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12 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop

Linux is an open source operating system which provides you the best customization features. There are a lot of plasma themes available for KDE Desktop. Many developers are developing and customizing plasma themes day by day. All these KDE Plasma Themes enhance the beauty of your KDE desktop with its attractive features. But it’s always difficult for the end users to choose the best KDE Plasma Themes for the KDE desktop environment as there are hundreds of themes available in the KDE store. So here I am going to share a simple list of Best KDE Plasma Themes for the ultimate users to beautify the Plasma Desktop.

Best KDE Plasma Themes

So let’s start with the basic tutorials of how to install and implement all those KDE Plasma Themes onto the Linux system. Now as you have followed the mentioned tutorial and know how to install and use so that we can proceed for the list of Best KDE Plasma Themes.

1. Element


Element KDE Plasma Theme is a MacOS inspired Theme which has a look and feel of elegance and dynamic. Though it doesn’t follow the apple style somewhat, it reminds us of the KDE Oxygen theme. If you are a hardcore fan of apples beautiful look, I recommended using this theme.

Download from KDE Store

2. OxyLight 5


OxyLight 5 is an awesome KDE theme for Linux desktop. Recently, this theme is dropped in favor of the “Breeze Theme.” OxyLight 5 makes your screen slick and modern which is the main features of it. This theme is the latest version of Oxygen theme. Many users still are not happy with this theme. However, Oxygen theme is easy to use and well developed. It is also easy to install. You can download this theme for your KDE desktop.

Download from KDE Store

3. Unity Ambiance

Unity Ambiance

Default Ubuntu theme is a well-known theme for Linux. It features classic orange and blackish grey color which works well. But it is a matter of sorrow that only GTK user will enjoy the classic Ubuntu theme. Unity Ambiance is a plasma theme which will provide the features like classic Ubuntu theme. In addition to, this theme allows Plasma users to transform their KDE setup to enjoy infamous Ubuntu Ambiance theme at all.

Download from KDE Store

4. Numix


Numix is a fantastic plasma theme which features flat, dark and sleek design. Numix has created new history to make high-quality plasma themes for Linux. It will offer you a bright and beautiful skin including a complete package that is filled with everything. This theme is compatible with every KDE Plasma desktop environment.  Numix features sweet icon theme, as well as a great looking desktop theme that will make your desktop screen fresh. I think you should install this theme for a better experience.

Download from KDE Store

5. Maia Transparent

Maia Transparent

Maia Transparent is an excellent looking KDE theme. Many of us know that plasma theme is the king of transparent themes. Maia Transparent is such a theme that makes your screen eye-catching.  If you are a beginner, it will not seem to you as “semi-transparent.” This is entirely transparent which enable users to see accurately it covers. If you are looking for fully transparent theme Maia Transparent will be the best option for you.

Download from KDE Store

6. Rice

rice KDE Plasma Theme

If you are looking for grey or black theme for KDE plasma desktop Rice theme will be perfect for you. This is an attractive, pleasing dark theme made by Arc. This theme doesn’t look like silly, and the fonts work very well on this theme. As a result, this theme is exceedingly fantastic and eye-catching at the same time.

Download from KDE Store

7. K-Zukitwo


Everyone likes the look and feel of Apple’s OS but choose to use Linux because of some specific benefits that Linux offers. So you are a Linux user, especially has KDE Plasma desktop, and want to make your desktop as like as MacOS. You need not go anywhere instead use this theme to make it as your dream desktop.

Download from KDE Store

8. Klone10


Klone10 is known as Plasma 5 breeze theme. Overall, this theme is suitable for KDE plasma desktop. This theme looks like as Windows 10 default theme. Klone10 is well designed and user-friendly. You can use this theme your KDE desktop.

Download from KDE Store

9. KArc Transparent

KArc Transparent

KArc theme is a theme that will make your KDE screen awesome. This theme also has transparent features that are pretty good. The design and layout are also good. This theme looks like as Gnome theme which everybody loves. So, if you like Arc theme on other desktops, KArc theme will be perfect for you.

Download from KDE Store

10. Jomada Style

Jomada Style

Jomada Style is one of the best plasma themes for KDE. This is a white theme with blur tinge in it. There is a little problem with this theme because many users think that this theme is very bright. However, its design will blow your mind.  The color of the panel is a grey which makes everything on your eyes. You can install this theme for your KDE desktop.

Download from KDE Store

11. Arc KDE


Arc KDE is one of the most popular plasma themes at present. This theme is straightforward to use. Arc KDE is well-developed plasma theme having modern features. You will enjoy all the features of GTK theme if you install this theme on your KDE desktop. This is why Arc has just been a GTK theme. That means if you use XFCE, LXDE, MATE, Unity or Gnome Shell you can try using this theme. I think this theme will be perfect plasma theme for KDE Desktop.

Download from KDE Store

12. Hex


Hex is a well designed and flat colored black theme for KDE Plasma Desktop. Though Hex is not a typical black theme, instead I would say it’s a brownish darker styled theme that makes the KDE Plasma desktop more elegant and beautiful.

Download from KDE Store

Final Thought

I think this list of Best KDE Plasma Theme will fulfill your desire of having a nice looking and elegant environment on the KDE Plasma Desktop. If you face any problem of installing and using, let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to leave a suggestion also. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. Thank you very much.

All the info & Screenshots are taken from the official KDE Store

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