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Tablao – An Open-source and Cross-platform HTML Table Editor for Linux

Have you ever heard about Tablao? Well, it’s a free, open-source, and cross-platform table editor. With this app, you will be able to effortlessly create tables in HTML just like you do in EXCEL. But it’s way different and easier than EXCEL. Tablao can make your tables in HTML exactly as you want and you don’t even configure any style information. With HTML tables you can be able to arrange and organize massive different data including texts, preformatted texts, links, images, forms, form fields, other tables, and many more into the rows and columns of the tables.

Tablao – An Open-source and Cross-platform HTML Table Editor for Linux

Tablao removes all the complications of forming tables with HTML Markdown, tags, or ASCII tables. Now, you can create HTML tables without any mistake, tags, and extras. No more fixing with the problems. Tablao is here. It’s very easy to use with its minimalist structure and procedure of forming tables in HTML.

Features of Tablao

  • An open-source application and the users can contribute to its source code in Github.
  • Anyone can download and use it for free of any charge.
  • A cross-platform application available for use on desktop platforms like Windows, MAC and GNU/LINUX
  • Has options for auto-saving documents when the user removes focus from the app window.
  • Live preview opportunities for viewing the formatted tables.
  • Tables headers attachment option.

Download Tablao for Linux

In case you don’t know how to use the source code for software installation, check out my tutorial on how to install software in Linux. Here I have described all the possible ways to install a particular software in Linux. For more information regarding installing this software, follow the official guide.

That’s not all you’ve got. There are more. It also supports other spreadsheet apps like pasting data into Tablao tables from the tables of LibreOffice, Numbers, or EXCEL. You can download Tablao for free and also make some contribution to its source code or customize it in your way.

Give this app a chance. You can go back to your previous table editor anytime. No harm to try something new. Also, you will get to know Tablao more clearly, and then you will realize whether you should continue with it or not.

We appreciate your feedback. Let us know about your experience with Tablao. If there any suggestion for us or you have any other opinion, drop comments below. If you think this article is helpful, don’t forget to share it on social media.


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