, and history, the game ensures a well-rounded intellectual experience in one place. You can invite your friends or fellow trivia enthusiasts to enjoy this competitive platform together. Just remember that you should be the first to collect all the characters to win the match.

Wrapping Up

The concept of Virtual Trivia games is undoubtedly a very interactive idea that combines learning and environments together. So, while playing games and challenging your virtual teammates, you can learn about new things. However, the listed Trivia games are good for playing both in a team or alone.

Among all of them, I personally like the Trivia Marder Party, Trivia Maker, and Trivia Crack. I tried the others as well, and they are pretty exciting as well. So, to increase team bonding virtually, you will find these games very helpful.

Don’t forget to share the list with your friends for the next trivia contest.

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