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YakYak -Better Alternative to Google Hangouts App for Ubuntu

Are you a business person or team leader? Google hangout maybe your best choice for a sudden conference or online meeting. But we are bringing you a better name – YakYak. YakYak is a desktop client for a google hangout, but frankly speaking, it is way better than hangout. Although YakYak is an unofficial client for google, it won’t bother your security.

It is written in nodejs and based on hangupsjs library system using trifl functionality based on top of atom-shell. It is considered the best pseudo-native program on the Linux OS, so reliable and lightweight.

It not only supports all the features from hangout but also supports a few other interesting features. The most important feature of this desktop app is you don’t need to use Chrome Browser or Chromium based any browser.

For using Google hangout, you have to have chrome on your device, and Chrome means more RAM and more power consumption. But YakYak – A Cross-Platform Google Hangouts Desktop Client is just a small desktop client, so it requires less RAM and power consumption.


  • Cross-platform, support for Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • Anyone can use it without costing any money.
  • Opensource, get regular updates, and users can contribute.
  • Send, receive, manage chat message
  • Offers Video -Audio call feature.
  • The user can Manage conversation easily.
  • Easier to share data, just drag-drop, copy-paste image upload system like Skype.
  • Proper client support to update the user.
  • It is secure, reliable, and lightweight.
  • It supports different libraries for different functionalities.
  • Supports different color scheme like night-black mode. A user can also choose different colors to change skin.
  • Another important feature of the YakYak’s language support. YakYak supports 21 languages and translates in this language. So you can download your YakYak even in your own language!

YakYak -Better alternative to Google Hangouts-3

YakYak -Better alternative to Google Hangouts-1

Installing YakYak is also easier as a desktop application. The developer created prebuilt binaries for all OS, so you just download and install it on your device. Download the latest release of YakYak from the Github linked below.


Download the zip file on your Ubuntu or as per your desired OS, unzip it, and double-click the YakYak runtime file.

You can also install it on Ubuntu as a snap app by running the following command into the Terminal.

sudo snap install yakyak

The important thing is Yak Yak is free and an open-source software project, so you can contribute as well, and ultimately have an opportunity to build your personal Yak Yak. Yak Yak is widely recognized because it is cross-platform used in all the major OS platforms, including Windows and Mac.

All the info and images are collected from Official GitHub

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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