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20 Best C++ Projects For Beginners

When it comes to programming, the best way to test one’s skills is to implement their knowledge into projects. While this is true for every programming language out there, our focus today is on C++ specifically, and there are plenty of C++ projects/ideas for beginners to talk about.

Projects can also challenge you to broaden your horizons and also help you get ready to work on real-time development jobs for your career. So, hopefully, you’ll get some C++ project ideas today to expand your portfolio as a beginner.

Top C++ Projects for Beginners

In this article, we will talk about 20 such C++ projects for beginners that are easy to complete and will also help you strengthen your fundamentals like no other.

1. Library Management System

Library management system.First up, we have a library management system. Nowadays, as everything is digitalized, book lovers can get their books without waiting in long lines with the library management system we are talking about here. It is a simplistic system; you only need your beginner-level knowledge to create it. So let’s take a look at what it has to offer below.

Project Highlights

  • An admin server for the librarians to add or handle library members and their records.
  • The booklist function displays the available books in the library.
  • A member server that shows a menu to which can request the admin server to rent books and also showcases the booklist and updates it.
  • A list of books that are already rented with their due dates, which only admins can edit.

2. Bank Account Management System

Like Library systems, Bank Account management systems are an even easier C++ project that makes use of C++’s object-oriented features, such as classes and objects, to create bank accounts that hold data for the bank to access. It’s even easier if you have a good grasp of concepts for arrays and functions from structured programming languages such as C.

Project Highlights

  • A bank server that can create or terminate bank accounts.
  • The Client-server is connected to the bank server to add user information and call functions as desired by the client.
  • Methods such as deposit amount, withdraw amount and display balance.
  • A method that lets users input their pin codes to access the account.

3. Car Rental System

Easy car rental project.If you tackled the library management system, the car rental system concept should be a piece of cake for you. It’s one of the most basic C++ projects for beginners, and you only need to change a few things from the library system. However, this would be a good start if you did not do the library management. You can also take inspiration from apps such as Ola and Uber.

Project Highlights

  • The project calls for three servers – one for the rental company, the admin server, another for the drivers, and lastly, one for the customers.
  • Your main menu should let you log in as an admin, driver, or customer.
  • You should add features for pick-up points and drop-off addresses.
  • There should also be a menu to allow the customer to choose from the cars available to rent.

4. Cyber Cafe Management System

While there’s internet available everywhere, cyber cafes are in plenty of demand. That said, the cyber cafe management system we will be discussing now is a very simple project that tests your knowledge of objects, methods, file handling, and more. You can also add a feature that lets users talk with each other but uses threading, a more advanced concept.

Project Highlights

  • There will be two modules for the project – one for the admins and another for the users.
  • The admins can add or delete users and also enter their user records, such as when they joined and how long they used the computers, payment records, services ordered, etc.
  • Your user module has a menu for logging in as a new user or as an existing one and having access to the list of services that the cyber cafe provides, which they can request.
  • You should also add a method for calling the service list and calculating payments for the requested services along with the payment for the time they used the computers.

5. Restaurant Management System

The restaurant management system is another great start to C++ projects for beginners. The concept itself is easy and does not need any advanced knowledge. You simply need to understand topics such as arrays, strings, conditionals, constructors, etc. Also, you do not need to worry about any complex features to add because we are aiming to keep it simple.

Project Highlights

  • You can create two modules only – one for admins and one for users.
  • The admin module will handle user tabs and, food menus, bills, as well as a menu for handling the sitting area.
  • Users can access the restaurant’s menu, order or send food back in, call the waiter, see their bill by themselves for the food they ordered, etc., right from their seats.
  • There can also be a feature that lets users reserve seats from the restaurant’s online page, which would be added to the program by the admin and displayed to new users so that they do not sit on the reserved tables.

6. Snakes and Ladders Game

Snakes and ladders project for beginners with C++.If you want something different than management systems, games are also great C++ project ideas for beginners. You must be familiar with board games such as Ludo, snake and Ladders, scrabble, and much more. With this project, you can create a Snakes and Ladders game and challenge your skills with a project that has a fun output.

Project Highlights

  • One can complete the project with a little knowledge of GUIs and BFS from data structures is required.
  • There will be two players, and each will get to roll the dice at their respective turns, and the players can move places according to the number that comes on their dice.
  • Recursion is important in this game as it keeps the game going until a certain condition is reached.
  • You must also think of the cells as a directed graph, and the player cannot go more than six steps ahead unless they reach a ladder or come across a snake that causes them to move down to the end of the snake’s tail.

7. Tic Tac Toe Game

If you’d like to create a game but found the snakes and ladders one a bit complex for your understanding, you can create a nostalgic game of tic-tac-toe. It is one of the most popular C++ projects for beginners. It has a simplistic approach to switch-case concepts and no necessary knowledge of graphic user interfaces unless you wish to go the extra mile.

Project Highlights

  • You need to create nine cells and have two players.
  • The turns have to be automated so that no user can cheat.
  • Each player can decide which cell they wish to start from and which cell they wish to move to.
  • The game has to end if any player gets three consecutive moves in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal directions-they win, or if both players get blocked by each other – it’s a draw.

8. Digital Watch

Simple C++ projects for beginners - digital watch.While management systems and games are some great project initiatives, the digital watch project that we will be talking about now is one that can give you a taste of building useful real-time applications simplistically, whereas the games and systems we have talked about till now are basic applications that have a ton of room to grow.

Project Highlights

  • You only need one user module for this, which can let you log in and save your alarms, and see your past stopwatch records, timezones, and more.
  • The watch should keep going correspondingly with the actual time according to the timezone so that the user does not have to set it manually.
  • Your watch should notify the users when their alarm goes off with a message on the screen. You can also add sound effects if you want with your alarm.
  • It should have a stopwatch feature that is useful for running, swimming, challenges, and more activities.

9. Student Portal

Coming back to systems, another one of the easier C++ projects for beginners is a student portal system. The title of the game is pretty self-explanatory in terms of what features you should add to the project. This project is so versatile that it can be developed using structured programming languages such as C, but C++ makes it even easier.

Project Highlights

  • You only need to add two modules – one for the school and the other for the students.
  • People with access to the school module can add students, assign them courses or assignments, and update their test scores and class routines.
  • On the other hand, students can only see their records and cannot alter them.
  • There can also be a noticeboard feature that can notify students of any important updates from the school module.

10. Digital Scientific Calculator

Digital calculator project.Much like a digital watch, a digital scientific calculator is one of the most primitive C++ project ideas out there that help you implement your fundamental skills without having to get out of your comfort zone much. You also do not need to brainstorm ideas as to which features to add since, as a learner, you must already have access to digital calculators in real life.

Project Highlights

  • A menu should be added to access previous data, clear data, or turn the calculator on or off.
  • Your calculator should have a list of mathematical formulas that can be implemented to perform integration, differentiation, middle-term breakdowns, display roots, and more.
  • It should be able to use indices and trigonometrical functions such as sin, cos, tan, and more.
  • The calculator should have values of pi, e, log, and much more assigned in a constructor and should also be able to convert to degrees or radians as per user needs.

11. Supermarket Billing System

If you find the restaurant management system, car rental system, or cyber cafe management system easy to do, we’re sure that you’ll find the supermarket billing system even easier. The name says it all! It’s just a billing system with not many added features. So, let’s take a look at the project highlights below.

Project Highlights

  • You should have a list of products with prices in a constructor to which you can assign prices later.
  • The person accessing the program should manually enter the products from checkout to get a bill.
  • If the customer has any coupons or vouchers, the respective amounts should be deducted from their total bill.
  • You should also add in any free products due to offers in the bill to keep track of sold items. 

12. Pac-man Game

Pacman is a great option if you are looking for C++ projects for beginners to work on.Pac-man is yet another classic game that can be recreated as one of the more challenging C++ projects for beginners. You can simplify the mazes if you want in order to keep the game simple. However, the core concept of the game should remain the same. You must also have a bit of an idea on graphic user interfaces to get ahead with this project.

Project Highlights

  • There should be a maze with ghosts that can move in loops within their assigned positions.
  • Dots should be placed within the maze for the Pacman character to eat.
  • You can move the Pacman character using switch-case concepts.
  • The player should win if they successfully eat all the dots or lose if they collide with a ghost character.

13. Hangman Game

The hangman game is another classic that can be a fun time pass with friends. So, digitalizing the game using C++ is super easy. However you can also play the game solo if you want, but that would mean adding another module and making the project a bit unnecessarily lengthy and complex. So let’s see what you need to do below.

Project Highlights

  • There should be a module for a player who can assign the word to the other player and add in hints and another module where the second player guesses the words.
  • Vowels should have crossed under the dashes, and consonants should only have dashes.
  • If the player guesses a letter wrong, the program should draw one feature of the hangman on the screen.
  • The game ends if the player guesses the word correctly or if the hangman drawing is complete.

14. Ticket Reservation System

C++ projects for beginners have many ticket reservation systems to choose from.On number 14, we have a ticket reservation system. These systems can be created for a variety of purposes, such as tickets for buses or flights, movie tickets, sports game tickets, carnival or concert tickets, and much more. Hence, we will be giving you a general idea of what such C++ projects for beginners may entail below.

Project Highlights

  • There should be two modules – one for the ticket sellers and the other for the buyers.
  • The buyers should be able to see available spots for purchase with the tickets.
  • On the other hand, sellers should be able to add or terminate tickets sold according to buyer requests.
  • Ticket payments should be made in either cash or through online gateways, which have to be validated before the ticket is confirmed.

15. Sudoku Game

Sudoku is a game that challenges your mathematical logic. That said, it is a hard-to-grasp game which a separate fanbase that likes challenging itself. If you tried your hand at the Snakes and Ladders game we mentioned earlier, you’d find that these two games have similar interfaces in actual programming. So, let’s see what more it has in store.

Project Highlights

  • The 9×9 grid should have values initialized in fixed positions.
  • There should be a clock that would show the duration of the ongoing game.
  • Users should be able to input numbers in empty cells to complete the grid.
  • You can also let users check if the numbers they inserted are correct or not and see solutions if needed.

16. Currency Converter

You can convert currencies of different kind with this C++ project for beginners.If you want one of the more unique and easy C++ projects for beginners in your initial portfolio or for practice, the currency converter project can come in quite handy. The project’s core idea is rather easy to develop; however, if you wish to create the project for real-time use, you may need to add more intuitive and automated features.

Project Highlights

  • A constructor with a list of currencies should be added to the program.
  • The user should be able to choose which currency they to convert to and from with their desired amounts.
  • Your program should have a list of values of the current rates for each currency to convert it successfully.
  • The program should show the wrong input if the user uses alphabets instead of float numbers.

17. Hospital Management System

Our list of management systems does not seem to end for this article, right? Well, that’s because management systems are great project initiatives for beginners and are super versatile. That said, if you are a beginner, we challenge you to develop a hospital management system with real situations in mind. No worries, though; we’ll guide you with our project highlights below. So keep going!

Project Highlights

  • You should be able to have different floors for different medical needs.
  • The program should manually set the number of available beds, cabins, and ICUs.
  • Patient data should be collected and kept in a separate module.
  • Schedules for doctors and surgeries or ongoing emergencies should all be recorded within the program.

18. Employee Management System

One of the C++ projects for beginners can be employee management systems. Offices often have employee management systems handled by the HR teams. While those systems may look all fancy, the backend work is actually rather easy and can be developed through languages such as C++. That said, you can create an employee record system by yourself, even as a beginner, by simply following the highlights below along with more research.

Project Highlights

  • The HR team should be able to enter new employees into the system or update their records.
  • It should be able to handle paycheck records for each employee.
  • Leave records should be updated manually by the HR team when an employee requests leave.
  • Any complaints under the employee’s name should also be recorded within the system.

19. Credit Card Validator

As online transactions have become a day-to-day thing in our life, we can guarantee that you haven’t given much thought to the behind-the-scenes for them. That said, every payment gateway validates the payment before confirming the transaction. You can help make that happen with the credit card validator project we’ll discuss now.

Project Highlights

  • Your program should first check if the card number you entered is a credit card or a different kind of card.
  • The program should be able to connect to the bank the card is from and access client information from them.
  • Transactions should only go through if the card has enough balance.
  • If the card’s pin is entered wrong three times, the card should be deemed invalid, and the bank should be notified of the security threat.

20. Bingo Game

Bingo is one of the most unique C++ projects for beginnersLast but not least, we have a bingo game. While some may deem bingo to be entertainment for people in old-age homes, many may actually enjoy the game in casinos or with friends. You can easily develop the game as a C++ project without needing to earn any advanced C++ features or GUI concepts.

Project Highlights

  • Your program should be able to create and delete player accounts, add or remove bingo cards from specific players, and much more.
  • There should be a free cell in the middle of the card grid, and the rest of the cells should hold integers only.
  • Bingo cards should not be duplicated. Every new game should have a new randomly generated card.
  • Players should be able to input values to check if they have won or not.

Take Away

So, that was all of the C++ projects for beginners we had in store for you. All these projects can be easily created if you have a strong grasp of your C++ fundamentals, and hopefully, our project highlights have given you a rough idea of what to do.

That said, all source codes for the projects mentioned above can be found on the internet and on platforms such as GitHub and forum. You can also get full tutorials on youtube. So try them out and leave us feedback if you liked our content. Thanks for reading!

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