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18 Best Vim Books That You Should Read in 2024

Vim is only a content or text editing tool. That is it. In case you’re accustomed to utilizing Sublime Text for Windows/Mac, Notepad for Windows, Nano for Linux, Atom for Windows/Mac, or any content tool, Vim is simply one more program that permits you to compose and alter text. Contrasted with other word processors, proficiency and universality are two viewpoints that make Vim stick out.

Vim is all about productivity. What’s more, there are two or three points from which it approaches productivity. Vim permits you to be proficient by driving you to utilize the console, and indeed, that implies no more using the mouse!  Therefore, a perfect set of Vim books is undecipherably crucial to learning Vim.

Universality is likewise a pretty cool part of Vim, which is that it’s all over. It’s accessible on essentially every significant stage you can consider. Whether you’re utilizing a Mac, Windows, or some Linux conveyance, Vim has you secured. Specifically, if your everyday work includes working in terminal meetings, Vim is your lone content manager accessible.

Best Vim Books Available Online

Learning something new is never easy and seems intimidating at first. In the same way, for a novice to learn Vim, it might seem very strenuous. Therefore, having the correct set of books is essential. These books will define how you handle working with Vim.

Here, we have given you a list of the top, commonly used, and important Vim books that will not only make it super interesting for you to learn Vim but also make it almost effortless for you to advance in this field.

1. vi and Vim Editors Pocket Reference

This pocket reference is an ally to Learning the vi and Vim Editors by Arnold Robbins et al. This book will let you know correctly what you have to know to the point. Dissimilar to other Vim books, it won’t bore you out by giving you long presentations or enlarged models or examples.

In fact, it is so steady and has all the data in one concentrated territory that it will be almost effortless to peruse any data or information you need or need to search for. It is an ideal book if you need something as a go-to reference or a manual to assist you with acing up your speed to learn Vim.

To learn Vim as a novice, you are prescribed to utilize another book rather than this one as it is more similar to a reference once you have a clear concept and depth of knowledge of Vim. While including the vi clones, nvi, Elvis, and vile, this version of the book offers extended inclusion of the Vim editor, which has become the accepted standard rendition of vi in the GNU/Linux world.

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2. Vi IMproved Vim

This book is an excellent choice for beginners who want to learn Vim. It will teach you all the basics of Vim, starting with the basic set of Vim commands that you need to get started with editing. After you firmly get hold of these commands, you will be advanced to more crucial and progressive editing commands.

The first few chapters will teach you to edit with the elementary commands. Then, you will be taught how to deal with larger text blocks, which include commands that will enable you to define a larger text block and perform various operations, such as cut, paste, and copy.

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3. Learning the vi and Vim Editors

Content editing is one of the most well-known errands on any PC framework, and vi is one of the most helpful standard word processors on a framework. With vi, you can make new records or then again alter any current content just to record. This book comprises 18 sections and four appendixes, isolated into four sections.

Part I, Basic and Advanced vi, intends to kick you off utilizing vi rapidly and catch up with progressed aptitudes that will allow you to use it viably. The initial two parts, Chapter 1, The vi Text Editor, and Chapter 2, Simple Editing, present some basic vi orders with which you can begin. It would be best if you rehearsed these until they come naturally to you.

The second part starts with the trendy Vim editor, which gives a very brief introduction to Vim so that it’s easier for you to learn Vim. Later on, it teaches multiwindow editing, perhaps one of Vim’s most significant features. After finishing this Vim book, you will have a great idea of Vim and its features.

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4. The VimL Primer

This Vim book is just an eye-opener in one word. It will act as a smooth, gentle, and thoughtful foundation for a new world for Vim users. It offers a simple, to-peruse, supportive, and clever manual for scripting with VimL—a must-read for all Vim-utilizing engineers.

The VimL Primer comes to the heart of the matter and gives you a general tour for managing with Vim modules. Much like Vim, this book imparts a ton of detail efficiently and successfully.

This book can assist you in taking your Vim aptitudes to the next level. The VimL Primer makes an extraordinary showing of telling you the best way to take one of the most suffering content tools and broaden it with the goal that it turns out to be much more helpful. Do you need to twist Vim to your will? This is the place you start!

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5. A Byte of Vim

“A Byte of Vim” is a book that will help you figure out how to utilize the Vim editor regardless of whether all you know is how to utilize the PC console. The initial segment of this book is intended for new clients who need to comprehend what Vim is and figure out how to utilize it.

The second aspect of this book is for individuals who already know how to utilize Vim and decide to advance their knowledge on Vim and to find out about highlights that make Vim so amazing, for example, windows and tabs, individual data management, making it a software engineer’s proofreader, how to broaden Vim with your modules, etc.

This is one of the most interesting and best Vim books in the market. If you are looking for a book with a very acute introduction to Vim, this is the perfect book for you.

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6. Modern Vim

“Modern Vim” is simply a formula book. It’s not intended to be perused from the beginning to the end. Every part is an assortment of tips that are connected by a theme, and each tip exhibits a specific component in real life. All tips in the book are cross-referred so you can look for everything without any problem.

This book does not advance from amateur to cutting-edge level, yet each section does. A less-experienced Vim client may like to first go through the book or otherwise skim through the book, perusing only the early tips in every part. A more progressed client may concentrate on the later tips or move around the book as he/she wishes.

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7. Practical Vim

This is one of the most structured Vim books that you will read as it contains everything to the point, just as the readers need it. “Practical Vim” is the track that you will want to follow if you want to master Vim in the fastest possible way.

This book is not recommended for beginners because it barely introduces Vim thoroughly. Rather, it helps a Vim Editor to flourish more in his work by knowing all the hacks, tips, and tricks while using Vim.

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8. Effective Modern Vim Scripting

This is a very different one among all the Vim books out there. It has everything written in bullet points – every step is written very acutely and precisely, thereby making it almost effortless for the user to work using Vim. This book contains examples and side notes for every code example. This will not only help the reader understand the code better but also help the user run his own code appropriately.

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9. Vi and Vim Questions and Answers

If you are interested in learning Vim most effectively, this is the perfect guidebook for you. Not only will this book be super engaging for you, but it will also be a book that will cling to information inside your head right from the start. This book has been separated into classifications, with each question having a place in at least one category.

The inquiry shows up in the most mainstream class. Everything is connected inside the book, so you will not have any problem looking for the questions when perusing a certain classification. Do not miss this book if you are an enthusiast learner because this book is worth reading.

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10. Essential vi/Vim Editor Skills

You must know about the Vim text editor if you are interested in Unix and want to explore the Unix field more. And if you are someone very noob in a vim text editor, this book is just a perfect choice. The author has designed this book in such a way that will make the Vim editor learning even easier and more flexible for the user.

This book contains a total of 5 chapters. Chapter 1 covers the essential topics of vim, like canceling, switching commands, etc. Chapter 2 contains the basics of vim, such as opening files, saving the file, etc.

3rd chapter contains the Cursor Movement segment, Chapter 4 covers the Editing part, and the last chapter is the Tricks part. So, if you are frightened to use Vim and in search of something reliable, then this book is exactly where your search has ended.

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11. Mastering Vim Quickly

This Vim book is just the right choice for those looking for something advanced, yet it contains the best strategies for learning Vim editor. If you have a basic knowledge of Vim text editor and want to improve your skills under the correct guidelines, this is the book.

This book covers a total of 17 different segments with important topics related to the intermediate Vim editor. In each different part, the author has tried to cover basic to advanced topics like installing Vim, modeling, dealing with files, personalizing vim, Buffers, Macrons, and many more. 

Vim is a tricky thing to learn, but not if it is approached in the proper way of learning. Then it would be easier for someone enthusiastic about it. And this book is the perfect partner to guide you on the right way to learn vim.

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12. Hacking Vim – A cookbook to get the most out of the latest
Vim editor

This is an absolutely perfect Vim book for someone who has experience with the Unix Vim text editor and now wants to explore the latest Vim editor version. This is a book where the basic level of optimized Vim is explained, and a reader can easily grab the new Vim features through this.

In this book, there are a total of 6 different chapters and a summary section. In those six chapters, the author has covered many different topics like Navigation, Production Boosters, Advanced Formatting, vim Scripting, etc. 

People might think that it is quite tough to learn Vim. But this is the book that would guide you both on a personal and professional level of Vim and help you implement a professional Vim text editor.

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13. Pro Vim

If you are looking for a Vim text editor’s pro version book, this is the perfect book. Vim has both professional and personal levels of use, as well as beginner and pro levels. This is a pro version of the learning Vim book for people working with advanced-level use of Vim editor.

The author has incorporated a total of 30 different chapters containing topics like Files, Commands, Editing workflow, Automation, Plug-ins, Automations, Modification, and many more. For a person who is trying to work with Unix, Vim is a must-to-know topic. This pro Vim learning book will help you implement Vim on a different level.

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14. Vim 101 Hacks

Vim has some professional and personal level uses, and this would be an amazing book for you to boost your productivity. Vim editor is essential for someone working with Unix and achieving that level of efficiency; you need to practice and know the Vim text editor’s proper implementation.

This book contains 15 chapters: Basic, Advanced, and Expert Navigation, Basic, Advanced, and Expert Text Manipulation, Programmers Editor, Command Line Hack, etc. This book contains the implementation of Vim editor, and through this book, you will know how to become more productive with a Vim text editor at a professional level.

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15. Mastering Vim

“Mastering Vim” is a book for those who are already experienced with using a Vim text editor and wish to master this field. Vim is an essential part of someone whose working field is Unix and trying to achieve fluency. This book will help you with all the guidelines you might need to achieve that professional expertise.

This book has 10 chapters with topics named Installation, Advanced editing and Navigation, Plug-in Management, Refactoring Code, Transcending the Mundane with Vimscript, and many others.

Therefore, without any doubt, this would be the best Vim book choice for you if you are looking for the perfect guidance for your journey of learning Vim text editor.

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16. Learn Vim Tonight

“Learn Vim Tonight” is an amazing book for learning Vim faster with proper guidance and endeavoring your passion for learning Vim. Unix users need to know Vim to practice and implement Unix more swiftly. This book is an excellent choice for learning how to use a Vim text editor with proper steps.

This book has a total of 17 different chapters on Productivity at the Speed of Vim, Files Opening, Discarding, Reverting, and Saving, Insert Mode, Simple Edit Mode Commands, etc.

This book has been designed in such a way that a learner can learn more in less time and also follow the steps one after another to adopt Vim even more easily. If you search for shortcut ways of learning Vim, go for this book without a second thought.

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17. Vim Tutorial

This book is a perfect example of two in one. The audience – both beginner level and intermediate level – can go for this book, and this book will help them implement vim even more astonishingly. Beginners can learn the basics of Vim and will be able to use it primarily, and intermediate users can learn how to achieve perfection by using the Vim editor.

This book has covered some exciting Fields of Vim like Vim- Getting Familiar, Vim- Getting Help, Vim – Searching, Vim-Markers, Using Vim As IDE, Remote File Editing, etc.

Learning vim is not so easy, but a perfect book can guide you so that your learning journey becomes more exciting. This book is a perfect example of that kind of book.

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18. Vim Recipes

This is the book for learning vim in quite a different way. Yes, you heard it right. Vim is not as intuitive as the other editors, and this book also offers a reader twist to learn Vim excitingly. This book doesn’t focus on the vim editor’s tasks but focuses on the task.

This book contains different topic segments, for example, Basic, Editing, Typing, Navigation, GUI, Display, Extending, and many others.

This book is for those looking for a book that will guide them, focusing on the task that Vim has to perform and suggesting a different solution according to the task.

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Finally, Insights

There is no doubt that Vim is an extremely powerful text editing tool. Despite being so powerful, it is not that laborious to learn Vim. But for that, you will be required to have a good set of Vim books to guide you through the first steps of learning. Once you get comfortable using this, you will never want to use any other text editors other than Vim.

Here, we have provided you with the perfect set of books that will make it interesting for you and super easy to learn Vim. We hope you will greatly benefit from reading these books. Finally, if you have been supported by the information that we have given you, kindly spare a moment to impart it to your loved ones. It would be a joy!

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