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Top 15 Best Gnome Shell Themes for Your Gnome Desktop

Gnome Shell is one of the best and beautiful Desktop environments for Linux Distros. But sometimes users may want to change the feel and look of their Gnome Desktop Environment. It’s really difficult to find out the Best Gnome Shell Themes because there are thousands of Themes and Extensions available out there. So here I am going to help the users to get the list of best Gnome Shell Themes. As we know, users can fully customize the Linux desktop With the help of Gnome Shell Themes, icons, extensions. Before going into the generic list of Best Linux Themes, first, learn how to install and use the Gnome themes and icons. A user can install the theme by downloading the master zip file or running certain commands into the Terminal. I highly suggest you going through the following recommended post before installing any Gnome Themes.

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Top 15 Best Gnome Shell Themes

In this article, I will be sharing some Gnome Shell Themes which will enhance the beauty of your Linux desktop as well as provide the best experience. So let’s get started.

1. Arc Theme

Arc Theme for Ubuntu Gnome

Arc is the most popular Gnome theme which is an elegant and well designed GTK Theme. It comes with 3 different themes. These are Arc Dark, Arc Darker and Arc Darkest. You will feel suitable variation installing these themes on your Linux Desktop. This theme has a lot of dynamic features which will blow your mind.  Arc theme will also offer you the neat circular window buttons, classy transparent paneling etc. So, if you want to make your Linux desktop more dynamic, Arc theme will be the best option for you.


2. Zukitwo Theme

zukitwois_theme_for Ubuntu Gnome

Zukitwo is known as most beautiful, transparent and minimal looking theme for Linux Desktop. It will make your Gnome Desktop more stunning without major changes. It’s so simple theme that you will not feel boring using it. Sometimes simplicity shows the best look and feel.


3. Paper Theme

Papirus Icon Theme For Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Manjaro

Paper is an awesome and well designed flat theme for Gnome Shell. This theme comes with a modern GTK+ interface and Google’s material design. You will have the option to change default icons with some awesome icon packs. If you really like the material design interface as like as Android 5.0, you can use this theme.

  • For Ubuntu and other Ubuntu-based derivatives
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:snwh/pulp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install paper-icon-theme
sudo apt-get install paper-cursor-theme
sudo apt-get install paper-gtk-theme
  • Download as Debian Package
sudo dpkg -i paper*.deb
sudo apt-get install -f

4. Numix Theme

Numix GTK Theme for Ubuntu Gnome

If you find a decent, clean theme for Gnome Shell as well as GTK3. Numix theme will be the Best Gnome Shell Theme for you. This theme comes with clean, grey orange color scheme and really nice modern setup.

  • For Ubuntu and Debian
sudo apt install numix-gtk-theme
  • For Fedora
sudo dnf install numix-gtk-theme
  • For Arch Linux and Antergos
sudo pacman -S numix-gtk-theme

Download icon Theme Circle

5. Lexis Theme

Lexis Gnome Shell Theme

Lexis is known as an incredibly refreshing theme that will blow your mind. It will make your Gnome Shell new and shiny. It doesn’t come with the typical flat design rather removes excess parts from the top bar in Gnome Shell. Download master zip file from “Files Tab”


6. Super Flat Remix Theme

Flat Remix GNOME theme

Super Flat Remix theme is another flat Gnome Shell theme which makes your Linux desktop amazing and stunning. It is well designed and inspired by material design at the same time. This theme will make your Gnome Top Bar completely transparent.

  • Ubuntu based distributions
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install flat-remix-gs-theme
  • Arch-based distributions (AUR)

Flat Remix GNOME Theme Flat Remix icon Theme

7. Gnome OSX Theme

gnome_osx_theme for Ubuntu Gnome

If you want to make your Gnome Shell as like as Mac OS, there is no alternative to use Gnome OSX theme. This theme has come with very standard and pretty good looking design. You can easily Transform your stock desktop to Mac OS using this theme.


8. Nova Shell Theme

Nova Shell Theme

Nova shell theme has come with very simplistic design and modern UI. This theme is very user-friendly and easy to use. If you love minimal design, you should use this theme.


9. United GNOME

United Gnome Theme for Ubuntu Gnome

United Gnome is another good looking Best Gnome Shell Theme which will provide you a Unity desktop environment on Linux. Moreover, if you are really looking for a solid Unity theme United Gnome will be best for you.


10. Copernico Theme

Copernico Theme

If you are a fan of the minimalistic design. Copernico will be perfect for you. This theme will offer you a decent looking with a transparent top bar which will make your Linux desktop refreshing.


11. Vertex Theme

Install Vertex on Ubuntu Linux

Vertex is a great theme which is used in the most popular desktop environments. This theme has three variants and these are dark header-bars, a light variant, and a dark variant. The design is fully optimized and user-friendly in this theme. You don’t look for another theme if you are installed it on your Gnome Desktop.


12. Xenlism Theme

Xenlism Wildfire Icon Theme
Xenlism Wildfire Icon Theme|Image Credit- It’s F.O.S.S.

Xenlism is one of the Best Gnome Shell Themes made by OS design principles. This theme provides a flat, transparent top bar with light colors. It will also add some subtle effects to your desktop. If you want to modify your Gnome Shell this theme will be a perfect option for you.

Xenlism: WildFire xenlism: minimalism

13. Oxygenium Theme

Oxygenium Ubuntu Gnome Theme

If you are a fan of KDE & Gnome shell you should install this theme to make your Linux desktop awesome.  This is such a theme that will turn your Gnome Shell look to KDE. Oxygenium provides some unique features that make your Gnome shell fully customized.


14. Yosemite Theme

Ultra-flat-Yosemite GTK+3 Theme for Ubuntu Gnome

The Yosemite is an awesome theme that will turn your Linux desktop into OS X. This is a well-designed theme which you will like more. You can use some Dock application such as Plank or Docky to make it like OS X.

Yosemite Gnome Shell Mine-Yosemite icon Ultra-flat-Yosemite GTK3

15. EvPop Theme

EvoPop Ubuntu Gnome Theme

Evopop is another good looking theme for Linux. The Dark Evopop Theme makes your Linux Desktop simple. If you want minimalistic design this theme will be the perfect option for you.


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Final Thought

With a little bit effort, you can make the Linux system beautiful and amazing. As we know, Gnome Desktop provides the best experiences and let the users enjoy the Linux looks and feels, that’s why there are so many themes available out there. All the themes, above mentioned, are good looking and well-designed. You can use it for getting the best experience. I think you have got a clear concept about Best Gnome Shell Themes at all. If you like it please share with your friends. Thank you very much.



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