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Udeler – An Open-source Desktop App for Downloading Udemy Courses

Are you following any online education center? Nowadays, it’s very obvious that people choose online education center to learn a lot of things important to them. These online education centers are giving so many opportunities to learn any subject or programming language or any other topic. Some of these centers offer you free courses and some offer paid ones.

Even there are such online centers which have both the free and paid course option. If you’re familiar with the online education center, then you should have heard about Code Academy or Khan Academy. Udemy is also an online education center that provides you different online courses to learn from your place. Even you can get some of the courses entirely free.

To download the Udemy courses, you’re going to need a specific software called Udeler. Let me clear you that it’s only for your usage. Udemy doesn’t allow you to share any content of your subscribed courses using Udeler. You can download your enrolled courses by simply your Udemy login identifications. After proper authentication, Udemy returns the source of the video player to its users. Udeler uses the video player source and downloads the lecture videos.

Features of Udeler

  • An open-source application allows contribution of the users to its source code.
  • A cross-platform software works on all the platforms like MAC, Linux, and Windows.
  • Comes with an instinctive and uniform UI.
  • Released under MIT license.
  • A Freeware and so is free of charge, just download and enjoy.
  • Does not require tweaking.
  • Downloads the lecture videos fast and easily.

Download Udeler for Linux

Just because Udemy is an online education center that doesn’t mean you have to be online always to learn from it. It allows downloading all the courses. And at this point, you’re going to need Udeler. So that you can download the lecture videos and watch them whenever you want. If Udemy is in your concern for the online education center, download and install Udeler as soon as possible and go through the courses you enrolled.

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  1. I use Allavsoft to download Udemy videos offline to my computer.
    By default, it download in mp4 format, you may also check before Automatically Convert to button to select other video or audio format like avi, mov, wmv, mp3 etc.


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