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10 Best Temporary Email Generators | Make Disposable Emails

In today’s advanced world, online privacy and security truly matter. That’s why we can’t compromise with safeguarding personal information. The problem arises when websites and apps ask to sign in or provide emails to get in. However, you no longer need to share your personal email address with any risky sites anymore. Just use some temporary email generator and use fake emails for them.

Usually, these fake email generators let you make disposable emails that you can use for a certain time, and then they vanish automatically. So, you can use them anywhere you need to access the facility and forget the rest.

Best Temporary Email Generators

We were looking for the most convenient and easy-to-use temporary email generators, and the list is here. Fortunately, we found so many options, but only a few are worth your time. These 10 tools are completely free to use and can generate fake emails within minutes. Let’s learn more about them.

1. Temp Mail

Among all the temporary email generators out there, Temp Mail is the most popular one. It’s a reliable, disposable temporary email maker that lets you make an email account within seconds. These disposables have a certain time and they get disposed of automatically after that.

Usually, you will have only 10 minutes to use these emails generated by Temp Mail. You will have to ensure a unique name for the email and no password. It takes less than a minute to create a temporary mail for you. Besides, it’s a free tool that you can use to create thousands of emails without even paying a penny.

2. Internxt

Internxt‘s temporary email generator is designed to offer a convenient and secure way to create disposable email addresses for different online activities. You can use this tool to create temporary email addresses for signing up for newsletters, accessing online services, or registering for websites.

Usually, this tool creates random email addresses that are valid for a limited period, from a few hours to a few days. Once the time limit expires, the email address will be deactivated. As the temporary addresses are disposable and not linked to the user’s personal information, there’s no chance of receiving unwanted emails or being targeted for spam.

3. Email Generator

If you are looking for a convenient online service utilized for different purposes related to email management, try Email Generator. This tool lets you generate temporary email addresses quickly with a few taps. Instead of using your primary email address, you can use this tool to create a temporary email address solely for confirmation to get access to many websites.

Similar to signing up for websites, you can also use a temporary email address generated by this tool to register for social networking platforms. Also, if you need an email address for a short-term project or communication, you can use this tool as well.

4. 10 Minute Mail

When you need to register for a website or service but don’t want to use your primary email address to avoid spam or unwanted emails, you can rely on 10 Minute Mail. This tool will let you create and use an email for just ten minutes, as the name suggests.

When you visit the 10-Minute Mail website, they’ll instantly provide you with a unique email address. It must be a random address with a combination of letters and numbers. You can use this address for the next ten minutes, and after that, the mail address will vanish. Also, you can utilize browser extensions that integrate 10 Minute Mail functionality on your browser.


Even though AISEO is not a dedicated email maker tool, it can do better than many of them. Basically, it’s a multi-purpose AI helper that lets you generate AI content, paraphrase content with AI help, and help bypass AI as well. However, among many different options, fake email generators are one of the base features here.

Generating fake emails is easy and quick with this tool, but not as quickly as the previously mentioned tools. However, you can generate emails temporarily and then use them for multiple purposes, especially when using online tools that have limitations for free subscribers. However, AISEO is free as well.


To sign up for services, register on websites, or receive verification emails without revealing personal or permanent email addresses, you can use It’s a free tool that makes disposable email addresses for a short time. This tool lets you make an unlimited number of emails that you can use for multiple purposes.

Besides, this offers a comparatively quicker and more hassle-free way to generate temporary email addresses so that you no longer need to use your personal email address on unsafe sites. Also, you can use the extension of this tool on your browser anytime you need.

7. Maildrop

Designed with simplicity in mind, Maildrop is a very minimalist random email generator that lets you create disposable email addresses without the signing-up process. Whether you’re registering for a website, signing up for a service, or simply want to avoid spam, Maildrop provides a quick and effective solution.

However, there are no subscription fees or hidden charges in this tool, and you can use it to create thousands of short-term email addresses. Also, the generated addresses are genuine ones and they are accepted across different platforms, including websites, apps, and e-commerce stores. Additionally, this tool lets you determine how long you’ll use it.

8. Gmailnator

You can also use Gmailnator, another minimalist temporary email generator. It gives you freedom from spam and potential hacking attempts. Many websites and service-based media sites might require you to log in to see the contents. Also, with these instant disposable mail, you can access those services without any hiccups.

The emails you get work on almost all the websites and service panels. You don’t have to worry about the generated emails as they get deleted automatically after 24 hours. The best thing about Gmailnator is it’s free to use and does not require any registration processes.

9. EmailOnDeck

The next recommendation is EmailOnDeck. It takes only two steps to make a new temp email that is fully operational and ready to use. All types of professionals from worldwide use this service to keep their privacy intact.

The temporary emails are deleted timely, and you don’t have to worry about any future caveats. You can use its dummy email on cryptocurrency sites. It has proper support for Bitcoin, and you can use the emails whenever you make any transactions. So, keep your personal information safe with EmailOnDeck.

10. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is one of the most secure and data-friendly mail services available on the internet. It requires premium packages to get some advanced features and services. You can also make a free account to get a personal or business email for online use. In the free package, you will get up to 1 GB of storage and an encrypted file-sharing facility.

If you are an average user, the free 1 email limited package is enough to surf the internet freely. You can use this email to handle most of your online needs. You will get filtered emails free of trackers and pesky adware. Your data is completely surveillance-free and end-to-end encrypted.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, using temporary email generators is a practical and effective solution for maintaining anonymity and shielding our primary email address from potential threats. The mentioned tools are quite good at their functionality, benefits, and significance. If you are a beginner, try Temp Mail or 10-minute Mail. Other tools are good, but these two are the easiest.

However, share this content with your friends and colleagues if you think they need this help. Thank you and best wishes.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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