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The 10 Best Subtitles Download Sites for Movie and TV Shows

Movies and TV shows are increasing their popularity in the global market. We can enjoy a different perspective, culture, and language by watching foreign-language movies and TV shows. We don’t need to learn foreign languages for this reason. The subtitle makes accessible foreign language dialogue. Thanks to all subtitle contributors who work hard to translate the foreign language and create a global platform for all movies and TV shows. There are numerous subtitles download sites in the market where you can find almost all movies and TV shows subtitles in different languages. Just download the subtitles and upload your media player. You feel the emotions of the movie characters!

What is Subtitle?

We know you have already known about subtitles. It is a tiny program file that is compact with movie dialogue in written form. When you upload this subtitle in any media player, the dialogue words are streaming at the bottom of the screen. So you can easily understand the dialogue’s meaning. It is best used for foreign language movies or hard to hear screenplay.

Best Subtitles Download Sites

So many subtitles sites are available in the market, but all are standard quality. So we narrow down the subtitles sites list at best 10. You may find all movies and TV shows subtitles from these best 10 subtitles downloading websites. We review these best 10 subtitles sites along with these pros and cons so that we can pick the right one for you.

1. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is the largest subtitles downloader on the web that covers more than subtitles files in dozen languages. The name of the site reveals the nature of the site. Here open means all subtitles are free to download. You don’t need to register to download subtitles. But if you register on this site, you can search for multiple movies subtitle at once and enjoy advertisements free clean user interface.


Key Features:

  • OpenSubtitles has an advanced search engine to search movies by filtering this genre, language, country, FPS, movie rating, season, episode, and more.
  • You can download subtitles in different formats like srt, sub, txt, tmp, etc.
  • It provides a fast downloading service.
  • Besides, it has a Chrome Extension. You install this Chrome extension to download subtitles quickly.
  • It has a forum where you can discuss movies, subtitles, programming API-related issues.

Pros: OpenSubtitles covers all types of movies and TV shows subtitles. You find here almost all movies and TV shows episode just a single search.

Cons: The site contains many annoying advertisements.

Go to OpenSubtitles

2. Subscene

Like Opensubtitles, Subscene is another largest subtitles downloader on the web where you can download the latest movie, TV series, and music subtitles. Thanks to contributors regularly upload subtitles in this website. The site regularly updates with new subtitles. Besides, you can browse the latest or popular subtitles in the last 30 days on this site and use a search filter to search your movie and TV series.

subscene subtitles download site

Key Features:

  • The home page is pretty clean. It shows popular and latest added subtitles on the list.
  • You can quickly find your movie or TV series subtitles by searching the search panel at the top of the page.
  • You don’t need to concern about the spelling of your search name. It suggests the near name of your search text.
  • Moreover, the browse search panel lets you know the subtitles language, movie or TV series name, contributor name, upload time, and the number of downloads.
  • Like Opensubtitles, Subscene has a discussion forum.

Pros: You can request any movie subtitle in the Subscense discussion forum.

Cons: The search filter options are complicated to use.

Go To Subscene

3. Downsub

Downsub is an auto-generated subtitles download site. Unlike other subtitles websites, you can download subtitles from hosted movies or videos on online platforms like YouTube, Viu, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.

Just paste your video URL in the download URL field and press download. After that, you may get a link to subtitle download in srt and txt format. So this is a nice platform for YouTubers or video content creators to create their video subtitles just in a moment.


Key Features:

  • You can download subtitles in different videos from the video-sharing platforms.
  • It supports different subtitles formats such as srt, txt, and vtt.
  • Before download subtitles, you can remove all tags and enable the count down of the number of downloads.
  • Moreover, you have many options to set subtitle language. Downsub supports more than a dozen languages to create subtitles.
  • Currently, Downsub supports more than thirty sites’ videos to create subtitles.

Pros: Downsub is an excellent option to create a subtitle quickly if your video is hosted in a particular video-sharing website.

Cons: However, Downsub contains lots of vulgar ads that are really shocking.

Go to Downsub

4. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles comes with an attractive and modern user interface. Like YIFT torrent, you find here the latest and popular movies’ subtitles. However, it does not upload subtitles every day. YIFY works in its own aspect. While you click on the movie banner, it lets you all the information about the movie, like its genre, length, rating, release date, cast, and more. Moreover, you can search for movies in the YIFY search box.

YIFY Subtitles download site

Key Features:

  • You don’t need to be registered to download subtitles from YIFY subtitles. Just search the movie name and download it.
  • YIFY subtitle search bar provides auto-suggestion of the movie. While you are typing a single word, it lets you suggest that keywords matched movies’ names.
  • Before download movie subtitles, you can enjoy the movie trailer here.
  • This site ensures your privacy. It does not pass the information on to your browsing history.
  • You can get multiple languages movie subtitles in multiple languages. But this is most useful to find Hollywood and Bollywood movie subtitles.

Pros: While looking for the latest movie subtitle, YIFY subtitle is the best site for finding the latest movie subtitle.

Cons: This site only provides movie subtitles. Moreover, you may not find old movie subtitles here.

Go to YIFY Subtitles

5. English Subtitles

English Subtitles is especially renown for movie and TV shows subtitle in the English language. It is a perfect site to search for English language subtitles. There is no browsing option to find the movie or TV shows list. You search your movie name in the search box and get the subtitles link.

Though this site provides many ads, it does not play any trick to force you to visit the third-party website. Moreover, the subtitle download link is well noticed to grab the subtitle easily by clicking on the download link.


Key Features:

  • English subtitles only provides movies and TV shows subtitles in the English language.
  • This site is compatible to use in mobile phones.
  • The search box works fine. It provides the exact search result even if the search keyword has spelling mistakes.
  • The search bar has no filter option. You need to put down your movie or TV show’s name on the search box.
  • English subtitles have a vast collection of movie and TV shows subtitles, including the latest shows.

Pros: English Subtitles provides a great collection of movie and TV shows English language subtitles.

Cons: However, English Subtitles contain lots of ads on the page. Moreover, it has no browsing option to choose movie or TV shows subtitles. In addition, it does not cover old TV shows’ subtitles.

Go to English Subtitles

6. Podnapisi

Podnapisi is another best subtitles download site on the web. The statistics show that the Podnapisi has more than sixty thousand movies and more than seven thousand TV series subtitles in more than a hundred languages.

The interface is clean and easy to use. You may browse the latest, most rated, and most downloaded subtitles in the last 30 days. Moreover, you can search for any movie or TV series in its search box. The exclusive part of this site is its subtitle preview, which lets you know how to match the subtitle with your video. So you can save your time.

podnapisi subtitles download site

Key Features: 

  • Podnapisi has a large collection of movies and TV shows subtitles. Currently, it provides over sixty thousand movies and over seven thousand TV series, including mini-series subtitles.
  • This platform shows the most rated, downloaded, and latest subtitles list.
  • It provides a preview of subtitles. So it saves you time to make sure this subtitle is matched with your video or not.
  • It has an advanced search option to filter keywords, the type of video, season, episode, and year.
  • The individual subtitle page provides detailed information about contributors, language, FPS, user rating, and subtitles statistics.

Pros: The unique feature of Podnapisi is its subtitle preview. It provides the idea of how to adjust the subtitle with your video.

Cons: Podnapisi is English subtitles centric. You rarely find other language subtitles here.

Go to Podnapisi

7. Subdl

The impressive homepage with a search bar provides you most popular movies subtitles in Subdl. You can browse a large collection of movies subtitle or easily find by searching its advanced featured search bar. It has about sixty language subtitles. So you can find different language subtitles in a single movie.


Key Features:

  • The homepage comes with a search bar. You can search any movie by typing on the search panel.
  • You can search movies by selecting subtitle language. Here, you can filter up to 4 language subtitles at once.
  • It provides a popular movie list with the genre.
  • If you are looking for the latest release movie subtitle, you find almost all in the Subdl.
  • It has various language subtitles. Currently, it covers sixty language subtitles.

Pros: Subdl is the best for looking latest release movie subtitles.

Cons: The site contains ads and plays tricks to move forward third-party sites that really annoying.

Go to Subdl

8. TVSubs

TVSubs is one of the largest subtitles download websites, especially for TV shows and TV series. You may find all the famous TV shows subtitles in this site. Besides, it provides subtitles in sixteen languages. The homepage shows all the latest subtitles, including top shows and the most downloaded subtitles list. It has a user-friendly search bar that you can use to find any subtitle easily.


Key Features:

  • TVSubs allows you to search for your preferred language subtitle.
  • The site looks fresh because no ads are shown in the homepage.
  • Besides, the site provides statistics on the total number of TV shows, episodes, subtitle downloads.
  • It nicely arranges TV shows’ all episodes in a single page. So you can download a particular episode easily.
  • The search engine looks simple but effective. You just put down your keywords. It provides the exact related result of your keywords.

Pros: If you are looking for TV shows subtitles, TVsubs is the best choice for you. It collects all most all TV shows subtitles in different languages.

Cons: However, it is only useful for TV shows. No movie subtitles are available here. Besides, the interface is outdated.

Go to TVsubs

9. SubtitlesHub

SubtitlesHeb provides a wide range of most popular movies and TV shows subtitles in multi-languages. It has a large movie and TV shows subtitles database, and the SubtitlesHub team regularly updates new subtitles. The homepage is categorized in the most popular and latest movies and TV shows. Besides, it has an effective search engine to find any movie and TV shows subtitles quickly.


Key Features:

  • You can search movies and TV shows by filtering language.
  • Moreover, you can browse subtitles by selecting year, movie type, and language.
  • It has a large subtitles database. You may find more than 3 million subtitles in its database. Every day the new subtitles are added to this database.
  • The search function is simple and easy to use but provides effective results.
  • You can request new subtitles in its request tab.

Pros: SubtitlesHub is the best for looking at animation movies and anime-related video subtitles.

Cons: It shows adult ads.

Go to SubtitlesHub

10. Bollynook

If you are an extremely Bollywood movie fan or enjoy Bollywood movies, Bollynook is the best subtitles download platform for you. It has a large collection of Bollywood movies and Bollywood song lyrics subtitles. Go to its search panel and search your desired movie or song name. It allows subtitles in various languages like English, Arabic, French, etc.


Key Features:

  • You can view the subtitle by frame, year, and contributor.
  • It provides a spotlight subtitles list.
  • Bollynook is the best site for finding Hindi movie song lyrics.
  • The homepage comes with new as well as recent movie and songs subtitles. Here you can download subtitles by browsing the list.
  • If you are a top fan of any Bollywood celebrity, you get your celebrity profile and quotes here.

Pros: Bollynook is the most recommended download site for Bollywood movies and songs subtitles in different languages.

Cons: The collection of movies and songs subtitles are limited.

Go to Bollynook

Our Recommendations

Now it’s time to enjoy movies and TV shows with subtitles. While uploading subtitles in your media player, you enjoy the show and learn a foreign language, expand your vocabulary, and improve your listening skills. You may find almost all movies and TV shows subtitle in our list.

But, indeed, a single subtitles site does not provides all movies and TV shows subtitles. So you may need to use different subtitles sites for different movies and TV shows. However, OpenSubtitles and Subscene are the two largest collection subtitles download sites where you may find almost all popular movies subtitles.

If you are looking for subtitles for TV shows, you may search in TVsubs and Podnapisi. The subtitle preview features make Podnapisi unique in the subtitles sites list.

How to Load Subtitles in the Media Player

The obvious question’s answer about loading subtitles in your media player is quite simple and easy. Just follow the guideline below. Though different media player has a different feature, the technique is almost same.

Step 1: Play your video on your media player.

Step 2: Find subtitles in the menu. You find it in the menu or submenu.

Step 3: Click on the subtitle and upload your subtitle file to the video. But before uploading the subtitle file, make sure that your subtitle file name is the same as the video file name, and both are in the same folder.

Step 4: Now play your video. If you need to adjust your subtitle, you can forward or backward your subtitle time to adjust with video dialogue.

Final Words

Subtitles make movies and TV shows more enjoyable. It is conducive to understand the culture and tradition of the country. So we always suggest you add a subtitle to a video. But when you download a subtitle from a subtitles download site, you should consider the site searchability, user interface, user review, and third-party ads freeness.

Many subtitles platforms force you to download third-party files or jump to other sites. It would be best if you avoided these sites. Our listed top 10 subtitles download sites are the best pick for you. If you find an alternative, you may share the site name in our comment box. Besides, you can share this article with others to help them touch the movies’ emotions.

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