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20 Most Remarkable IoT Applications in Today’s World

In the nearest future, we will probably live in a world with connected devices — the curiosity of humans-invented such a branch of knowledge that can give an extraordinary shape to existing life. Internet of Thing is the name of that branch. The idea of IoT applications is to reduce physical labor and make our surrounding devices smart enough. With the helping hand of the IoT platform, our lifestyle is going to change very soon.

Emerging IoT Applications


Including the economy of a country, the internet of things applications are going to put impact almost every sector in our life. Below are examples of usages of IoT that can give you a glimpse of the notion of the upcoming world.

1. Connected Car


Sometimes we see a scene in a science fiction movie where an actor is driving a car by voice command. That fiction is becoming true nowadays with the blessing of IoT. The idea of a connected car is when a car or any other vehicle can be controlled by a smartphone or any other device that is connected to the internet.

Insight of this application

  • This type of application contains many sensors to monitor the car’s current status regularly.
  • Analyzes if any impediment is currently at the front of the car and take immediate steps to avoid any accident.
  • It is a self-learning car with the use of artificial intelligence. With time, a car becomes more advanced and smart.
  • Predicts any machinery failure before it occurs, which makes it more different than a regular car.
  • Users can start the engine on a smartphone’s voice command before driving.
  • The report of NHTSA says that it is safer to use an automated car rather than a self-driven one.
  • Possible to control home devices from a car.

2. Smart Home


A smart home refers to a system where appliances, fridges, air conditioning, microwave ovens, door home, security system, washing machine, lighting, etc., are connected via the internet. Smart devices can control all those stuff from any part of the world. The main difference between common homes and smart homes is that different types of IoT sensors can improve security levels.

Insight of this application

  • The usage of smart home appliances would make it safer and more comfortable to live in.
  • Home appliances will be able to make decisions with the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Conserves energy to home appliances during natural calamities.
  • The smart home will generate enormous data that will help big data industries predict more customer choices.
  • A lot of companies will provide data security for home appliances.
  • Voice command technology in smart home appliances will save a lot of time.
  • Saves money on the electricity bills.

3. Smart City


The smart city is a great innovative example of the internet of things applications. This application consists of many use cases like water management, traffic, electricity management, waste management, etc.

According to a recent study, the smart city is the most popular application, as it comes up with the solution to regular city life problems. Very soon, the internet of things applications will significantly impact our city life.

Insight of this application

  • The opportunity for the IT job sector in a city increases with the use of smart city applications.
  • Increases the condition of air and water pollution because of regular monitoring.
  • Decreases crime ratio compared with other cities.
  • Reduces traffic and accident with self-driving sensors connected to automated cars.
  • Ensures appropriate use of water and electricity supply.
  • Urban people can rely on secured automated public transport systems.
  • Sensors connected with the building can detect seismic activity and wind pressure.

4. Precision Farming


The application of IoT in agriculture can make farming practices more effective and precise. Day by day, IoT applications are becoming popular in farming because of their good output. The idea of precision farming includes collecting data by field observation, vehicle monitoring, temperature and humidity measure, and so more. A core application analyzes all those data and provides a decision.

Insight of this application

  • Analyzes soil conditions and provide the current PH of the soil and what types of farming should be appropriate.
  • Detects water and nutrition level of soil and instructs IoT-connected water irrigation system.
  • Precise farming is a connected automated system with the collaboration of multiple mobile and desktop applications.
  • As the population increases, the demand for food increases as well. So the internet of things applications may provide a solution here.
  • Ensures the use of each resource to grow more crops.

5. Agricultural Drone


Monitoring a massive crop field is not so easy. The agricultural drone is an aerial vehicle that can survey the massive field and reveal problems. A bird’s-eye view from the sky with sensors provides a clear and effective image. It can keep a great impact on agricultural business by saving time and making accurate land management decisions.

Insight of this application

  • Evaluate field analysis, crop health, crop growth, and pest attack.
  • Research is going on overseed planting by drone technology.
  • It can spray fertilizer and pesticides, which is much more effective than regular spraying systems.
  • With proper image processing algorithms, a drone can detect fungal attacks.
  • Excessive water flow on the crop fields can ruin the fields. A drone can detect extra moisture in an area to prevent that moisture sensor.
  • A new job opportunity as an agricultural drone pilot is coming.

6. Smart Grid


The previous grid system sends electricity from power plants to homes and industries. But the smart grid consists of electrical equipment, computer network, automation, and power supply. In another way, the smart grid is two-way communication between consumer needs and utility. The smart grid makes responses according to the need of the customer. It brings the opportunity to increase the efficiency and output of a country.

Insight of this application

  • Sensing the transmission line smart grid ensures proper electric supply.
  • Self-repairing characteristics of the smart grid mean it can automatically reroute electricity during a power failure.
  • The transmission level of electricity is more effective than a common grid system.
  • Reduces electricity costs of the consumer by suggesting them low-priority electronic devices.
  • During heavy load, this IoT application suggests users reduce power consumption.
  • Fault detection by the smart grid makes power supply management more reliable.

7. Connected Factories


IoT applications are changing our world, providing smart solutions. The idea of connected factories comprises tools, machinery, and internet-connected sensors. It’s a connected network with different tasks like schedule maintenance, the shipment of products, the flow of operation control, and stopping or pausing a specific process.

Generally, a supervisor monitors the entire task held in the factory, but IoT technology proposes remote monitoring by surveillance applications.

Insight of this application

  • Real-time scheduling reduces extra energy consumption.
  • Fault detection on the system ensures the quality of products.
  • Smart factories run their operation the whole day long and reduce labor costs.
  • This system uses a smart vehicle for product transportation.
  • Working labor can focus on safer tasks.
  • The flexibility of operation increases productivity.

8. Smart Retail


Who doesn’t love to shop? IoT applications can make our shopping experience more effective and time-saving. It is a combination of “things” like RFID chip, foot traffic counter, Wi-Fi monitoring, and mobile application of the customer. The idea is when a customer is leaving, a checkout system will scan all the products and reduce the total price from the mobile apps of that customer.

Insight of this application

  • A customer does not need to maintain a long queue for checkout. The automated system saves time and makes the customer happier.
  • The use of IoT deducts extra technology and implementation cost.
  • Data management of this application is a challenge.
  • Effective transportation of products.
  • The sensor located in each self sends notifications if any products are out of stock.

9. Supply Chain Management by IoT


Logistics and transportation management is an old challenge. From manufacturer to retailer, maintaining inventory properly is always a problem. It is possible that a product can be lost during transportation. IoT applications provide a solution by GPS monitoring and RFID tag in a product. IoT technology can solve all the problems of supply chain management.

Insight of this application

  • Ensures product transportation to the retailer, increasing the supply chain’s efficiency.
  • The automated system ensures the perfect temperature for production, which increases productivity.
  • It provides safety from theft and differentiates the right products from damaged products.
  • The supervisor would get notifications if any damage occurred to the machinery.
  • Shipment tracking is a challenge. Especially when the shipment is between two countries, using a special tag on products can reduce uncertainty.

10. Traffic Monitoring System by IoT


In third-world countries, the existing traffic monitoring system is old-fashioned. Traffic lights are somewhere controlled manually. Traffic rules violator remains out of reach for proper surveillance. The solution of IoT applications could be appropriate here. Traffic control by using the internet of things gives us an intelligent solution with the use of image processing.

Insight of this application

  • This application can count several vehicles on each side of the road and apply the KNN algorithm to measure the waiting time on each side.
  • Surveillance cameras can detect and capture an image of traffic rules violators, and monitoring authorities can take proper steps.
  • It provides an extra facility for the ambulance.
  • Less human effort to manage traffic systems.
  • Useful for any city in the world.
  • Research is going on to find out the stolen vehicle by this application.

11. Forest Fire Detection by IoT


Forest fire is becoming a concern for many countries. This incident causes a significant loss of both human life and resources. Commonly, people notice forest fires when it is too late. IoT application platforms can offer an effective solution. The use of a proper wireless sensor can detect forest fire before it spreads out.

Insight of this application

  • A wireless sensor around the forest detects humidity from air and stores it in the cloud. If humidity is over a threshold system push notification to the monitoring authority.
  • The different sensors can be used for accurate detection. For example, temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and accelerometer sensor.
  • In the future, a controlled robot can be used to minimize fire.
  • The use of this IoT application can reduce the loss around the forest.
  • Sensors can be in sleep mode to save energy.

12. Portable Water Quality Assurance


In 2050 one –third of the world’s population will suffer from fresh drinking water. The scarcity of fresh drinking water is increasing in many countries. Fresh drinking water quality should be monitored in real-time. This IoT project or application of remote water monitoring by the sensor with a dozen parameters can help to ensure freshwater supply.

Insight of this application

  • The system sends notifications of common parameters, including PH, salinity, temperature, turbidity, oxidation-reduction, and so more, found one of the above danger levels.
  • The use of this application ensures a fresh water supply from the city reservoir.
  • This application can be useful in industrial are.
  • Early detection of arsenic pollution can save lots of life.
  • Data can be accessed anywhere in the world.
  • It helps to maintain a good ecosystem in the river.

13. Structural Health Monitoring


Structural health monitoring of any construction at regular intervals is essential for a longer life span. To ensure the safety of any structure, the engineer uses a structural health monitoring system which is an old system. To avoid any damage or failure, IoT application in healthcare uses modern structural health monitoring method, which is more reliable and secure.

Insight of this application

  • Provide accurate and real-time information about any construction.
  • This technology can calculate the remaining life of a structure.
  • Predict upcoming accidents about an infrastructure.
  • Collect data on different parameters like vibration, stain, moisture, crack width, etc.

14. Radioactivity Monitoring


The level of radiation around the nuclear reactor is not always the same. Working in a different sector of the nuclear environment could be a risk for life. Besides, nuclear waste and accidental nuclear fuel are so much radioactive that they can cause cancer. Monitoring each sector with sensor-based IoT applications can greatly help reduce the risk.

Insight of this application

  • GM counter is a radiation sensor that can detect radiation in an area and send a notification to the cloud.
  • A GPS module and NodeMCU can be used to locate the radiation point.
  • Increases security level and reduces the risk factors.
  • It is helpful for other organizations to detect possible radioactivity.
  • Research is going on for the possible prediction of a nuclear blast.

15. IoT Controlled Golf Course


IoT applications are playing a majestic role in every sector of life. The sports sector is one of them. Controlling a giant golf course with IoT applications can be a great example. The basic idea is a golf course will be connected with different types of sensors, and data from those sensors and devices will help draw a real-time visible image of the whole golf course.

Insight of this application

  • Analyze and visualize the golf course data, such as soil moisture, humidity, rainfall, and temperature.
  • Real-time data update helps to improve the maintenance of the golf course.
  • Collected data can be used for future improvement.
  • Sends email to golfer about the current status of the golf court.
  • Track the golf curt and sends them where they may be needed.
  • The cost of the golf course is high. Monitoring and proper use of resources can reduce the price by 20%.

16. IoT in Packaging Industry


The next third wave technology is called the internet of things applications. The packaging industry is expanding as it is a growing concern of brands to provide quality products on the customer’s hands.

A study predicts that IoT packaging in the industry will grow to almost 46% production in 2025. Brands are using IoT applications for two primary purposes. One is for the protection of the product. The second is for embedded information about the product.

Insight of this application

  • To preserve a product, a properly accurate temperature is needed. Embedded IoT sensors can change color if the product is beyond temperature.
  • One of the major purposes of IoT packaging is to reduce the cost of regular packaging.
  • Each company can track each product by IoT packaging systems. It can reduce the threat level for products.
  • The use of digital labels in each product can provide all types of information about it.
  • The use of IoT in packaging can boost the economy of companies.
  • Different IoT farm is already providing these capabilities.
  • After having insights into IoT packaging, a company can reengineer the system for a better customer experience.

17. Landslide Detection by IoT Application


Every year a lot of people die from heavy rainfall and landslide. It can occur in both human activity and natural phenomena. The use of IoT applications can reduce the number of losses. The idea is that the authorities must first detect those possible zones and embed their sensors and accelerometer. The sensor would detect soil moisture, and the accelerometer would detect soil movement.

Insight of this application

  • The data analysis center analyzes data from the sensor and will predict a landslide in an area using proper algorithms.
  • Raises awareness among people before the landslide.
  • Reduces loss of habitat, resources, and transportation.
  • Wireless sensor networks use geolocation for monitoring.
  • The use of this application can stable the condition of the economy in a country.

18. The Volume of Visitors Check by Smart Phone Detection


Suppose a public event is occurring in your city and there is a presence of unlimited people. But IoT provides a smart solution here to detect their behavior. This IoT application platform contains three sensors located at three points of the event.

Two are at the entrance, and another one is in the public transportation area. Many sensors scan the whole area to detect the number of smartphones after 15 minutes and save data to the cloud.

Insight of this application

  • This application detects the duration of stay, total project visitors, visitor volume per location, and so much data about that event.
  • At the same time, process data of multiple events.
  • It provides control over the presence and behavior of all the people.
  • Provides accurate visualization by monitoring pedestrian movements.
  • It could be a part of the smart city infrastructure.

19. Waste Management IoT Application


Waste management in the city is always a challenging problem. Implementation of the internet of things on waste management makes the whole procedure more smart and agile. The system proposes sensors that would be connected to each bin.

If the amount of waste goes beyond the threshold, each bin will send notifications to the leading cloud program. The administrator of the city will be able to check the current condition of the waste in each section of the city.

 Insight of this application

  • A city would be more clean and fresh for proper monitoring and use of resources.
  • The trash bin collects information on temperature, fill level, and location.
  • Reduces extra work of workers as they did not know before the accurate status of the dustbin.
  • Ultrasonic sensors can be used to measure the waste in the dustbin.
  • Sends SMS to authority if any worker avoids cleaning the trash.

20. Urban Noise Detection


The device of IoT applications tends to connect. Noise pollution in urban areas is a common problem. The IoT solution to this problem is to use each smartphone as a sensor by embedding noise labels detecting mobile apps. Data found from each location will save in the cloud, and a software program will show each zone with a high noise label.

Insight of this application

  • The monitoring authority can make an accurate decision during the establishment of any construction.
  • If the noise increases beyond the threshold around school and hospital, then the authority can come up with a solution.
  • Information on noise labels will be available to citizens.
  • The ambulance can avoid noisy roads by watching the map of the noise label of each zone.
  • Urban lawmakers will be able to make laws with more accuracy and environment-friendly.

Finally, Insights

IoT application trends provide thousands of smart solutions to today’s world. Applications of the internet of things will shape the future world in a different shape. Research in IoT applications is going from a thousand perspectives. We do not doubt that after a few days, we will be surrounded by IoT stuff. Large companies are already investing lots of money in the IoT field.

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